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Found 83 results

  1. New Start!

    Hi everyone, thanks a lot for being with me and my little blog through these years. I have a bad news and a good news for you all! This blog will be shut down. I will keep all the posts here, but there will be no update and no maintenance since now. Good news is, I have already started a new blog which have a new and nicer layout. The new blog is no longer about food. I have too many stories from my trips around the world to be shared with you! Of course, food and drink will be one part of my personal journey, but you will find a fresher and more interesting site there. WELCOME TO MY NEW BLOG: www.gustobeats.com Please give a LIKE to my Facebook Page !You can also fine me on Weibo/ Twitter/ /Instagram/ Openrice/ Ufood through Home Page links. Source

    Close to Christmas, I was busy but happy with so much spontaneous meals happened in the last few weekends before we were all out for long holiday. A lazy Sunday morning, embracing the rare bedding time, while the sunshine outside the window and the 'glo-glo' sound in our belly, dragged us out of the bed. Hunger pushed us to think about the evil brunch instead of light & easy breakfast at home; well, without doubt, aiming to try the new brunch spot (at least new for me), I was introduced the Brunch at Pirata. Just next to the door, which sounds perfect ever for laziness like us! Lovely open bar with a casual setting of dining area. A small inside stairs leading the way to another dining area downstairs. Fried Mozzarella Sandwich M.M.M. (My Mama's Meatballs) Eggplant Parmigiana Tagliatelle with Summer Black Truffle (add $38) I will call it a super-rich-Italian-brunch for the whole package starts from the unlimited cold station with cheese, salad, grilled vegetables, smoked salmon and some ham. Entering into the serious part, it is designed as an Italian way to have the primary (Primi Piati) and second course (Secondi), which covers almost all meat, fish, grain and veggie. To end, of course, it's the dessert selected by the Chef. Drink is not included, but I will highly recommend to order some refreshing mocktail (Appleberry Smash) for the girls or for you still in your hangover from the night before. Free-flow choice is available with a reasonable price, and by looking into the selected drinks, I would like to try next time :D Every ingredients were just fresh like directly out from the market with a paring fresh and modern looking. Like the Mozzarella Sandwich, it's just tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella, while we were so much enjoying that crispy from the edge of the toast and the creamy and cheesy taste from the floating hot 'liquid' inside! If I have chance to choose pasta, flat wide and pasta made with egg would always be my choice. Here we had the Tagliatelle with extra olive oil and parmesan cheese slides and truffle on top. Simple as the most, and very delicious. Two chef's choice dessert were amazing! First, our mouth was refreshing by the less-sweeten and less-creamy puddling (photo as on the top), then we were treated by the creamy and milky cheese dessert with nuts and caramel sauce. Each taste was just to the point, not too heavy and as the perfect ending for the whole Sunday morning. Pirata 29/F & 30/F239 Hennessy RoadWanchaiHong Kong +852 2887 0270 Sun to Thur. 12nn - 2.30pm & 6.30pm - 10.30pmFri to Sat. 12nn - 2.30pm & 6.30pm - 11pm Facebook | Instagram Please give a LIKE to my Facebook Page !You can also fine me on other networks through Home Page links. Please give a LIKE to my Facebook Page !You can also fine me on Weibo/ Twitter/ /Instagram/ Openrice/ Ufood through Home Page links. Source

    We always get great surprise when we are not expecting in advance. It was a random weekday night, we had a casual dinner to wash off the whole day tense after the office. A garden-like and countryside decoration made our dinner place quite different and refreshing, even giving an illusion of the daytime is extending. We were lead by the lead here and was offered a short walk-around to the basic concept behind this new Spanish restaurant in Wanchai. 36-month Iberico ham was absolutely a must-try item, to have it with good white wine, or just to wake the tongue before feast. The ham was cut precisely from the different parts which leaded you from dry to fatty-rich. Among the tapas list, I was introduced the two way of oyster. Starting from the refreshing one fully covered by the beautiful mojito foam, the journey started quite romantic; coming back to the reality, I was not disappointed by the secondi (oyster) which was flavored by the olive oil and special tomato sauce, lifting up the taste a lot. The main course menu is designed to be quite balanced from the land animals to the fishes. I love the seabass deadly and almost 2 weeks after when I brought my friends there, I ordered it again without hesitation. The combination of the crispy fish skin and soft snowy-white fish meat was perfect and the lightly over-burned aroma of the fish skin was well matched to the lightly sweet taste of the fish. I also like the yummy baby spinach as the side-dish. Before we continued to the secondi (main course), we were introduced to the mouth-refreshing dessert which is a creative design by the Chef from Barcelona. It was a kindly of jelly dessert while the overall texture was balanced by the pudding layer. The transparent orange jelly made of LICOR43 was just awesome! Together with the Sangria snow on the top, it refreshed your mouth, throat and stomach immediately and apart that, offering a beautiful taste of alcohol. The seafood paella was a bit different from the one we were used to. It was more moisture and softened, more intense seafood flavor but less creamy. Dessert was actually the strength of the Chef here, for he’s studied and started from the sweet stuff at the beginning. We had the first one with coconut and mango brulee which was just perfect. The coconut cream pudding was not too sweet and the taste was quite refreshing by the mango brulee; also it was even a little bitter as the coco on the top. The second dessert was richer in the taste for the banana brulee and grilled banana slices, but no need to worry, because it was smartly paired with the ice-cream. All in all, Quemo is worthy for the visit regarding to the food, the drinks and their warm service. Also, they offer a little terrace for a tapas-and-wine night under the lights of Wanchai!!! Quemo 5/F, QRE Plaza202 Queen's Road EastWanchaiHong Kong +852 2836 0699 Mon to Sun. 12nn - 2.30pm & 6pm - 10.30pm Facebook Please give a LIKE to my Facebook Page !You can also fine me on other networks through Home Page links. Please give a LIKE to my Facebook Page !You can also fine me on Weibo/ Twitter/ /Instagram/ Openrice/ Ufood through Home Page links. Source
  4. Christmas month, everywhere was in a red-and-snowy mood. Mandarin Landmark started their new weekend brunch and afternoon tea menu in MO Bar at the beginning of happy December. The weekend free-flow Champaign (Moet) brunch was quite attracting. It is a 3-course brunch to be with the free-flow Champaign, house wines and all other soft drinks, tea and coffee; start from 12 noon till 3pm in the 4 weekends. A classic and cozy environment is always expected. Seated ourselves around half past 12, we were hungry and excited to start our lazy and romantic Sunday. The fresh and warm bread was arranged with the salty butter after we were just about to kick off the drinking plan. To choose from 3-4 starter choices, we picked up Angus beef tartar and lobster bisque. The soup was less creamy and intensive in the lobster sweetness. Tartar was presented in front of us by the waiter in black-n-white. The flavor was adjusted as our preference on pepper, salt, chili and oil, lovely! For the main course, I ordered the Lobster Egg Benedict and steak was my boyfriend’s choice. Besides, we had roasted vegetables and French fries with parmesan cheese slice as the side dishes. The Benedict is lovely yummy for the bite of soft lobster together with the eggy liquid egg yolk, while a bit dry would be the only downside I can discover. Coming to the last course, I was first quite afraid of over-filling by the cheesecake, while this time was pretty light and even refreshing. The chocolate tart with ice-cream on the top was amazing! A slightly bitter chocolate taste gave a pure and intense after-taste after each small bite, while the sweetness only contributed by the ice-cream. After Champaign, we finished with the perfect signature tea from MO Bar and the classic coffee. Such a wonderful day! MO Bar G/F, Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hote15 Queen's RoadCentralHong Kong +852 2132 0077 Facebook Please give a LIKE to my Facebook Page !You can also fine me on other networks through Home Page links. Please give a LIKE to my Facebook Page !You can also fine me on Weibo/ Twitter/ /Instagram/ Openrice/ Ufood through Home Page links. Source
  5. Seorae opened the branch store in Wanchai recently and I was so excited and eager to have a try. It’s quite huge space with a flat and open dining area which is also occupying the whole floor. The waiter and waitress walking around there was all young people which seem to be equipped by perfect Korean and Cantonese. Impressive! The very interesting design of the BBQ plate was designed for the egg cooking (similar to tortilla). Such smart idea to cook the egg while not wasting the heat produced during BBQ! The special pork meat is their signature, which you could only get around 400g from each pig. The part is closer to the heart while it is said to contain zero fat. As to the taste, it was chewier while less meaty. The beef was absolutely beautiful, even from the presentation. It required very less heating time and turned out to be 30-to-70 ratio on the fat and meat. The grilled vegetable platter was huge in the potion, while I love the mushroom the most. Seorae BBQ 3/F, 477-481 Jaffe RoadWanchaiHong Kong +852 2617 3328 Sun to Thur. 5pm - 1amFri to Sat. 5pm - 2am Please give a LIKE to my Facebook Page ! You can also fine me on other networks through Home Page links. Please give a LIKE to my Facebook Page !You can also fine me on Weibo/ Twitter/ /Instagram/ Openrice/ Ufood through Home Page links. Source

