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  1. Hiking in Hong Kong: Sunset Peak

    Check out my hiking experience in Hong Kong! #WorthTheHike x
  2. New Start!

    Hi everyone, thanks a lot for being with me and my little blog through these years. I have a bad news and a good news for you all! This blog will be shut down. I will keep all the posts here, but there will be no update and no maintenance since now. Good news is, I have already started a new blog which have a new and nicer layout. The new blog is no longer about food. I have too many stories from my trips around the world to be shared with you! Of course, food and drink will be one part of my personal journey, but you will find a fresher and more interesting site there. WELCOME TO MY NEW BLOG: www.gustobeats.com Please give a LIKE to my Facebook Page !You can also fine me on Weibo/ Twitter/ /Instagram/ Openrice/ Ufood through Home Page links. Source
  3. Best casual bar in Hong Kong

    Bar Pacific is definitely worth trying out .Very relaxing atmosphere for chilling, chatting, and having a few drinks and appetizer foods. There is a variety of wine, cocktails, and beer to choose from. We had a bottle of white wine for drink, and for the appetizers, those were definitely not bad at all and tasted great.

    Close to Christmas, I was busy but happy with so much spontaneous meals happened in the last few weekends before we were all out for long holiday. A lazy Sunday morning, embracing the rare bedding time, while the sunshine outside the window and the 'glo-glo' sound in our belly, dragged us out of the bed. Hunger pushed us to think about the evil brunch instead of light & easy breakfast at home; well, without doubt, aiming to try the new brunch spot (at least new for me), I was introduced the Brunch at Pirata. Just next to the door, which sounds perfect ever for laziness like us! Lovely open bar with a casual setting of dining area. A small inside stairs leading the way to another dining area downstairs. Fried Mozzarella Sandwich M.M.M. (My Mama's Meatballs) Eggplant Parmigiana Tagliatelle with Summer Black Truffle (add $38) I will call it a super-rich-Italian-brunch for the whole package starts from the unlimited cold station with cheese, salad, grilled vegetables, smoked salmon and some ham. Entering into the serious part, it is designed as an Italian way to have the primary (Primi Piati) and second course (Secondi), which covers almost all meat, fish, grain and veggie. To end, of course, it's the dessert selected by the Chef. Drink is not included, but I will highly recommend to order some refreshing mocktail (Appleberry Smash) for the girls or for you still in your hangover from the night before. Free-flow choice is available with a reasonable price, and by looking into the selected drinks, I would like to try next time :D Every ingredients were just fresh like directly out from the market with a paring fresh and modern looking. Like the Mozzarella Sandwich, it's just tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella, while we were so much enjoying that crispy from the edge of the toast and the creamy and cheesy taste from the floating hot 'liquid' inside! If I have chance to choose pasta, flat wide and pasta made with egg would always be my choice. Here we had the Tagliatelle with extra olive oil and parmesan cheese slides and truffle on top. Simple as the most, and very delicious. Two chef's choice dessert were amazing! First, our mouth was refreshing by the less-sweeten and less-creamy puddling (photo as on the top), then we were treated by the creamy and milky cheese dessert with nuts and caramel sauce. Each taste was just to the point, not too heavy and as the perfect ending for the whole Sunday morning. Pirata 29/F & 30/F239 Hennessy RoadWanchaiHong Kong +852 2887 0270 Sun to Thur. 12nn - 2.30pm & 6.30pm - 10.30pmFri to Sat. 12nn - 2.30pm & 6.30pm - 11pm Facebook | Instagram Please give a LIKE to my Facebook Page !You can also fine me on other networks through Home Page links. Please give a LIKE to my Facebook Page !You can also fine me on Weibo/ Twitter/ /Instagram/ Openrice/ Ufood through Home Page links. Source

    We always get great surprise when we are not expecting in advance. It was a random weekday night, we had a casual dinner to wash off the whole day tense after the office. A garden-like and countryside decoration made our dinner place quite different and refreshing, even giving an illusion of the daytime is extending. We were lead by the lead here and was offered a short walk-around to the basic concept behind this new Spanish restaurant in Wanchai. 36-month Iberico ham was absolutely a must-try item, to have it with good white wine, or just to wake the tongue before feast. The ham was cut precisely from the different parts which leaded you from dry to fatty-rich. Among the tapas list, I was introduced the two way of oyster. Starting from the refreshing one fully covered by the beautiful mojito foam, the journey started quite romantic; coming back to the reality, I was not disappointed by the secondi (oyster) which was flavored by the olive oil and special tomato sauce, lifting up the taste a lot. The main course menu is designed to be quite balanced from the land animals to the fishes. I love the seabass deadly and almost 2 weeks after when I brought my friends there, I ordered it again without hesitation. The combination of the crispy fish skin and soft snowy-white fish meat was perfect and the lightly over-burned aroma of the fish skin was well matched to the lightly sweet taste of the fish. I also like the yummy baby spinach as the side-dish. Before we continued to the secondi (main course), we were introduced to the mouth-refreshing dessert which is a creative design by the Chef from Barcelona. It was a kindly of jelly dessert while the overall texture was balanced by the pudding layer. The transparent orange jelly made of LICOR43 was just awesome! Together with the Sangria snow on the top, it refreshed your mouth, throat and stomach immediately and apart that, offering a beautiful taste of alcohol. The seafood paella was a bit different from the one we were used to. It was more moisture and softened, more intense seafood flavor but less creamy. Dessert was actually the strength of the Chef here, for he’s studied and started from the sweet stuff at the beginning. We had the first one with coconut and mango brulee which was just perfect. The coconut cream pudding was not too sweet and the taste was quite refreshing by the mango brulee; also it was even a little bitter as the coco on the top. The second dessert was richer in the taste for the banana brulee and grilled banana slices, but no need to worry, because it was smartly paired with the ice-cream. All in all, Quemo is worthy for the visit regarding to the food, the drinks and their warm service. Also, they offer a little terrace for a tapas-and-wine night under the lights of Wanchai!!! Quemo 5/F, QRE Plaza202 Queen's Road EastWanchaiHong Kong +852 2836 0699 Mon to Sun. 12nn - 2.30pm & 6pm - 10.30pm Facebook Please give a LIKE to my Facebook Page !You can also fine me on other networks through Home Page links. Please give a LIKE to my Facebook Page !You can also fine me on Weibo/ Twitter/ /Instagram/ Openrice/ Ufood through Home Page links. Source
  6. Christmas month, everywhere was in a red-and-snowy mood. Mandarin Landmark started their new weekend brunch and afternoon tea menu in MO Bar at the beginning of happy December. The weekend free-flow Champaign (Moet) brunch was quite attracting. It is a 3-course brunch to be with the free-flow Champaign, house wines and all other soft drinks, tea and coffee; start from 12 noon till 3pm in the 4 weekends. A classic and cozy environment is always expected. Seated ourselves around half past 12, we were hungry and excited to start our lazy and romantic Sunday. The fresh and warm bread was arranged with the salty butter after we were just about to kick off the drinking plan. To choose from 3-4 starter choices, we picked up Angus beef tartar and lobster bisque. The soup was less creamy and intensive in the lobster sweetness. Tartar was presented in front of us by the waiter in black-n-white. The flavor was adjusted as our preference on pepper, salt, chili and oil, lovely! For the main course, I ordered the Lobster Egg Benedict and steak was my boyfriend’s choice. Besides, we had roasted vegetables and French fries with parmesan cheese slice as the side dishes. The Benedict is lovely yummy for the bite of soft lobster together with the eggy liquid egg yolk, while a bit dry would be the only downside I can discover. Coming to the last course, I was first quite afraid of over-filling by the cheesecake, while this time was pretty light and even refreshing. The chocolate tart with ice-cream on the top was amazing! A slightly bitter chocolate taste gave a pure and intense after-taste after each small bite, while the sweetness only contributed by the ice-cream. After Champaign, we finished with the perfect signature tea from MO Bar and the classic coffee. Such a wonderful day! MO Bar G/F, Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hote15 Queen's RoadCentralHong Kong +852 2132 0077 Facebook Please give a LIKE to my Facebook Page !You can also fine me on other networks through Home Page links. Please give a LIKE to my Facebook Page !You can also fine me on Weibo/ Twitter/ /Instagram/ Openrice/ Ufood through Home Page links. Source
  7. Seorae opened the branch store in Wanchai recently and I was so excited and eager to have a try. It’s quite huge space with a flat and open dining area which is also occupying the whole floor. The waiter and waitress walking around there was all young people which seem to be equipped by perfect Korean and Cantonese. Impressive! The very interesting design of the BBQ plate was designed for the egg cooking (similar to tortilla). Such smart idea to cook the egg while not wasting the heat produced during BBQ! The special pork meat is their signature, which you could only get around 400g from each pig. The part is closer to the heart while it is said to contain zero fat. As to the taste, it was chewier while less meaty. The beef was absolutely beautiful, even from the presentation. It required very less heating time and turned out to be 30-to-70 ratio on the fat and meat. The grilled vegetable platter was huge in the potion, while I love the mushroom the most. Seorae BBQ 3/F, 477-481 Jaffe RoadWanchaiHong Kong +852 2617 3328 Sun to Thur. 5pm - 1amFri to Sat. 5pm - 2am Please give a LIKE to my Facebook Page ! You can also fine me on other networks through Home Page links. Please give a LIKE to my Facebook Page !You can also fine me on Weibo/ Twitter/ /Instagram/ Openrice/ Ufood through Home Page links. Source

