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Found 2 results

  1. 9D8N Itinerary (please suggest)

    Hi, please advise or you can rearrange for the itinerary for couple as below : 18/11/2014 Tuesday (Arrive 5pm) check in at 佐敦渡船角文苑街 After that, dinner and visit venue of Stars (Sypmpony of lights) 19/11/2014 Wednesday Shenzhen full day 20/11/2014 Thursday **Lantau Island & Tai O villeage 1) any market in Ngong Ping or Tai O? 21/11/2014 Friday Macau full day 22/11/2014 Saturday Nan Lian Garden,Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple. **around 3 pm, ride str ferry pier to Madame Tussauds, Victoria peak *Sky Terrace 428 Peak Market *Madame Tussauds Hong Kong 23/11/2014 Sunday Markets wish to visit to all street markets or can insert it in other day, please suggest Hong Kong Island 24/11/2014 Monday check in Butterfly on Victoria Boutique hotel - Causeway bay then go to Ocean Park 25/11/2014 Tuesday lamma Island (half day morning) Any suggestion for another half day? 26/11/2014 Wednesday (Depart 1pm to airport) 1) I have some place that wish to go, please advise the transportation, which day and what time is better. a) Snoopy World Stanley Market c) Ride Ding Ding Tram d) Any place in Sai Kong, any nice beach? e) I am a Malaysian, do i need apply visa if want visit to Cheung Chau Island? Any interesting place there? f) Do i need to buy Airport Express Travel Pass or just buy Octopus card? Thank you!!
  2. transportation questions

    hi northasian , i wanna please ask you , the time i arrive to the hong kong international airport , what should i do? , how to go to mong kok , and should i buy octopus card , or train express? i have no clue , what's the diffrence? thank you