    We were quite wasted after the regular Saturday morning workout in friend's gym. Protein was the saver for me and my boyfriend that night before we continued the night activities with friends. Thanks for this new opening Thai restaurant in Wanchai, we got some energy to make night better! It was a bit strange that we found they were offering sashimi in the restaurant while the Thai style sashimi platter was even highly recommended on the special offer list of the resto. While, I guess it is always the market decides the resto's direction. Indeed, Hongkongers love anything related to Japanese food... I love the Raw Shrimp with a marshmallow texture. A normal and common Thai appetizer, while you have to make sure the shrimp is in its best condition to perform the taste in flavor and more importantly, in texture. They have done a really good job that night! Pattaya Style Grilled Cheese Tiger Prawn (new item on the separated menu) was just amazing. It was fully covered by the half-melted cheese where also offers a mixed and impressive coconut aroma. It was very filling, be careful! I was not very convinced by the 'steamed' way to handle the red curry dish... But I have to say the presentation of this new item (Red Curry Prawn) was romantic and beautiful. The steamed curry was actually made with coconut and egg. You could imagine the similar taste of steamed egg while it's seafood curry indeed! If you are interested but not too picky to the Thai seafood place, this would be a new place worth to try. 泰園3/F, The Hennessy256 Hennessy RoadWanchaiHong Kong +852 3746 9999 Mon to Sat. 12nn - 3pm & 6pm - 11pm Please give a LIKE to my Facebook Page ! You can also fine me on other networks through Home Page links. Please give a LIKE to my Facebook Page !You can also fine me on Weibo/ Twitter/ /Instagram/ Openrice/ Ufood through Home Page links. Source
  7. New Blog - At spotthefood.com!

    Hi everyone!Thanks for being supportive on Spot The Food.From today onwards, I will start on my own website so please check it out for more updates!See you all at http://www.spotthefood.comCheers! Source
  8. CE LA VI - Explore Your Senses

    CE LA VI, is a living, is a pursuit of pleasure. A flagship opening in Hong Kong on top floor of the restyled California Tower, it has a spectacular view of the iconic skyline over our legendary Lan Kwai Fong. It features a restaurant, Club Lounge and stunning Sky Bar, where are marked by Asian inspired cuisines, signature cocktails and dramatic gathering floor respectively. Being invited to a pastry workshop, it is hosted by CE LA VI executive pastry Chef Jason Licker, who has worked in some of the most globally familiar top kitchens including JW Marriott Hong Kong and three Michelin-starred Jean Georges in New York. As they aim to bring diners with ultimate and memorable dining experiences, some last bits after dinner have been made visually and fingerlickingly perfect. Chef Licker's masterpieces are of stunning presentation and unpredictable creations, that includes a Hong Kong Cappuccino. A twist on ordinary cappuccino drink, made with layers of passionfruit cream, milk tea gelato, Whiskey foam and finished off with milk powder crumble. A gorgeously presented white chocolate is in fact infused with Junmai sake, fruity berries with yuzu syrup and crispy sensation of salted toffee. The piece of toasted almond cake is also impressively served aside refreshing guava sorbet, some calamansi curd, paper thin coconut and orange crisps, sprinkles of dehydrated yogurt, which has been excellently glazed with citrus juice. Indeed, it is an overwhelming experience to explore our senses of taste. Thanks for having me today! Hong Kong Cappuccino Passionfruit Cream, Milk Powder Crumble, Milk Tea Gelato, Whiskey Foam Milk Tea Gelato Hong Kong CappuccinoPassion cream, milk tea ice cream, Macallan foam White Chocolate Sake Cream, Fruity Berries with Yuzu Syrup, Salted Toffee White Chocolate-Junmai Sake CreamWhite chocolate-sake cream, yuzu scented fruits, salted toffee Toasted Almond Cake, Calamansi Curd, Guava Sorbet, Coconut & Orange Papers Toasted Calamansi CakeLime soaked cake, calamansi cremieux, guava sorbet Toasted Calamansi Cake CE LA VIAddress: 25/F, California Tower, 32 D'Aguilar Street, Central, Hong KongTelephone: 3700 2300Opening Hours: Mon-Tue 15:00-02:00 ; Wed-Sat 15:00-03:00 ; Sun 15:00-00:00Website: http://celavi.com / https://www.facebook.com/celavihongkong Source
  9. As a continuation of the November wine & dine month, Foodie crosses over with Fashion Walk in holding a Cheers for Fashion Walk event in celebration of wine, craft beer and spirits. At the food street of Fashion Walk in Causeway Bay, expect to learn how to make cocktails, personalising whisky blend and many more. A tasting pass would allow you to try some small bite and wine tastings, whereas a dining pass offers the chance to enjoy delicious beer or wine pairing menus from seven restaurants at Fashion Walk. That include elBorn, Eat.It, COEDO Taproom, Elephant Grounds, Wildfire+, Marbling by Mr. Steak and Cedele. Check out more about the menus from HERE! Make sure to get the best deal at Foodie website! See you on November 14th at 3-9pm! I will update you with all the delicious delicacies! Bestbev Craft Beer Cheers For Fashion Walk F.E.W. Spirits Seafood Paella from elBorn Tasting Coupon Wine Glass Cheers For Fashion Walk Address: Food Street, Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Opening Hours: 14th November 2015, 15:00-21:00 Website: http://www.afoodieworld.com/users/cheers-4-fashionwalk Source
  10. Sushi Man 鮨文 - Omakase!