    We were quite wasted after the regular Saturday morning workout in friend's gym. Protein was the saver for me and my boyfriend that night before we continued the night activities with friends. Thanks for this new opening Thai restaurant in Wanchai, we got some energy to make night better! It was a bit strange that we found they were offering sashimi in the restaurant while the Thai style sashimi platter was even highly recommended on the special offer list of the resto. While, I guess it is always the market decides the resto's direction. Indeed, Hongkongers love anything related to Japanese food... I love the Raw Shrimp with a marshmallow texture. A normal and common Thai appetizer, while you have to make sure the shrimp is in its best condition to perform the taste in flavor and more importantly, in texture. They have done a really good job that night! Pattaya Style Grilled Cheese Tiger Prawn (new item on the separated menu) was just amazing. It was fully covered by the half-melted cheese where also offers a mixed and impressive coconut aroma. It was very filling, be careful! I was not very convinced by the 'steamed' way to handle the red curry dish... But I have to say the presentation of this new item (Red Curry Prawn) was romantic and beautiful. The steamed curry was actually made with coconut and egg. You could imagine the similar taste of steamed egg while it's seafood curry indeed! If you are interested but not too picky to the Thai seafood place, this would be a new place worth to try. 泰園3/F, The Hennessy256 Hennessy RoadWanchaiHong Kong +852 3746 9999 Mon to Sat. 12nn - 3pm & 6pm - 11pm Please give a LIKE to my Facebook Page ! You can also fine me on other networks through Home Page links. Please give a LIKE to my Facebook Page !You can also fine me on Weibo/ Twitter/ /Instagram/ Openrice/ Ufood through Home Page links. Source

    This is my second time visit of Gyuuzen. Almost one year after, the restaurant remains exactly the same; the spacial dining area, simply but classic deco with a casual and quite localized vide. I was quite impressive by their rich collection of beef/wagyu set for the Japanese style BBQ, while this time, they have some fresh new items on the menu which is trying to catch the last freshness for this summer season. Sushi & Sashimi is the main role this night! We are not only 'spoiled' by the lovely taste and skilful cut, but also the beautiful presentation and layout of the dishes. After a bunch of Japanese appetiser, we KO a big Sashimi set which I'm not able to show the picture here... It covers the most basic raw items which are welcomed to most of the Hongkongers, more than that, they offer lovely shell-seafood. Personally, I'm still a big and loyal fan of tuna, whatever is offered in the same basket :P Following the Sashimi, we switch to some rice items ("Sushi"). The raw one is exactly what I mean 'beautiful' in the beginning of this post. It's a super balance and harmony of colors; a line of brightness and freshness; I feel my eyes even were fed up first. The hot one is awesome as well for those lovely lines going through the surface of the wagyu sushi and you could imagine how's the 'greedy' taste it has. Come to the main part, of course, we would kick out the black iron!!! The beef and seafood BBQ set is great. Beef selection from eye bone, shoulder, tongue till the leg; while the water part, covers white eel and lobster tail. Yes! We start from beef family for no reason. Well, I guess it is not 'allowed' the great and authentic flavor to be overwhelmed by seafood. Among the four beef parts, I recommend tongue and shoulder the most for their tenderness to the point without being over-soften and containing too much fat. Lobster tail is must-do item; I love the non-flavored natural sweetness and the super firm, chewy experience from it. For drinking, they have a short list of special drinking items which are similar to blended ice shakie drinks. Most of them are based on summer-welcome ingredients, like berry fruits, lime or even coconut. Apart from beer and Sake, it wouldn't be a second choice. Indeed, a good and valuable place to catch up with friends or family, and even just go with your lovely one for a worthy night! :D Gyuuzen Japanese Restaurant 1302 World Trade Centre280 Gloucester RoadCauseway Bay Hong Kong +852 2895 1313 Mon to Sun. 12nn - 3pm & 6pm - 11.30pm Facebook Please give a LIKE to my Facebook Page !You can also fine me on other networks through Home Page links. Please give a LIKE to my Facebook Page !You can also fine me on Weibo/ Twitter/ /Instagram/ Openrice/ Ufood through Home Page links. Source

