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Found 5 results

  1. Hiking in Hong Kong: Sunset Peak

    Check out my hiking experience in Hong Kong! #WorthTheHike x
  2. Hi guys, i'll be reaching HK on 5th Dec around 10+am, staying in Regal Hotel, Causeway Bay and leaving on the 8th Dec so can anyne suggest a complete itinerary for my family and I with requirements as follow : -Excluded all the theme parks because kids are too small for that and not our main focus -Wanted to try local and nice foods(currently what we know is 新記車仔麵) at Causeway Bay, 稻香超级渔港点心- 旺角 彌敦道. 吕仔记:筲箕湾东大街121A地下, 利苑酒家(尖沙咀店):尖沙咀摩地道63号好时中心地库2楼(近漆咸道) (please suggest more nice food ), places for desserts as well as those "da pai dong" -Must go Citygate, Prada outlet(Horizon plaza), other shopping recommendations?(is it good to shop around central?), Avenue of Stars(better at night for light show?), Lady street(better to go at night?), 山顶, Harbour City, Kee Wah Bakery, Temple Street Night Market, lan kwai fong, -Wanna try to sit the electrical tram as well. -Main places are suppoed to be Central, Tsim sha Tsui, and whereelse? Please help me to arrange according to areas and transportation because we dont wanna move around too far, sorry for such troubles but this is our first trip to hong kong and kind of blurrr..Haha Thanks very much for the help ya
  3. Hello, in 2 weeks Im going to Hong Kong for the 1st time. As you can read in the Topic Title: What I should to do there? Where I should to go? What I should to see? I have 8 days for everything. Thanks!
  4. 6D5N Trip to HK & Macau

    Hi all, I'll be staying in 长沙湾 during my stay in HK in end of January. Can someone help me on planning the itinerary? As fas as I know, the place I'm staying is quite far from central. Much appreciates!
  5. HK+Macau+Shenzen @ 7D6N trip

    Hi everyone I am going to HK + Macau + Shenzen for 7D/6N trip this coming Sept. We touch down at HK on 7th Sept, 1PM, and our hotel (Ibis) located at Northpoint. Book for 6 nights and depart back to KL on 13th Sept 16:00PM I have browse a few similiar itinerary for reference. Areas that needt to visit while at HK (Main) Ocean Park + Jumbo Restaurant + Aberdeen Fishing Village (spend 1 day) Disneyland (spend 1 day) Ngong Ping 360 + Giant Buddha + Citygate Outlet +wong tai sin temple The Peak + Madame Tussauds + Avenue of stars , + Symphony of lights + Doreamon celebrations Ladies Street other interested places to visit (Shopping - cheap / high end) ; tourist place that I overlook Areas that needt to visit while at Macau (1 day) Macau historical places Casino (just visit) Famous Portuguese Tart + Pork Bun Areas that needt to visit while at Shenzen (1 day) Not sure, since reach HK, just go Shenzen for a visit. Plan to spend a day there Now need to put all the pieces together to complete this 7D 6N trip EDIT - Forget to ask , I come across this voucher [http://www.livingsocial.com/malaysia/cities/1964-klang-valley-kuala-lumpur/deals/436116-ocean-park-jumbo-kingdom-dim-sum-lunch] , do you all think it is worth ? I am wondering, assume we visit Ocean Park in the morning, can we go out from the park and have lunch at Jumbo and later back to the park later on?