    Sushi Man is a new Japanese restaurant owned by a young and passionate Chef who was trained in Hong Kong - Chef Cupid. His skillful experiences in Japanese sushi crafting has brought my attention on their popular Chef's choice of the day that favor lots of Hong Kong locals, also known as omakase. There are four dinner sets from range of 600-1300HKD, prepared only with the freshest and seasonal ingredients. We opt for the "Man", which includes 6 kinds of sashimi, 8 pieces of sushi, 1 hand roll, fish soup, steamed egg and dessert. Started off with simple appetizers, tomato and tofu salad with Japanese sesame dressing and sweetened dried fishes. Whilst the chawanmushi is very silky, steamed with shrimps, crab meat, and smells absolutely amazing with the truffle on top. Moving on to several sashimi, they are all equally fresh, delicate and delicious while I especially loved the torched ones such as the mackerel. We are lucky to try some shirako that is seasonal in October to March. It is the milt of male cod, looking like a clump of white blobs that is creamy and soft. The way it is slightly seared and served with pickle radish has removed the odd flavor afterall. As all sushi are made with sushi rice that is already seasoned with soy sauce, Chef reminds us not to dip our sushi with additional soy. Some worth-noting are flounder with seasonings of sea salt and yuzu zests, sweet shrimp topped with creamy sea urchin, chutoro and akagai which both instantly melt in your mouth. Lastly, a toro hand roll has rounded up the sushi set and the most instagram-worthy mini sea urchin don has come to be the best part of the meal. Large botan shrimp over an overwhelming portion of creamy uni, it is a top unbeatable bite. The fish soup is also impressive and a slice of cantaloupe is the perfect finish. Although I have read across some bad services and attitudes about the restaurant, I am happy with my experience because Chef Cupid and the Boss are so friendly that they even joked around and chatted with us through the entire course. Uni Cup海膽杯 Sushi Man鮨文 Tomato & Tofu Salad with Sesame Dressing, Dried Fish蕃茄豆腐胡麻醬沙律, 小魚乾 Chawanmushi with Truffle黑松露蒸蛋 Buri鰤魚 Shima Aji深海池魚 Kaibashira帆立貝 Torching Sashimi火炙刺身 Torched Mackerel火炙鮫魚 Torched Azi火炙竹簽 Shirako with Pickled Radish鱈魚白子配酸汁蘿蔔蓉 Shirako鱈魚白子 Flounder with Zest of Yuzu & Sea Salt左口魚邊, 柚子, 海鹽 Itoyoridai金線鯛 Amaebi & Uni甜蝦海膽 Sanma秋刀魚 Hokkigai北寄貝 Chutoro中拖羅 Akagai with Soy Sauce赤身醬油漬 Toro Hand Roll拖羅紫菜手卷 Uni & Botan Ebi Donburi牡丹蝦海膽杯 Uni & Botan Ebi Donburi牡丹蝦海膽杯 Fish Soup魚湯 Cantaloupe網紋蜜瓜 Sake日本清酒 Sushi Man鮨文 Sushi Man 鮨文 Address: Shop E, G/F, Lee Fat House, 5 Yan Lok Square, Yuen Long, Hong Kong Telephone: 2285 9477 Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12:00-14:30, 18:00-22:30 Website: https://www.facebook.com/%E9%AE%A8%E6%96%87-Sushi-Man-1401469406832329/ Source
  11. Atelier Vivanda - Meat met Potato

    This replication of a stylish butcher house is a new casually set French bistro owned by the Michelin two-starred Chef of Akrame. Specializing in a mix of meat and potato dishes, the restaurant emphasises onsimple, fresh, quality ingredients to combine an exclusive taste of meat with a specially prepared olive oil.First is a small paper bag of warm baguette served with housemade Caractere olive oil, which has a spicy and peppery kick.Dinner is priced affordably in a set of L’Entree, La Viande, L’Accompagnement, and Le Dessert. The entree of eggs mimosa is looking very appetizing on a bed of fresh arugula and simple vinaigrette. The egg yolk mixture is dressed with creamy mayonnaise and sprinkle of toasted breadcrumb. Their philosophy to prepare meal dishes with Chef's housemade pepper olive oil has presented a thick and juicy piece of Iberican pork ribs that has been subtly livened up with spiciness and aggressiveness. Aside from generous serving of salad greens, the unlimited serving of potato side dishes is indeed a bounced joy. We opt for two, including an amazingly crispy and fully fried potato balls that has a smooth mushy texture as well as a thick potato pancake made with shredded potatoes, spring onion, eggs and butter, which tastes similar to spring onion pancake and fried perfectly crispy to the edges. Le Croquavor, a restaurant signature that is known as a replication of ordinary hamburger. While it is prepared with a piece of medium done and flavorful beef patty, the combination of two pieces of thick toast and a mountain of shredded comte cheese are honestly more impressive. Still, it is an excited dish to attempt. Without hesitation, lychee flesh, coconut and verbena ice cream, everything is combined into one light creation that is simply fulfilling. The egg white foam on top has also completed us delightfully. Consider its unpretentious environment and a set of affordable price tag, Atelier Vivanda is indeed another favourite at Ship Street. Le Croquavor Atelier Vivanda Butcher Knife A Paper Bag of Bread French Baguette & Extra Virgin Olive Oil Eggs Mimosa Iberian Pork Rib Medium A Way Of Reinterpreting The Hamburger Pommes Darphin Pommes Dauphines Lychee Soup, Coconut, Verbena Ice Cream Meringue Foam Atelier VivandaAddress: G/F, 9 Ship Street, Wan Chai, Hong KongTelephone: 2109 1768Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12:00-15:00, 18:30-23:00Website: http://ateliervivanda.com.hk / https://www.facebook.com/AtelierVivandaHK Source
  12. During November, a breezy autumn, the wine and dine month of Hong Kong is offering a whole lot of exciting events and stunning carnivals. Previously there is a Wine and Dine Festival, the 8th edition of Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Fair is also held at HKTDC in Wan Chai. The exhibition features a big market of wine and beers, which becomes an attractive platform for public visitors to taste different wines whereas for wine enthusiasts and traders to source the best quality products. I am thrilled to first engage with so many wine tasting, where you get a wine glass at the entrance! Literally among over thousand of excellent wine hubs, there are fruit-based vodka, such as pineapple and blueberry that are found pretty spectacular. Some beer ice creams made by Rubicone has also been the most crowded and remarkable booth among all others at the 3G area. Welcoming visitors to have trails of frozen beer ice creams, there are three flavors including Hoegaarden Rose, Boddingtons Pub Ale and Leffe leveled in respective, increasing density. Hoegaarden Rose is undeniably my all time favourite because it has the perfect chroma and light sweetness for me as a beginner. Afterall, this fair is indeed a rich programme for all wine lovers to explore and appreciate. Hoegaarden Rose, Boddingtons Pub Ale, Leffe Wine Exhibition Red & White Wine Beer Ice Cream Machines Boddingtons Ice Cream Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Fair 香港國際美酒展 5-7 November 2015 Website: http://www.hktdc.com / https://www.facebook.com/HKTDC.Exhibition Source
  13. Ham & Sherry - Possibly My Favourite Tapas