    The hidden 'kitchen' in the 18 On Lan Street, is quite a quiet space for the expats and business people around Central. A decent fine dining environment perfectly merged into the old-fashion of westernised Asian city. The dishes are dedicated by the mixed food materials from different places with a luxury background. Master Chef is a local-local, but with an experienced chef background worldwide; while I found the familiar cuisine style there as I was in Shanghai - a typical colony city style, like a hot pot, you can put everything inside and as time going, the taste comes out perfectly matched; and finally it grows to its own. Steamed Crab Claw with HUA TIAO Wine Sauce $160 / ps Impressive taste with a strong-to-the-point aroma from the 'romantic' HUA TIAO wine; meanwhile balancing the taste of the crab claw. The crab claw meat is perfectly firmed and with the lightest sweetness. Bird's Nest with Minced Chicken Soup $428 / ps Steamed Chicken Steamed Bean Curd with Scallop and Black Caviar $298 Recommend 2 main courses here with a more healthy and lighter manner, meanwhile, both look quite family-style but requires a sophisticated cooking skill. Liking the steamed chicken a lot, for its super smooth and soft meat texture, covered by a light layer of oil. The steamed chicken itself doesn't flavored a lot, therefore the meat conveys the most authentic flavor; while don't worry your tongue will feel boring, coz the sliced ham between the layers are just giving the missing saltness. Lai Bun Fu 5/F, 18 On Lan StreetCentralHong Kong +852 2564 3868 Mon to Sat. 12nn - 3pm / 6.30pm - 11pm Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Foursquare Please give a LIKE to my Facebook Page !You can also fine me on other networks through Home Page links. Please give a LIKE to my Facebook Page !You can also fine me on Weibo/ Twitter/ /Instagram/ Openrice/ Ufood through Home Page links. Source

    Outback Steakhouse must be a shared memory of most of the Hongkongers. A good deal of US steak set with a large potion of green salad, unlimited black-sugar buns and a cup of red soup. On the top of order, a devil dish of cheese fries and another fatty yummy cheese-cake or chocolate cake with a big ball of vanilla ice-cream. The new concept shop of Outback Steakhouse is open in Mongkok East, the renovated shopping mall. Enjoying a good city-view, the restaurant is also renovated with a lighter, younger and fresher atmosphere setting. Some HOT dishes are kept but meanwhile with a new face, such as black sugar bun (to be with homemade cream dip), the cheese fries with smaller but more decent presentation; and the most amazing 'onion flower' which has a layer of spicy crispy skin and a moisture taste of semi-melted onion inside. DIY fresh juice (Apple & Carrot) The new concept is also covering fresh-made drinks, which I love the fresh juice (Red ? apple + carrot; or Green? celery + ?? :P) To be a bit more refreshing, the smoothy-like coconut berry drink would be my 2nd choice. Another input of healthy dining concept is brought out by new salad choices. Tropical Mango Chicken Salad ($132) would definitely a good option for its balanced taste with lightly roasted chicken breast and fresh mango slices. A hint of champagne honey vinaigrette would be a hidden additional to the whole dish. Meanwhile some small bites are also offered during weekday's tea time. Fire Grilled Sweet and Spicy Wings ($48 / $62 as Tea Set price with a selection of tea, coffee or soda drink), would be my first recommendation, for its attractive flavor with a sense of honey-sweet and spicy hot; the creamy dip at the side, would be another 'subside' treatment. A dinner / lunch in Outback, of course, cannot miss the signature steak set. Porterhouse, a USDA approved large cut on strip and filet tenderloin together, to cater the complicated requirement in one-go. I prefer the softer part from tenderloin side, while of course, the more chewy and harder part would offer heavier and more intensive taste in return. As usual, a plenty of side-dishes is provided as you wish, eg. fries, salad, veggies etc. Sugar Free Espresso Panna Cotta $48 / $62 as Tea Set Chocolate Thunder From Down Under $58 / $72 as Tea Set The dessert continues the good tradition of US-like potion and 'evil' style, which must be made of enough chocolate, enough cream and enough butter :P While, I really love the sugar free espresso mousse, which tastes even a bit bitter but very much espresso. You are treated with after-meal coffee and yummy dessert together :D Outback Steakhouse (MOKO) Shop 605, Lv 6, MOKO193 Prince Edward Road WestMongkokKowloonHong Kong +852 2529 2228Mon to Sun. 11am - 10.30pm Facebook Please give a LIKE to my Facebook Page !You can also fine me on other networks through Home Page links. Please give a LIKE to my Facebook Page !You can also fine me on Weibo/ Twitter/ /Instagram/ Openrice/ Ufood through Home Page links. Source
  12. What to do after grande party on Sunday afternoon? A lot of my friends will say "Bubbles"! Yes, I know everyone like +$118 free flow included Cava and some wine(12-4pm) which wrote on board(I forgot to take photos)... is it a holly awesome deal?! The open restaurant concept seems to be tailor made for the weekend laziness. Imaging to have a seat, back to the restaurant and facing to the street in a weekend mood. People walking around with a complex face combining the cherish of the last afternoon of the week; a kind of excitement, a kind of anxious and a kind of sleepy :P The restaurant is very much in a causal way, to be simple and modern. Similar to us, the people here are more into the drinks and small bites, instead of a serious dining face! Maybe it's exactly the way how they named the restaurant, such a signature beach name, Papagayo! Deep fried crab cake, Fresh prawns carpaccio, Beef carpaccio... Papagayo Foie Gras Terrine, Olive and Toasty Little bites (tapas $98 for 2) are very attractive in their presentation. Very cheerful color in red, green and orange and like a painting; the taste was also 'painted' in interesting balance, especially appreciated to the foie gras toast, which used berry jam to adjust the greasy flavor, and dressed up with a 'dot' of cheese :D Quadruple Cheese Pizza (Cheddar, Parmesan, Mozzarella, Goat Cheese) $108Shrimps in Garlic and Olive Oil $88 Roasted Suckling Pig Cut w/ Homemade Sauerkraut and Smash Potato As a casual style Spanish resto, the suckling pig here is not bad in deed. Seafood Paella $268 Home Made Caramel Ice-cream $55 Again, the amazing and beautiful presentation, which you won't imagine it's actually not that ice-cream :) Salt Caramel Mont Blanc $55 It's something standing between ice-cream and cream, to be a bit heavy but not too much with a very creamy taste and smoothy thick experience. Playa de Papagayo Shop 3, Podium Plaza5 Hanoi RoadTsim Sha TsuiKowloonHong Kong +852 2739 1808 Facebook Please give a LIKE to my Facebook Page !You can also fine me on other networks through Home Page links. Please give a LIKE to my Facebook Page !You can also fine me on Weibo/ Twitter/ /Instagram/ Openrice/ Ufood through Home Page links. Source