    Among a blend of hip restaurants along Star Street in Wan Chai, what pretty much draws our attentions is this blue vintage brick wall. Ham & Sherry is known to be a meeting social hub serving wide variety of Spanish hams, traditional tapas, as well as a full menu covering over 50 different Sherries, sangria and craft cocktails at the back bar. Hosted by Michelin-starred Chef, who also launched 22 Ships, small dishes are created with Chef's usual twist that reflect true culinary of a Spanish neighbourhood. The food more or less focuses on Spanish ham, pork, peppers and cheese. Everything has been our favourites such as the signature suckling pig roasted with excellently crispy skin, two chunks of sweet grilled pineapple covered with piquillo peppers. Jamon and truffle toastie, sometimes known as bikini, is made delicately and served atop runny pan fried quail egg. The very delicious churros are also highly recommended, with a generous dusting of cinnamon sugar, crunchy and hot, the chocolate sauce on the side impresses so well for its semi-sweet level. This Jamon and Sherry eatery is surely a favourite of mine! Jamon, Manchego & Truffle Toastie, Quail Eggs Ham & Sherry Blue Vintage Brick Wall Back Bar Jamon, Manchego & Truffle Toastie, Quail Eggs Roast Suckling Pig, Piquillo Peppers, Pineapple Roast Suckling Pig Churros Chocolate Sauce Ham & Sherry's Menu Ham & SherryAddress: 1-7 Ship Street, Wan Chai, Hong KongTelephone: 2555 0628Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 12:00-15:00, 18:00-23:00 ; Sun 12:00-21:00Website: http://www.hamandsherry.hk / https://www.facebook.com/hamandsherry Source
  14. Ladies & Gentlemen - Cocktail Rambling

    Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting you the beauty of cocktails.Situated at the very end of Haven street, here is a Japan-experienced bartender who would make very nice Japanese inspired cocktails. They offer a list on the menu and signature in preparing omakase, which is basically an idea of tailor making cocktails based on customer preference or personality.At the mini drinking bar, mainly with Gin, Rum, Tequila, Vodka and Whisky, we are served with a few restaurant creations as well as an omakase cocktail.The cafe also serves a menu of canapes and desserts that are great to snack on. Including prawn cocktail with mayo dressing on white toasts, cold cut platter with generous rolling of parma ham, chicken meatballs and mini burgers, some ideal options are applewood-smoked fries that comes with a deliciously creamy black truffle mayo, beer battered chicken and no baked mac & cheese of al dente texture.How about some savory macarons? White truffle, basil & tomato, mushroom & chicken, duck breast and foie gras. While the Belgian handmade macarons sound indeed strange and unpalatable, there are also frozen lollies serving in coconut mousse with bergamot filling, or rose mousse with strawberry filling.Finally, I would opt for the omakase at Ladies & Gentlemen! Belgium Handmade Savory Macaron Tasting Menu Prawn Salad with Toast Diced Prawn, Cucumber, Crab Roe, Mayo GiniusGin, yuzu juice, homemade fennel infused agave mix, peach puree, aromatic bitters Cold Cut PlatterParma ham, black pepper salami, smoked eel & cheese Smoky Fries with Truffle Dip Truffle Dip Rum & VioletSilver rum, lemon juice, violet liqueur, homemade pink & black peppercorn agave mix Deep Fried Chicken Chicken Meatballs Spicy TargetTequila, yuzu juice, homemade jalapeno pineapple puree, homemade agave mix, aromatic bitters Mini BurgerSpicy minced pork with egg & wagyu beef hamburger Mac & Cheese OmakaseTailor made cocktail Kurobuta Pork Braised Rice Foie Gras, White Truffle, Mushroom & Chicken, Basil & Tomato, Duck Breast Frozen Mousse with Fruity Filling Ladies and Gentlemen Ladies & Gentlemen Address: G/F, 31 Haven Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Telephone: 3956 4282 Opening Hours: Tue-Thur 12:30-00:00 ; Fri-Sat 12:00-01:00 ; Sun 12:30-00:00 Source
  15. First opened in 2005, Noodle TETSU expanded with over 16 branches around Japan. They have been modifying their soup and ramen, who aim to create commodity through satisfaction and customer relations. Finally today is their launch in Hong Kong. Situated at Canal Road West, the restaurant has a ramen bar and few numbers of table along with very accommodating services. More than just regular ramen, the menu offers guest with the best taste of tsukemen, which is a cold dipping noodle dish with Japanese ramen and a bowl of thick soup served separately. Optionally, a hot version is also available with noodle served in the hot clear broth. The Sendagi ramen is set limited to 30 bowls per day. With a fragrant fish broth made with large amount of sardines and dried mackerel, it comes with ramen of medium thickness, thin cut char siu and bamboo shoots. For a much richer experience, the tsukemen has a thicker pork bone broth with stripe cuts of pork. It is satisfyingly dense because of the 36 hours simmering process in chicken bones, dried sardines and mackerel fishes. Served hot, I really enjoy the thick cut ramen which is chewable in texture and able to carry the dipping broth thoroughly. The hot stone is also fun to play with, which liberally just reheated the broth in instant. In addition, their homemade soft boiled egg is unbeatable. At such moderate price tag, Tsukemen TETSU is a nice addition to the Hong Kong ramen market. Tsukemen沾麵, 熱 あつもり Fried Onion炸洋蔥 Sendagi Ramen千駄木拉麵 (魚介醬油) Sendagi Ramen千駄木拉麵 Tsukemen TETSUTETSU 香港店 Tsukemen沾麵, 熱 あつもり All-Stars of Topping大滿足組合 Pork 叉燒 Soft-boiled Egg味付半熟蛋 Hot Stone鐵石頭 Reheating Soup投石暖湯 Tsukemen沾麵 Tsukemen Tetsu つけめん TETSU 香港店 Address: G/F, 23 Canal Road West, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Telephone: 2172 6433 Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11:00-23:00 Website: https://www.tetsu102.com / https://www.facebook.com/tetsu102hk Source
  16. Blue Butcher - The Butcheries Burger