    Summer season, paired with seafood inspired summer menu, would be an attractive deal. Osteria by Holiday Inn in Tsim Sha Tsui, keep their monthly refreshing menu and this August, would be the stage of seafood. The seafood promotion menu covers mostly fresh veggies and shell category seafood, like scallops, crab, mussels and lobster, ranged from $300 to $500 around; and of course, presenting by the traditional Italian concept. The very traditional and farm-inspired dining environment managed my expectation perfectly to surprise me by a modern dish of Marinated scallops carpaccio (with green apple sorbet, caviar, vegetable salad $298). A perfect combination of softness and freshness, especially the mallow-like transparent scallop slices and the mind-waking green sorbet :D Linguini Mancini with slow cooked lobster meat, scampi tail and zucchini flowers ($518), is another favorit for the perfect-done linguini. To start the long dinner, we wouldn't miss a glass of wine and a basket/wooden box of fine breads! I love crispy cheesy bread always. Tuscany pici pasta, slow cooked lamb sauce, morels mushrooms, black truffle $588 Home made meat casoncelli, butter sauce, guanciale fresh black truffle $218 Two pasta, one from July's pasta promotion list with a big potion for 2/3 persons always, very sharing-friendly idea. Meanwhile, the quality doesn't lower a bit as the good deal nature, which delivers an intensive taste with strong black truffle flavor and again, perfect pasta. Whie pizza, Italian smoked ham, scamorza cheese, fresh black truffle $218 600g of USA rib eye steak, rocket salad, shaved parmesan, vegetables $688 Frittole alla veneziana con gelato alla vaniglia $88 A recommended dessert option by the friend. The sweet and refreshing vanilla ice cream was melting all the way down to the plate, while, the crispy crunchy 'fried donut' (very much like puff) still remained warm and full of butter aroma. Osteria Ristorante Italiano Holiday Inn Golden Mile Hong Kong50 Nathan RoadTsim Sha TsuiKowloon Hong Kong +852 2369 3111 Please give a LIKE to my Facebook Page !You can also fine me on other networks through Home Page links. Please give a LIKE to my Facebook Page !You can also fine me on Weibo/ Twitter/ /Instagram/ Openrice/ Ufood through Home Page links. Source

    Fire-like summer season in Hong Kong again, and what we can have this time to cool down? What about ice-stick cross-over cocktail? Cocktail Ice-stick, Boozesicles, continues this summer by Common Room with NICE POPS. Except chocolate, the other five are all based on summer season fruit, and designed with different liquor base. OX Tongue Rice Paper Rolls $98 Clam Toast $108 Seafood Ceviche Salad $128 A la carte menu in Common Room, stands between fine-dining and small bites concept. Separated by Earth/ Sea/ Land and Heaven. Started with seafood and veggies in Vietnam, Spanish and French style. Big bite of Rice Rolls with the refreshing veggie slices inside; another big bite, which is the recommended dish from me, has the garlic toast on top with clam cooked with white wine. Squid Ink Seafood Paella $138 Seared Foie Gras $148 There is a little 'argument' upon the paella, personally, I consider it more like risotto. Cooked with Arborio rice, clam, blue mussels and red shrimps, it is definitely a seafood feast. The soften and moisture taste overall is very much in the paella style but the rice is cooked similar to the feeling of risotto instead, which is the interesting experience to all of us. Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake $68 The highly recommended cheesecake is not in the NY style nor Italian way, but Japanese concept. The cheese top tastes like ice-cream giving a mild cheesy flavor and berry-like refreshment. Cryo-Fried Vanilla Ice Cream $85 It's a blue-fire show of Brandy and ice-cream! After the first round fire-show, a scent of caramel-like started to dilute the sweet air in the restaurant; after the second round, another cup of raspberry sauce is pulled over the huge ice-cream ball on the top, giving the bloody-marry looking :D I love the fried flour-like skin outside the vanilla ice-cream! A slightly firm and elastic texture with the little 'eggy-butter' sweet, warm-warm taste, standing on the opposite side of the melting ice-cream. :P Common Room 1/F, Wo On Building8-12 Wo On LaneCentralHong Kong +852 2525 3599info@common-room.hkMon to Fri. 12nn - 2.30pm & 6pm till lateSat. 6pm till late Facebook | Twitter | Instagram Please give a LIKE to my Facebook Page !You can also fine me on other networks through Home Page links. Please give a LIKE to my Facebook Page !You can also fine me on Weibo/ Twitter/ /Instagram/ Openrice/ Ufood through Home Page links. Source

    I haven't tried a lot of Chinese/Cantonese restaurants since I came to Hong Kong, while in the limited ticked list, Loong Yuen, is one of the recommended list. The impression of this restaurant to me, is everything about quality and humble. The restaurant is located in the basement floor of Holiday Inn in Tsim Sha Tsui, which is a hot spot but not adding too much benefits to the restaurant for its hidden location. The visitors there are half tourists half locals, who are mostly re-visitors for its stable quality. The Chinese dishes served there were in a reasonable price range, and the design of the dishes were in generally, traditional, but sometimes they are twisted with a little new concept by adopting the western cooking concept. Braised Ox Tail in Tomato and Red Wine Sauce (with Steamed Buns) $398 The top ranked dish throughout the night! We appreciate a lot to the amazing orange looking. The Ox tail was prepared in pressure cooker, to make it softened but still to keep the water from going away. The soup-like sauce is more like paste, with a middle-to-thick texture in a very rich taste of tomato, while red wine, I cannot tell a lot, and to be honest, it's more in the functional way to contain the quality of the meat taste and chewiness, but not to the flavor of the sauce. Anyway, a highly recommendation to all food-lovers who like a sense of strong taste. Double-boiled Pig's Lung with Pork and Almond Soup $398 The one of the most traditional Cantonese 'medicine' soup. The soup is strongly occupied by the almond aroma, and the slight sweetness from the pork. Very light in taste and almost oil-free. Pan-fried Fresh Shrimps with Premium Soy Sauce $368 Crispy shrimp shell covers the fresh alive shrimp meat, and they are completely dressed with the sweet and salty soy sauce. Another appetite stimulator! Deep-fried Crispy Chicken $398 One of the most popular dishes from Loong Yuen's menu; and it is so cheerful to no matter kids or adults, who's sharing the same happy memory of colorful crispy chips in their childhood. The deep-fried chicken is absolutely qualified, as the comparable standard I have had in China. The color is just to the point, and the transparent-thin-layer of fat below the crispy paper-like chicken skin, is even overpassed those what I have tried before! Totally in an opposite way, the chicken meat left, is just soft and tasty never-ever. Simmered Green Sprout with Assorted Wild Mushrooms in Superior Soup $138 Such a beautiful Chinese dish like a painting with 'lake', 'water-weeds' and 'woods floating in the water'. It's a juicy and refreshing veggie & mushroom dish, perfect after those deep-fried meaty ones. Deep-fried sesame Balls with Pineapple $48Deep-fried Chinese Fritter with Pomelo Sauce $58Baked Mini Egg Tarts $48Chilled Papaya Pudding in Almond Sauce $68Chilled Baileys Coffee Pudding $48Sweetened beancurd Pudding $98 Ok, it's amazing... I know, it's amazing that we ordered this amount of dessert... Girls always have the second stomach for desserts, and sometimes it also applies to the guys; so when those girls and those guys have dinner together, the chef will be super busy and the restaurant will be super happy :D When we read the dessert menu, we just cannot resist those interesting and renovated traditional Cantonese desserts with a brand-new name with the creative ingredient, sesame balls not with red beans but pineapple, amazing! The fish-shape pudding not in coconut flavor but with almond sauce and papaya; and such alcoholic us! How can we resist Baileys Coffee Pudding!!! The beancurd, is fresh-made, and served with ginger brown sugar or normal syrup, in the traditional wooden pot. We appreciate the way restaurant tries to preserves the tradition and culture, and we appreciate the yummy dish served there as well. Loong Yuen Level B1, Holiday Inn Golden Mile Hotel50 Nathan RoadTsim Sha TsuiKowloonHong Kong +852 2315 1006 Please give a LIKE to my Facebook Page !You can also fine me on other networks through Home Page links. Please give a LIKE to my Facebook Page !You can also fine me on Weibo/ Twitter/ /Instagram/ Openrice/ Ufood through Home Page links. Source

    Round table, fancy open kitchen, balcony for colorful nightlife view in the heart of Hong Kong, and a table of premium lobster dishes with the glasses of celebrity-branded champagne. What a Hong Kong night! It's an upper-stairs restaurant and bar, specialized in its premium lobster dishes and imported champagne. To the 'always-busy' Hongkongers, it could be the best ever option for a lighter seafood/cold dinner after busy day. A glass of champagne with friends/ colleagues/ lovers, and to enjoy a random glimpse of busy LKF night-street. We are again recharged well for another day in this attractive and vivid city. Look around the tiny but stylish restaurant, or to call it, bar, would be better. The smart use of reflected blue lights, shadows a sense of night sexy and stylish to the whole dining area; and I was, at a moment, quite attracted by the busy scene in the open kitchen. The busy figures moving around, with the sounds coming from the boiling water, the working oven, and the pan on the fire, and sometimes, you could smell an almost-invisible sense of butter odor, I could claim, I AM NOT HUNGRY! :D Whole Fresh New Brunswick Lobster (1.75lbs approximately as live weight) with Grilled with fresh herbs and garlic butter $588 Classic Lobster Bisque $178 My favorite two lobster dishes are the grilled whole one, and the soup. The grilled whole, was just amazing as its artistic way of presentation. Like a piece of artwork, it's absolutely rich in colors, by different grilled veggies, and of course the main role - lobster, which 'entertained' our eyes and tongues by the bright orange looking, the firm and meaty texture and, the slightly sea-salty taste. Besides lobster, oyster is the another choice you could have from Bisque. Baked Coffin Bay Oyster and the fresh one from France, would serves both hot and cold oyster dish lovers. Mini Lobster Slider $340/3pc Never say NO to sliders! It could be the best partner to any drinks from beers to wines, so why not? if you are not too resisted to burger-like dishes :D The lobster slider, is made of their qualified lobster meat (mostly from the leg part). The spirits of this delicious is the perfect made buns - crispy and soften in one bite! And the chef-invented secret sauce, which combines some spices, chili ingredients, and something restricted to be revealed by the lovely British chef :P Steamed Canadian Blue Mussels $270 New Brunswick Lobster'a la Wenberg $390 OK, it's definitely having nothing to do with 'the largest lobster in the world' as the dish name mentions New Brunswick; but we were still quite satisfied and not over-spoiled by this fine dining idea about lobster menu. A quite balanced and delicate-designed whole lobster dishes, from the soup to the grills. Bisque Lobster & Champagne Bar 1/F, 1 Lan Kwai FongCentralHong Kong +852 2331 8181 Facebook Please give a LIKE to my Facebook Page !You can also fine me on other networks through Home Page links. Please give a LIKE to my Facebook Page !You can also fine me on Weibo/ Twitter/ /Instagram/ Openrice/ Ufood through Home Page links. Source

    If mentioning Bungalow, you probably won't link it with something about dining but just clubbing. Well, I was the same before I went there for a private dinner recently. Casual French and international menu and the brain behind is from the young Taiwanese Chef, who's creating and trying the modern dining concept. Imagine the spacious dancing pool is empty and only several dining table around the corners are what the restaurant have at all! The paintings and classical lamps are not only the decoration, but also a door to fantastic atmosphere, just like the candles on the long dining table! The manager is quite interesting and creative to talk with, and I got one special jasmine-tea inspired cocktail from him. I was very surprised and impressed by the almost-mocktail taste from it, even I was told 1.5 shot of Gin is the base actually, WOW! Octopus (salad) as the appetizer is what exactly I want for the summer season. Seafood but flavored perfectly - such a stimulating dish. And the presentation is kind of forest feel; I will say it's more autumn shadow with a picture of red leaves laying by layers around the tree root in the deep forest. Maybe that's why I appreciate this dish a lot personally (trying to escape the humid hot summer in Hongkong, at least in my mind). Another inspiring dish, Tuna Ribbon, the quality of raw tuna is sooooo good and so as the presentation. I like the word, Ribbon, to name this dish, quite into the point and such a smart way to show the French concept behind Bungalow. The sauce is very intensive as the sourness it has, while it would be better to reduce the sour level a bit, to leave more performing space to the quality tuna. Smoked Duck Breast, was my favorite one among the main course that night. Slow-cooked duck breast, is totally out of fat and to be well done but with a perfect level of softness and tenderness. Plus a small mixture of different spices as the sauce, the 'smoked' flavor is more outstanding in a different way. Capellini, is actually designed for vegetarians, amazing as such a special treatment. The homemade pasta is a bit 'eggy' but I love it; sauce, is just as it should be, to satisfy us. Recommend!!! A simple lemon tart with vanilla ice cream as the ending of the whole night, sounds not bad. Bungalow Shop 2, G/F, The Centrium60 Wyndham StreetCentral, Hong Kong +852 2623 7868reservation@bungalow.hk Mon to Fri. 12nn - 2.30pmMon to Sat. 6pm - 10.30pm Facebook | Instagram Please give a LIKE to my Facebook Page !You can also fine me on other networks through Home Page links. Please give a LIKE to my Facebook Page !You can also fine me on Weibo/ Twitter/ /Instagram/ Openrice/ Ufood through Home Page links. Source
  18. It's been a while this new 'crystal' restaurant & bar open in Central, LKF; I was there two weekends for the great dinner and for their grand opening. Love almost everywhere of this new restaurant in the town, from the lovely entrance with a gorgeous open-kitchen view; the seamless night view of HK island/Central while you are seated along the window (it's almost 270 degree); the cute tiny terrace on the 23rd floor where I enjoyed the 'wet' breeze from the typical HK summer; and most importantly, it is their awesome and nice service crew busy around the dining area and bar area with the yummy dishes crossing the whole space. How can you miss a breath-taking chance to enjoy the beautiful shiny night view in Hongkong?! even it's a tiny square place for max. 10 pax; I definitely not care about that! We were arriving a bit in the middle of the dinner time, which offers us a perfect chance to enjoy a private breath in the terrace. Look up, I was expecting the coming C'est La Vie; look farther, I was recalling so much good memories about Hongkong Island. Cocktails of Townhouse, you should try without doubt, and not end up with only one, better two or three >3< The reason is the perfect and attractive modern-style all their cocktails offer, which is soooooo cool; we seriously appreciate it's not a shitty one with over-run syrup or juice but every ingredient in a balance and perfect match. For the guys, don't be shy to hold a beautiful cocktail glass, I would like to recommend the bacon-inspired 'spicy' cocktail, to be cooler :D The menu of Townhouse is more in a causal dining way with a twist of Westerner and Asians. Therefore, the menu is designed into Small Bites, Big Bites and Main Course. For us, we just found the small bites are actually more interesting and having higher chance to be picked up! Well, I'm just getting into their cute little colorful bowls with a lot Asian element a lot. The truffle chips, would always be a right option for a casual chicken-talk night; plus it's served super hot and fried in a perfect way. The spicy squid with the special spicy sweet cream sauce is awesome as well. Evil bites with a lot of fried stuff, of course, we won't forget to get balance from refreshing salad. Apart from the normal salads, we chose the fruity and nutty one with roasted duck as well. It was just awesome and wowed us. We really love the slightly roasted pine nuts which give the extra warm flavor and smell to the whole dish; and the sweet soft mango inside was 'killing' us over the night. A little concept input from Southeast Asian's sweet food culture, there's also a list of screws (quite expensive to be honest). The Coca-cola Prime Beef and Kimchi Cheese Mushroom, you must try and maybe you will recall it immediately after the first bite. The beef is sooooo tender and juicy, quite similar to the Japanese style as the sweet sauce. The mushroom is amazing!!! Cannot find such juicy one, and we were spoiled by the super rich taste of kimchi and cheese. Yes, don't be shy, if you feel too full, or you're a bit done with the boring indoor dining environment; grab your cocktail glass, and step out again, the Central's night is still there, and even more sexy. The dessert is quite outstanding among other dishes from Townhouse. Especially, the Coconut Lime Sorbet and the Wasabi Chocolate Mousse. We were speechless when dealing with those two. Just using the authentic coconut meat and fresh lime juicy for the refreshing taste, and a non-stop flavor of coconut cream is flowing in the mouth. Chocolate mousse is such a great sample of beauty and beast! Spicy wasabi not too aggressive but stimulating your tongue a lot with the super soften and smooth chocolate mousse, which is also less sweetened and more dry dark chocolate in taste. We cannot stop eating! :P The vanilla fondant with Hongkong-style egg cake and some fruits, mini oreos, is more as a playful trick than a tasty way. For Townhouse, Small Bites, Screws and Desserts, are top 3 choices for the dining people, for the drinking and party ones, I just noticed they are giving out awesome Happy Hour deals from Thursday to Saturday, 10pm onwards. $100 for their signature cocktails and 2 glasses, that sounds incredibly unbelievable, right!!! And ladies, Thursday upon entry, 1 glass of Champagne for free treats you well :) Townhouse 23/F, California Towner32 D'Aguilar Street (LKF)CentralHong Kong +852 2344 2366 Facebook Please give a LIKE to my Facebook Page !You can also fine me on other networks through Home Page links. Please give a LIKE to my Facebook Page !You can also fine me on Weibo/ Twitter/ /Instagram/ Openrice/ Ufood through Home Page links. Source