    Namely the best butcheries and the only one equipped with a pink salt dry aging room, Blue Butcher is a restaurant of a little NYC style elements, with cool, spacious and industrial decorations.Given that it is one of the most recommended steak house in Hong Kong, the menu does not only cover array of steaks and cuts, but also some delightful entrees, poultry and seafood dishes that are all prepared with ingredients sourced strictly from farm to table.They have taken inspirations from traditional recipes in order to recreate the local and organic food into some of the modest and tastiest dishes, mostly come in big plate to share, as well as signature cocktails such as Fig & Cheese and Bangers & Mash.During the weekdays, the butcher & fries lunch starts with a cold starter buffet, featuring daily selections created based on fresh market ingredients. The two not-to-be-missed are surely smoked organic beetroot with crumbled feta and watermelon cubes with sliced ham and pistachio vinaigrette.Some definite mains coming to be their Blue Butcher southern fried chicken, crispy and goldenly batter fried, and is still surprisingly moist on the inside.While everyone is digging into the cheesy aromatic truffle orzo, which is basically a risotto-like pasta cooked in broth and tons of parmesan cheese, the medium done dry aged rib eye is cut moderately tender, well flavored and no bone with just a little fat. It is completely divine.Rather than the usual offer of black angus beef burger, we are served with an irresistible combination of premium wagyu beef, poached lobster and seared foie gras sandwiched in toasted artisan buns. This ultimate version is only available throughout November so make sure to get here soon!Finally, one cannot leave Blue Butcher without trying their signature sea salted caramel ice cream. But I personally vote for the mango and passion fruit sorbet. Dry Aged Grain Fed USDA Rib Eye Cold Starter BuffetDaily salad selection(Organic Smoked Beetroot with feta, cucumber pistachio vinaigrette; Herb Cured Salmon with pickled onions, caper berries; Compressed Watermelon with shaved spanish ham, feta, rocket, pistachio vinaigrette; Belgium Endive with orange candied bacon, stilton cheese, truffle dressing) Blue Butcher Buttermilk Southern Fried ChickenSpiced BBQ sauce Dry Aged Grain Fed USDA Rib EyeBearnaise Dry Aged Grain Fed USDA Rib EyeBearnaise Wagyu Beef, Foie Gras & Butter Poached Lobster Burger Truffle mayo, juicy tomato, fresh cut purple cabbage, artisan bread roll Black Truffle Orzo & Parmesan All You Can Eat FriesMelted mozzarella & cheddar, Black truffle & parmesan Mango & Passion Fruit Sorbet Mango & Passion Fruit Sorbet Blue Butcher Bar & Restaurant Address: 108 Hollywood Road, Central District, Hong Kong Telephone: 2613 9286 Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 12:00-23:00 ; Sun 11:00-22:30 Website: http://www.bluebutcher.com / https://www.facebook.com/BlueButcher Source
  17. Starting this Fall, Sino Group of Hotels Restaurant - Satay Inn will present a true flavor of Penang at three respective hotels; The Royal Pacific Hotel & Towers, City Garden Hotel and Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel. In collaboration with Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE) under Malaysia Kitchen Programme (MKP) and the Penang Chefs Association, guests of Satay Inn are able to savour some outstanding hawker foods such as Kerabu Bok Nee, a salad of shredded chicken and black fungus with refreshing touch of spicy chili; Choon Pheah, a traditional Malaysian spring rolls that has been modified to bite size serving, along with a flavorful vinegary dip made with loads of onion. On top of that, the group has rigorously selected and invited Penang's Chefs to perform at live cooking stations, bringing some of the Penang's favourite dishes to foodie. Given that Penang way is basically a fusion of Chinese and Malaysian, along with Nyonya cuisine, we all loved the bursting umami flavors and mixture of unique herbs to spices. Favourites are stir fried flat noodles with scrambled eggs and cockles; tangy laksa cooked with mint, pineapple, chili, onion, cucumber and a fragrant fish broth of lemongrass, which is highlighted with an elevating touch of shrimp paste. Last but not the least, a delicious pork belly braised in cinnamon-scented soy sauce is surely decadent with hard boiled egg and tofu puffs as condiments. The menus offers two favourite desserts that happen to be traditional banana cake and pandan crepe filled with caramelized coconut. Everyone is so satisfied with the green crepe, especially of a sweet note coming from coconut sugar. The promotion menu is available for lunch and dinner from November 4th to 15th. Other highlighting dishes such as White Curry Mee (10-12th November 2015) and Oyster Omelette (13-15th November 2015) are also offered on a la carte menu for the best savour of true and authentic Penang cuisine. More about Malaysian Kitchen Programme (MKP) can be found HERE. Assam Laksa亞參叻沙 Satay Inn沙嗲軒 Kerabu Bok NeeFresh black fungus salad in Nyonya style娘惹黑木耳雞絲沙律 Choon PheahSpring rolls with authentic Nyonya dipping娘惹春餅 Choon Pheah娘惹春餅 Penang Fried Kway TeowFried flat noodles with cockles & Chinese sausage檳城炒貴刁(4-6th November 2015) Mixture of Herb and Spice香草, 香料 Live Cooking Station現場烹飪 Laksa Noodle叻沙麵 Ingredients of Assam Laksa叻沙材料 Assam Laksa亞參叻沙(7-9th November 2015) Tau Yew BakBraised soy pork belly家傳紅燒肉 Braised Pork Belly紅燒肉 Kuih KetayapGreen crepe filled with caramelized coconut香蘭椰絲卷 Coconut Sugar, Shredded Coconut椰絲, 椰糖 Bengkang Pisang ala KampongTraditional baked banana cake檳城香蕉糕 Iced Calamansi凍桔子水 Satay Inn 沙嗲軒 (City Garden Hotel) Address: B/F, City Garden Hotel, 9 City Garden Road, North Point, Hong KongTelephone: 2806 4938Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11:30-15:00, 18:00-22:00Website: https://www.sino-hotels.com / https://www.facebook.com/SatayInnSGH Source
  18. Corner Kitchen Cafe - Red Velvet Birthday