    Traditional old Hongkong-style Cafe reopened in Sai Wan, is attracting a group of people who are always running after the classic and qualified dining place. I love the old poster hanging there, 20/30's fashion is saying a lot of that-year stories, which are absolutely fantastic to the young generation like us. Actually, our grand-generation could have more romantic than us :D A visit to Hongkong-style Cafe, of course, cannot miss the most normal but most popular choice, all-day set! Starting from the 'red soup', it's already not that normal and often served in today's Cafe's in Hong Kong. Highly recommend Kam Kee's red soup, for its super authentic and rich flavor. Starter is omelette with simple ham slices and a half-sandwich baked with butter. Thin rice noodle with liver, spring onion and fresh ginger slices. It tasted quite light and almost plain in flavor; which I appreciate the original taste from the good soup and to stay healthy by reducing artificial seasoning, but it would be better to have more seasoning. To talk about the liver, texture is the most important thing, crispy, rich and tender; Kam Kee's liver is qualified. Fried Chicken Leg, it's good size, and attractive looking in a very deep fried looking. To our surprise, it's not deep fried with flour; instead, it's more traditional Chinese way, to have the chicken leg marinated in the special salty and sweet Cantonese sauce first, until the chicken absorbs the sauce by every piece; then slight fried it to make the looking dark honey brown, and to give a super mouth-watering smell. Everyone love it, and highly recommend to try! Indonesia-style (sweet) curry with beef in bread, it's creamy and super rich in taste, with the melted cream and special Indonesia-style curry. Texture is a little sticky and you could find the almost-melted onion slices in the curry even; it's an impressive flavor of sweet curry and inspiring spices. The beef is awesome! Very tender even in big chops. To have it with the hot crispy bun, it's probably the must-order item for every visitor (the portion is enough to serve two). Kam Kee Cafe G/F, 213 Des Voeux Road WestSai Ying Pun (Sai Wan)Western DistrictHong Kong +852 2254 2010 Mon to Sun. 7.30am - 9.30pm Please give a LIKE to my Facebook Page !You can also fine me on other networks through Home Page links. Please give a LIKE to my Facebook Page !You can also fine me on Weibo/ Twitter/ /Instagram/ Openrice/ Ufood through Home Page links. Source

    Burrito fever is coming to Hong Kong!!! Besides, my favorit burrito restaurant (Little Burrito), Cali-Mex, is another good choice. I have paid my first visit to the first Cali-Mex shop in Wellington street, Central, which honestly is very disappointing experience. I'm even not willing to give a second chance for it when my friends mention it to me after. While, as its branches covers more and more spots in Hong Kong Island, and people around me reflects good comment on it; I decide to have a look of Cali-Mex again. The burritos from Cali-Mex, is famous of its size! I was satisfied a lot by its perfect-made baked flour tortilla and the 'massive' fillings and selected beans. Quesadillas I love the crispy thin tortilla of Quesadillas, and cannot resist the half-melted cheese covered below. It's more for vegetarians, light creamy but very cheesy with the lovely sour cream and avocado salsa on top. Perfect! TacosThey provide soft or crispy tacos, which of course, we prefer the crispy one for it's double-layer experience. A soft one inside to be in touch with fillings, which mostly are seafood (prawn or fish fillet) with a very cheerful sauce (mild spicy or very hot) and refreshing tomato; A crispy tortilla is mainly for the outside layer, and for the 'crispy' experience (better to take it as it's freshly hot). Cali-Mex 25 Queen's Road EastWanchaiHong Kong +852 2722 2525info@cali-mex.com Sun to Wed. 10.30am - 10.30pmThur to Sat. 10.30am - 11.30pm Facebook Please give a LIKE to my Facebook Page !You can also fine me on other networks through Home Page links. Please give a LIKE to my Facebook Page !You can also fine me on Weibo/ Twitter/ /Instagram/ Openrice/ Ufood through Home Page links. Source

    Classical modern is the general image and first impression of Shore to me. Nested in Central's commercial building, it's been a regular gathering place for Happy Hour, and in-the-week dinner place. It's a steak house with a wide international menu and a fine collection of wine; besides it's a bar for one or two glasses of normal cocktail or mixture. I like their low terrace, even it's always a bit too crowded, but at least it's a very easy place to have a small sky among the cold buildings in Central. If you are looking for something very unique and different, Shore definitely will let you down, but like most of middle-to-high standard steakhouse in Central, it's chic, cool, stable quality and professional service; from the dark brown sofa, the hard-and-soft decoration with silver vase and lily inside, it is not difficult to predict the typical American-Italian dishes in their menu. Dirty Rosemary $105Vodka Infused Rosemary , Massenez Creme de Fraise Monin Macadamian Nut, Pineapple Juice As a starter of the night, I choose a floral & herb drink from Shore's signature cocktail list. It's a mild but intense vodka-cocktail with a nutty creamy taste; floral and sweet for a girls' night. Shore Steak Tartare $168/small & $298/Large One of my favorit that night as a meaty starter dish. It is hand chopped beef with cornichons, capers, shallots with chips as sides. The beef is quite rare with a cold, smooth, mouth-melting taste; besides, it is seasoned by a special spicy and sour sauce, very appetite-opening. I even won't recommend to have it with the chips, for the original flavor of the tartare, but Shore offers quite good chips :D Smoked Whole Roasted Poussin $298 Pork 2 Ways $278Cracklin pork belly, sous vide Iberico pork loin, butter beans, kale, apple mash, chimichurri sauce Highly recommend non-steak main course with a very balance and non-oily taste, using pork belly and pork loin to create a 2-layer tender texture. The apply mash with light cream sauce is the most important part of the whole dish, for its refreshing fruity flavor to take away the fat from the meat. Steak with Macaroni & Cheese Bacon as side dish. Super devil combination, but we couldn't stop. It's quite traditional and normal way to handle the steak. Surface is handled quite well-done as the color, but not in my favorite looking of over-done or even, 'over-burned'; inside it's quite juicy and lovely pink, worthy for its price. Macaroni with cheese and bacon, is awesome! We even treated it as one of our main courses, and had it non-stop. It's very cheesy and creamy but less-salted and not too heavy in the flavor, plus the flavorful bacon and its natural fat melted to oil as heated up. Beurre Monte Lobster $418 Fregola, baby squid, mussels, king crab meat and lobster bisque. It's an intensive seafood feast with the very-well-done fregola and the perfect sauce. Sticky in a right and satisfying way to 'glue' the sweet and fresh seafood cubes and chewy pasta. Banoffee Pie $78 Very interesting dessert with a decentralized presentation. Warm banana, vanilla icecream, cream, mousse, and the crispy biscuit. It's awesome and tasty as we all have no adverse comment on it. Shore 3rd & 4th Floor, the L. Place 139 Queen's Road Central Central Hong Kong +852 2915 1638 info@shore.com.hk Please give a LIKE to my Facebook Page !You can also fine me on other networks through Home Page links. Please give a LIKE to my Facebook Page !You can also fine me on Weibo/ Twitter/ /Instagram/ Openrice/ Ufood through Home Page links. Source
  22. Another birthday night, another great year comes. I was feeling so blessing to spent the Birthday Dinner with the food-lovers and friends with those seven outstanding issues in The Food Gallery, the buffet restaurant in Langham Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui, which was well matched to its name by the cozy and chic dining environment and lovely buffet items from cold cuts till desserts! Compared to other hotel (buffet) restaurant, this one has really limited space, while normal 4-seat square/round table, long bench, semi-round sofa table and even they offer bar-table for 4-6 along the window with beautiful and busy view of Tsim Sha Tsui shopping street. The buffet is impressive and amazing, for it is offering the best quality and smart attractions to the Hongkong eaters, within its limited buffet counters. That day, they even kicked out the new selection of buffet dessert, which is featured by Lady-Highheels (cupcake) dessert table. The looking of those lovely cupcakes are marvellous from the perfect matching game with bright colors, the creative ideas of flavor combination. They have chocolate with strawberry as normal one, rose vanilla (pink one with sun flower), mango & lemon (summer fresh yellow one), etc Without doubt, I ranked their new cupcake collection as No. 1 Issue, well, it is followed by another 6 issues which I cannot wait to share with food-lovers. Issue No. 2, Ice-cream!!! Girls love it desperately, and so do the guys! It's Movenpick, and 4-5 flavors provided throughout the whole night. The flavors are more on the milky and creamy side, instead of sorbet-like fresh ones, whatever, I am a big fan of all chocolate, caramel, cheesecake, tiramisu, hazelnut flavors!!! So, yes! we got all flavors, just non-stop ice-cream, and excited like a kid! Issue No. 3, Chinese-style Steamed Fresh Fish It's quite unique in hotel buffet, which turns out quite welcomed by the Hongkong eaters. It's fresh made, healthy steamed, and self-selected from 3 kinds of fish. After ordering your favorite fish part (normally head or tail), the yummy dish will be brought to your table after 15-20mins. Cool! Issue No. 4, Pan-fried Foie Gras It's not a fresh item during brunch time in some hotels recently, but still, we appreciated the provision of "made-by-order" foie gras that night. And I just found I loved their homemade fig jam a lot!! Perfect companion to the fatty evil foie gras, and the crispy toast is also another amazing item. Imagine it absorbs the greasy oil and still keeps its crispy style, sexy toast :D Issue No. 5, Cantonese-style Soup (Coconut with chicken) Actually they have 2-3 types of traditional Cantonese soups during the dinner buffet, but I only tried coconut & chicken one, which is amazing! Very strong and natural taste of coconut, sweetened soup with the aroma of chicken, each sip of the soup gives a sense of smooth and ease. Issue No. 6, Seafood Seafood area as the highlights of cold-cuts is always the first and very important part to be judged for hotel buffet quality. Here, it is very well performed in both quantity of supply and quality of taste. The colors already tell the amazing freshness of those lovely seafood, and two kinds of crab legs and two lobsters. I have no more comment but do my hard-working on the shells. Issue No. 7, HOT dishes Normally I won't take too much hot dishes in buffet, for they are kept warm in closing environment for long time and lose the original taste and texture by the steam. But I found all hot dishes are kept in open air and each provision is considerably smaller than normal. The reason is the chefs in the open kitchen will cook and refill the hot dishes quite frequently throughout the whole night, in order to keep everything in its right taste and look! Done for the outstanding 7, and actually I was impressed a lot by the rich collection of buffet items they provide in the night, which I do think, it is impossible to try everything. Besides, I would also recommend Sashimi station, which is served a wide range of different fish, octopus; Indian curry and pancake counter; Southeast Asian flavored salad and rice dishes; Japanese-style BBQ for the lovely little cute fish "stick"; and meat-lover cannot miss the counter of grilled lamb and beef, also companied by some other Chinese-style meat dishes. The Food Gallery Lobby Level8 Peking RoadTsim Sha TsuiHong Kong Sun to Thu. 6.30pm - 11.30pmFri to Sat. 6.30pm - 12am Facebook Please give a LIKE to my Facebook Page !You can also fine me on other networks through Home Page links. Please give a LIKE to my Facebook Page !You can also fine me on Weibo/ Twitter/ /Instagram/ Openrice/ Ufood through Home Page links. Source
  23. CAFE 1950 | HONG KONG