    True to its name, Corner Kitchen Cafe is a comfort neighbourhood located right at a corner of Hollywood Road. Serving simple yet sophisticated wholesome food, they are all made in house starting with home cooking and daily fresh ingredients. As simple as wraps, salads, burgers and entrees, there are few choices of good coffees, wines, beers and ciders. Not to mention some of their daily cakes that are displayed appealingly at the counter fridge, provided that some signatures are salted caramel and red velvet cake. While brunches are served only until noon, such as granola yogurt bowl, breakfast plate and three egg omelette, there are also burgers in three main options of fish, beef and vegetarian, plus a bucket of sweet potato fries that is remarkably sweet with slight crunchiness, comes with a chili mayo dip. The truly decadent red velvet cake is made with a symphony of toasted marshmallow frosting and vanilla sponge cake. Despite I personally find it ultra sweet, it has concluded her birthday with bundle of happiness. This Hollywood Road cafe is not just a regular brunch spot, but defo a great place to relax in simplicity. Red Velvet Cake OmeletteThree eggs, bacon, ham, cheese, toast Veggie Fritter BurgerTofu sauce, watercress, side of fries Juicy Beef BurgerStrip of bacon, caramelized onions, cheese, lettuce, tomato, side of fries Bucket of Sweet Potato Fries Chili Mayo Dip Red Velvet Cake Marshmallow Icing Iced ChocolateSoy milk Corner Kitchen Cafe Address: 226 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong Telephone: 2547 8008 Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 09:00-18:00 ; Sat-Sun 09:30-18:00 Website: http://www.cornerkitchencafe.com / https://www.facebook.com/cornerkitchencafe Source
  19. Lindt - Excellence Dark Chocolate

    Lindt is the chocolate brand that is popularly known to everyone around the world. Available to Hong Kong are Lindor and Excellence, they are series of round chocolate candy and chocolate bar respectively.The Lindt Excellence serie is made with a combination of milk and dark chocolates, with promising experience of velvet and unique chocolate flavor.I have recently received a giant Lindt Excellence bar package and inside includes 4 chocolate bars with different cocoa contents and 2 flavored chocolate bars - sea salt and lime.As a sophisticated version, Lime Intense is the latest dark chocolate with a sensory touch of lime.Thank you Cred Communications for this chocolatey gift! :D Lime Intense Lindt Excellence Dark Chocolate Series Sea Salt, Lime Intense, 70% Cocoa, 85% Cocoa Lindt Chocolate Website: http://www.chocolate.lindt.com / https://www.facebook.com/lindtchocolateworld Source
  20. Blesscuit Bakery - Baked With Blessing

    The new opening of the Blesscuit Bakery happens at Admiralty Lab Concept. Located at the near end to Pacific Place, the shop is colourfully designed with elegant features and sense of contentment.They devote a vision to bring mental nourishment and well being through their food, cookies in other words, which promised to be the best in town made by a passionate pastry chef.From their product lines, it is seen that cookies sets and pastry gifts are all named with joy and happiness, while gift cards are also provided to further create blessed affection.PEACE, includes a variety of cookie flavors, from basic butter, sweet chocolate, toffee, cranberry, green tea to even gold flake truffle, anchovy and smoked ham. The savoury creations are indeed inspiring.The SWEET SO comes with rose raspberry pastry matched with a stick of rose honey as well as maple butter pastry with maple syrup.The former one is indeed delicious with additional dried rose powder whereas the latter one is also amazing with its original butteriness.Probably Blesscuit is a certain for the next catering party. Blesscuit Bakery Cookie Sample Gift Card Gift Carb Orange Cookie, Green Tea Cookie香橙曲奇, 綠茶曲奇 Blessing Card PEACE祝.平安 Anchovy, Tomato, Smoked Ham, Truffle Cookies鯷魚曲奇, 番茄曲奇, 煙燻火腿曲奇, 金鑽松露曲奇 SWEET SO酥.甜蜜 Rose Raspberry Pastry, Rose Honey Syrup紅桑子玫瑰千層酥, 玫瑰蜂蜜醬 Baked with Blessing Blesscuit Bakery Address: Shop No. A01a, Lab Concept, Queensway Plaza, 93 Queensway, Hong Kong Telephone: 2118 3468 Website: http://blesscuit.com / https://www.facebook.com/blesscuit Source
  21. LIS Cafe - Halloween Hairy Crabs