    It was a really relaxing afternoon with two friends hanging out to the most residential place; we are surrounded by the neighbors and actually the cafe is inheriting the Taiwanese Cafe style, which provides a slow atmosphere, very good price for afternoon tea time, free-flow drinks, and even when we checked out the dinner menu, it was very impressive in its good presentation, wide collection of Asian and European cuisine, and unbeatable price!!! Fried mushrooms and vegetables with XO sauce $50 It was amazing with the intensive flavor given by the XO sauce, a bit salty and a bit sweet. The colored mushrooms and other vegetables are just fresh and soft. Korean-style baked cheese & kimchi chicken $75 The amazing main course in the dinner menu, which is featured in Korean style. Cheese and Kimchi, on the super hot stone tray, we were overseeing the cheese being boiled, and melting like a lively volcano!!! Such exciting we were at that moment. And the kimchi chicken was amazing in its taste; it was interesting to even take the dish by wrapping the half-hardened cheese onto the kimchi chicken, to create a super evil bite! Well, you might be curious what's that overburned looking stuff, it's the bottom layer of the cheese; the theory of why I love it, is simply the same as I love the crispy hard and little over-burned rice in the famous can-pot rice in Temple Street :P German-style roasted beer chicken $91 I appreciated a lot on the very crispy and dried roasted chicken, which also contained the bit-able bones!!! During this new shop promotion period, free-flow drinks including coffee (Neste), hot chocolate, hot tea, iced soft drinks are offered in the afternoon tea time; as standard, per purchase of dinner menu (main course) would be packed with the free-flow drink service. It is the real style of afternoon tea and Cafe! And the coffee's quality is actually over my expectation. Korean-style red bean toast $30 (afternoon tea) Afternoon tea cannot miss the desserts! Their featured toast has different flavors ranged from the Hongkong basic style till some Japanese/Korean style. And this red bean & honey toast, was recommended for the very light and good-taste cream on the top and well-done toast. Cafe 1950 1/F, Mei Lam Estate Shopping ArcadeTai Wai Mon to Sun. 7am - 11pm Please give a LIKE to my Facebook Page !You can also fine me on other networks through Home Page links. Please give a LIKE to my Facebook Page !You can also fine me on Weibo/ Twitter/ /Instagram/ Openrice/ Ufood through Home Page links. Source

    It was another interesting recipe I discovered from one of my favorit cooking & bakery blog, skinnytaste, and practiced which turned out quite good!!! So let me share something with you :) Every time I baked something and make something sweet, I'm telling myself to quit dessert in my rest life, coz it is horrified to notice how many sugar, how much butter, how much sour cream and cream cheese, I have used in order to achieve the satisfying taste I want >_< But, this one is the never-ever healthy dessert I have tried, which you might not be 100% satisfied by the taste, but at least 80%. And the other 20% comes from the really amazing and impressive potion of sugar I have used; low fat, low calories. Ingredients: For the chocolate cookie crust8-9 chocolate digest cookies3 tbsp coconut oil1 tsp brown sugar1 tbsp unsweetened shredded coconut For the filling2 tsp gelatin1 package of smooth fresh tofu1 package of light coconut milk (around 270ml)1/2 cup of low-fat milk1 tbsp unsweetened shredded coconut Making:Prepare a big bowl for the cookies and use a round thick wooden stick or other similar kitchen tool to beat hardly on the cookies, until they all become small crumbsAdd coconut oil, sugar and shredded coconut, and 1/2 cup water into the bowl and to mix them all with the cookie crumbs until you have a moisture brownie-color raw crustUse a table spoon to flatten the crust into the baking pan; slightly press them to be firm and not too loose Send to the fridge and warm up the oven by 250 degree; meanwhile get another small blow to prepare the gelatin by adding 1 tbsp of water and wait for 5 minsBlend tofu, coconut milk, shredded coconut in a blender or simple processorHeat the milk in microwave and mix it into the gelatin until dissolved, then move into the blended tofu & coconut milk for another time of blendingTake out the crust from fridge and transfer into oven for 8-10 minutes, after taking out from the oven and cooling down naturally, pull the blended filling carefully onto the crust; and send to the fridge for 4-5 hours (better overnight) Please give a LIKE to my Facebook Page !You can also fine me on other networks through Home Page links. Please give a LIKE to my Facebook Page !You can also fine me on Weibo/ Twitter/ /Instagram/ Openrice/ Ufood through Home Page links. Source
  25. Vegetables and mushroom weekend again, and it is totally green day as well. I was trying to buy Brussels Sprouts in the last few weeks (at least 2 weeks!!) in the international market and open wet market around Wanchai area, but in vain! Things always happen when you don't have such a plan! Really!!! I found them in the random look around the frozen counter in the Taste on Queen's Road East, after my regular jogging on Saturday morning. Amazing, and they are just never too cute and attractive in the transparent plastic basket packed by the grass-green bag. The original recipe, 'Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Shallot with Balsamic Glaze', immediately refreshed in my brain and I made my mind to add some extra items for the lovely green-dinner. Compared to the original recipe, I had white champignon and sweet potato as additions. For sweet potato, I was considering more on the satisfaction of my stomach, which I did doubt purely taking vegetables and mushrooms for dinner would leads to a 'No-No' scream in the late night by my belly. (You know, greens are just going too fast :P) Plus, in my and my housewives' kitchen, Rule No.1, always try to use the existing materials or the ones left behind!!! We are always trying to make something impressive by what we have left in the fridge or some corner for stock... In this case, it was Sweet Potato! Ooops, the green grapes and fresh kiwi juice were just on promotion price, and became my handful snacks during kitchen time :D Ingredients:A basket of Brussels Sprouts (cleaned and halved)A package of White Champignon (cleaned and halved)About 10 pieces shallot (peeled and halved, as your choice, welcome to take out the core part)2 normal-size Sweet Potato (optional)Black and White Pepper, Salt, Olive oil / Coconut oil Cooking:After cleaning and preparing all vegetables and mushroom, I started from the shallots and sweet potatoes first (shallots first between two). Heated up the flat pan with 2 tsp coconut oil (or olive oil), then take about 2mins for the shallots and sweet potatoes until they become glorious by the oil Add Brussels Sprouts into the pan and make everything in its place as possible as you can. Maybe add extra tsp of oil according to the potion you have, and slightly move around the vegetables to make sure some won't be over-burnedUntil you see some Brussels Sprouts start to turn 'black' or 'brown' in the inner-cut side (it will take only 2mins or even less), add the mushrooms in the pan and try to place everything in a proper heated place againAnother 30 seconds / 1min, switch off the fire, and transfer everything into a baking tray; add some pepper and salt (oil could be optional, if you find it too dry)Send into oven for 10-12mins with 250 degree To serve, you could have some Balsamic Glaze if you like, but I just had some pepper and salt again in table. It was soft but crispy and chewy in the core part; so does the sweet potato. You will love the mushroom! Coz it's totally soften and baked to have an amazing smell and juicy taste, even spread out to other ingredients in your plate. It is the easiest and fastest dish to make again, which would be perfect for a healthy and light weekend brunch or dinner :) Please give a LIKE to my Facebook Page !You can also fine me on other networks through Home Page links. Please give a LIKE to my Facebook Page !You can also fine me on Weibo/ Twitter/ /Instagram/ Openrice/ Ufood through Home Page links. Source