    LIS Cafe is a hotel restaurant belongs to L'Hotel Island South, located at the 3rd floor, with 160 seats, spacious dining hall and facilitating services. It is famous for Hainan Chicken Rice and authentic noodle bowl, whilst also specialises in semi to full buffet for brunch, afternoon tea, lunch and dinner.During this time of the year, LIS Cafe serves up an international buffet in the theme of all-you-can-eat hairy crabs as well as the Halloween festival. The dinner buffet features a variety of worldwide salad, sustainable seafoods, extremely scrumptious crab dishes, unlimited steamed hairy crabs and some decently prepared desserts that are mainly halloween-inspired, displaying at the main entrance counter fridge.Their principle of sustainability is especially appreciated because the seafood are found promisingly fresh as well as some refreshing and healthy ready-made salads such as snow crab pomelo salad, spicy lotus root and red beetroot, not to mention the fatty salmon at the sashimi counter. In addition, the hot dishes are also diversified with different culinary traditions. Some top-listed ones would be barbecued pork ribs, salmon head curry, braised spareribs in Chinese vinegar and cook-to-order congee with fish option.Needless to say all the crab selections are equally delicious and well executed, favourites include green curry crab, Mediterranean crab with tomato base, and of course the unlimited serving of steamed hairy crab.Lastly, the Chinese desserts are relatively better than the Western, that include crispy egg twist with honey syrup and flaky red bean puff. The daily flavor of Movenpick ice creams - Maple Walnut, is also our favourite. Hairy Crab大閘蟹 Seafood Stand海鮮 Mussels青口 Clams蜆 Crab Legs蟹腳 Shrimps熟蝦 Salad Bar雜錦沙律 Salad Dressings沙律醬 Mozzarella & Tomato Salad水牛芝士蕃茄片 Cold Cut雜錦凍肉 Smoked Salmon煙三文魚 Smoked Mackerel煙鯖魚 Spicy Lotus Root辣味蓮藕 Wild Mushroom Salad野菌沙律 Cabbage Salad椰菜沙律 Pasta Salad意大利粉沙律 Potato Salad薯仔沙律 Red Roots紅菜頭 Snow Crab Meat Cocktail, Pomelo & Lime Sauce雪花蟹肉柚子咯嗲 Salmon Tofu三文魚豆腐 Soba Noodle日式冷麵 Bonito Flake, Japanese Seasoning木魚絲, 日本海苔粉 Salmon三文魚 Fresh Sushi雜錦壽司 Cooked Shrimp, Shime Saba, Herring, Salmon & Sweet Shrimp Sushi熟蝦, 醋鯖魚, 希靈魚, 三文魚, 甜蝦壽司 Assorted Bread各式麵包 Pork Ribs燒排骨 Onion Rings洋蔥圈 Quiche Lorraine羅蘭仕撻 Capelin Fish多春魚 Baked Sausage Roll酥皮腸仔卷 Baked Brown Crab, Wild Mushroom & Parmesan Cheese巴馬臣芝士焗布朗蟹 Steamed Hairy Crab清蒸大閘蟹 Steamed Hairy Crab清蒸大閘蟹 Mediterranean Red Crab Stewed with Rich Tomato Basil Concasse鮮茄茸地中海紅羔蟹 Wok Stirred Fresh Crab, Ginger & Spring Onion薑蔥三點蟹 Thai Curry Green Crab with Fresh Basil九層塔泰國咖喱青肉蟹 Curry Salmon Head咖哩三文魚頭 Braised Lamb with Black Truffle Veloute Sauce黑松露野菌燴羊肉 Braised Pork Ribs with Chinese Vinegar鎮江骨 Ox-tail Stew Charolaise Style紅酒雜菜燴牛尾 Sauteed Slice of Pork with XO SauceXO醬翡翠炒豬頸肉 Steamed Fish with Chinese Style清蒸海上鮮 Grilled Chicken燒雞翼 Grilled Pork Sausages燒腸仔 Vegetable清炒時菜 Congee & Noodle Station中式粥粉麵檔 Watermelon西瓜 Pineapple菠蘿 Lemon Crumb Bar檸檬金寶 Brownies班尼士 Cream Cheese Carrot Cake芝士甘筍蛋糕 New York Cheese Cake紐約芝士蛋糕 Flourless Hazelnut Chocolate Bande made with Nutella特濃朱古力果仁碎配榛子蛋糕 Peruvian Swirl Cacao Bande朱古力蛋糕 Milk Pudding牛奶布甸 Taro Creamy Pudding芋香布甸 Green Tea Panna Cotta綠茶奶凍 Chocolate Creme Brulee朱古力燉蛋 Ghost Eye Jelly鬼眼果凍 Strawberry Pudding, Orange Pudding士多啤梨布甸, 香橙布甸 Osmanthus Pudding桂花糕 Chocolate Cream Puff朱古力巴芙 Peanut Soup, Grass Jelly花生糊, 涼粉 Movenpick Ice CreamMovenpick 雪糕 Red Bean Pastry紅豆酥餅 Croissant Bread Pudding十字架麵包布丁 Yuzu Honey Egg Twists柚子蜜蛋散 Coconut Jelly Candy椰絲啫喱糖 Cookies雜式曲奇 Table Utensils餐具 Crab Leg, Shrimps, Cocktail Sauce蟹腳, 凍蝦, 咯嗲醬 Tuna, Shime Saba, Herring, Salmon Sashimi吞拿魚, 醋鯖魚, 希靈魚, 三文魚刺身 Crab Selection蟹 Black Truffle & Cheese Baked Crab Shell黑松露芝士焗蟹蓋 Crab Roe麵包蟹膏 Steamed Hairy Crab清蒸大閘蟹 Black Vinegar大閘蟹醋 Hairy Crab Shell大閘蟹蓋 Hairy Crab Roe大閘蟹膏 Ginger Tea薑茶 Cantonese Congee廣式生滾粥 Fish Belly Congee魚腩生滾粥 Green Tea Panna Cotta, Taro Creamy Pudding, Fruit Jelly綠茶奶凍, 芋香布甸, 雜果果凍 Vanilla Dream, Maple Walnut雲呢拿夢幻, 楓糖核桃 Happy Halloween萬聖節 LIS Cafe Address: Podium Level 3, L'hotel Island South, 55 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong Telephone: 3968 8833 Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 06:30-00:00 Website: http://lhotelgroup.com / https://www.facebook.com/lhotelislandsouth Source
  22. Ivy - The Cuisine of The French Riviera

    Opened earlier in September, IVY is the latest restaurant under Gaia Group which has taken up the former location of St. Betty. It expresses a cuisine of the French Riviera, carries a typical and authentic Southern France style with moderately fine dining service. Making use of a vast majority of fresh vegetables, grains and traditional French cheeses, the restaurant offers exotic, healthy and delightful gourmets. From ordinary seafood to meat entrees, dishes are seasoned with diverse variety of herbs and spices. The most auspicious type of cheese, burrata, is a homemade mozzarella-kind-of-cheese with soothingly creamy texture. It is paired with a few utterly fresh and sweet halved tomatoes that is believed to be sourced from France. The entree is also seasoned delectably with basil, extra virgin olive oil and lightly on salt, finished off with green arugula. Signature features a giant souffle that is opted to serve for two. There's no better way to describe this big delicacy but only soft, sweet and a hinder of Grand Marnier flavor has just hit the right spot. Perfecto! I agree Ivy is a pleasurable place to devour some good French food. Souffle IVY Complimentary Bread Fresh Tomatoes, Lemon, Olive Oil, Coarse Salt Olive Oil Tomato Burrata & French Tomatoes Sherry Vinegar, Basil Souffle (For 2) Vanilla With Real Vanilla Orange-flavored SouffleIvy Address: Shop 2075, Level 2, ifc mall, 1 Harbour View Street, Central, Hong KongTelephone: 2383 4028Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11:30-22:30Website: http://www.ivyhongkong.com / https://www.facebook.com/IVYhongkong Source
  23. Tang Palace is a food and beverage restaurant chain group based in China. After the first restaurant launched in 1997, they now own 9 brands covering seafood restaurant, Chinese cuisine, Japanese cuisine and our most familiar Hong Kong dim sum, who keeps on expanding the markets across Beijing, Shanghai, Macau to Dongguan etc.Until recently, the group enters Hong Kong with two of their new Cantonese branches. The first is everyone's favourite the Social Place, another is a new restaurant situated at Hopewell Centre of Wan Chai, Tang's Cuisine.With reference to the excellences at Social Place, Tang's Cuisine is certainly up to standard, set with elegant dining area and provides pleasurable catering service.During the new promotion, the renowned Tang's roasted pigeon is marked with half price.The pigeon is deliciously marinated and roasted to golden brown colour, with excellent tenderness, meaty, smoky, which are advised to eat by hands as given some plastic gloves for your best convenience.Some favourite signatures are baked buns with sweet crispy crust, with flavorful goose liver filling and roast goose pastry that is assembled like a beautiful swan.The steamed rice rolls are also stuffed with a generous piece of house-made thick-cut barbecued pork, whilst the seasonal hairy crab dumpling is definitely recommended. Thin wrapper, visible amount of crab roe, soupy, it is truly amazing.For the best ending, the deep fried sesame ball has our most loved runny egg custard that is finished off with dollop of bird's nest, becoming a lady's favourite item.Surely Tang's has been knowing our Hong Kong dim sum very well! Must visit! Roast Goose Pastry一品燒鵝酥 Tang's Cuisine唐宮壹號 Seating餐檯 Marinated String Bean, Pickled Ginger青刀豆, 酸醬 Tang's Roasted Pigeon唐宮必食金獎乳鴿 Pigeon Leg乳鴿臂 Baked Crispy Buns with Goose Liver雪嶺鵝肝包 Baked Crispy Bun雪山包 Goose Liver鵝肝 Steamed Rice Noodle Rolls with Honey Glazed Barbecued Pork蜜味叉燒腸 Steamed Rice Noodle Rolls with Honey Glazed Barbecued Pork蜜味叉燒腸 Steamed Hairy Crab Roe Dumpling蟹粉小籠包 Hairy Crab Roe Soup蟹粉湯 Deep-fried Sesame Balls with Bird's Nest & Egg Custard燕窩流沙煎堆 Egg Custard流沙煎堆 Tang's Cuisine 唐宮壹號 Address: 8/F, Hopewell Centre, 183 Queen's Road East, Wan Chai, Hong KongTelephone: 2180 6532Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10:30-15:00, 18:00-23:00 ; Sat-Sun 10:30-16:00, 18:00-23:00Website: http://www.tanggong.cn Source
  24. Emack & Bolios - Triple Stacks Special

    Founded in Boston, Emack and Bolio's is an ice cream chain based in Massachusetts, US, with the first international branch in Bangkok and have recently opened a new branch in Hong Kong during mid October. They are signatured in their homemade waffle cones, some dipped in marshmallow frosted froot loops, chocolate with oreo crumbs, coconut flakes and sprinkles.And of course, an extensive varieties of over 80 ice cream flavors can be served from single to triple scoop size, such as double chocolate brownies, house vanilla, mint chocolate chips and a list that can never be memorized fully.As a recommendation, it is better to share among friends to get a nice triple stack cone.From top to bottom, ours consist of deep purple cow, stoney's dream and caramel moose prints. They are basically black currant based with chocolate and white chocolate, triple chocolates cookies & cream and caramel peanut butter flavors respectively.Despite neither of those have strong identifiable flavors, the added chocolate chips or caramel sauce are quite generous and the texture is acceptably creamy and smooth.The base is weak in milk flavor and could be better if they made them sweeter. Nonetheless, the designed cone is appreciated much with nice coconut flakes.Call me an ice cream connoisseur, it is frankly not the best ice cream I've ever tasted. Triple Scoop三層雪糕筒 Toppings Bar糖果 Caramel Moose Prints, Stoney's Dream, Deep Purple Cow焦糖花生醬, 雲呢拿三重朱古力碎曲奇蛋糕, 黑莓黑白碎朱古力 Chocolate Dipped Coconut Waffle Cone朱古力椰子窩夫筒 Triple Stacks層層疊雪糕Emack & Bolio'sAddress: G/F, 26 Cochrane Street, Central, Hong KongTelephone: 2505 6626Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12:00-22:00Website: http://www.emackandbolios.com / https://www.facebook.com/emackandbolioshk Source
  25. FRITES Belgium on Tap - Belgium Beer House

    Entering FRITES's new location at Causeway Bay, the restaurant is set like a modern bistro, with 2 projector screen, a busy open kitchen and a stylish Belgian beer bar where covers large selections of beverages with over 70 varieties, the four genuine Belgian beers on tap. A favourite would be strawberry Hoegaarden in rose pink colour. At the opening party, while we are having unlimited wines and beers, some of the house signatures and bite-size food are served as canapes. They include lollipop-like salad nicoise with tuna tataki, creamy salmon tartare with prawn cracker, given piping hot battered fish & chips, mini burgers and fried camembert balls. Everything tastes equally delicious and fresh from the kitchen, which also introduce us to the restaurant food menu. During restaurant hours, they offer a comprehensive list of traditional Belgian dishes that come in hearty and large sharing portion. An adorables starter is a classic steak tartare. The fresh minced trimmings are very creamy and perfectly seasoned with layers of onions, chives, shallots, additionally a runny egg yolk. It goes well beyond with few slices of toasted sourdough. The signature pot of mussels has a laksa stock base made with coconut cream and lemongrass, forming the most luscious dip for the toasted bread and fries that come alongside. Not to mention the tender and meaty mussels in their triangular shells, all the elements have completed this dish irresistibly. Last but not the least, we have a roasted pork knuckle that come with absolutely crispy skin and a scrumptious sweet caramelized sauce. Despite the extremely large portion of 750g, it is neither too oily nor heavy because of the generous roasted veggies underneath that have pretty much soaked up all the flavors. The meal ends with a terrific chocolate fondant. Served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and biscuit crumbs, the fudgy cake with hot molten center has been perfectly complemented to give the most decadent chocolate pleasure. All in all, FRITES is the perfect belgian beer house for an authentic Belgian fare in Hong Kong. Hot Chocolate Fondant FRITES Belgium On Tap Beer Bar Rose Hoegaarden Strawberry Hoegaarden Salade NicoiseSeared tuna, artichoke, runner beans, cherry tomato, potato & boiled quail egg Onion & Goat Cheese TartletCaramelized red onion & sherry vinegar dressing Roast ChickenChicken drumstick, rosemary, radish Fish & FritesSole fillet in a crunchy batter, tartar sauce with frites Baby BurgerDelicious burger with ground beef, tomato, ketchup, mayo & gruyere cheese on a buttered bun Salmon TartareCucumber, chives, shallots, gherkin, ginger, cilantro, lime & amarillo Ham & CheeseGrilled butter toast with sliced ham & mozzarella cheese Ham & Cheese Toast AranciniCrumbed & fried risotto ball & mayo CamembertCrumbed & fried cheese ball, pickle Steak Tartare With all the trimmings & grilled sourdough Mussel Pot FritesServed with mayo LaksaCoconut cream, lemongrass & kaffir lime in an aromatic curry sauce 750 grams Roasted Pork KnuckleServed with caramelized roasted vegetables Hot Chocolate Fondant With vanilla bean ice-cream FRITES Belgium on Tap Address: Shop 1, G/F, Park Haven No. 38 Haven Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Telephone: 2142 5233 Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11:45-00:00 Website: http://conceptcreations.hk/frites/frites-causeway-bay/ / https://www.facebook.com/friteshk Source