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  1. transportation questions

  2. Recommended hotels/hostels by facebook fans

    thanks... i confirmed with Royal Plaza hotel!! Now i can proceed to next stage "Trip planning"... see u there... haha
  3. transportation questions

    can or cant? How about the Octopus pass? Should i get it first once arrive airport?
  4. transportation questions

    Ok thank... i get your point!! Octopus Card - I know is easy to get 1, but where will be the best place to get it? Tripadvisor = "If you have a foreign passport it is cheaper and easier to purchase it at the special kiosk near the exit to the express train and will refund your unused card value when you depart". Shd i get it there....? or down to city elsewhere can also get this offer? Aiport Express Travel Pass - Seen like value money to get this pass if decide to use the airport express. Coz it also included 3 consecutive days of unlimited travel on the MTR, Light Rail and MTR Bus. Not included town bus right? Pls advise me, Opt 1 = The taxi direct to hotel. Travel all around later with Octopus Card with own expenses. Opt 2 = Aiport Express Travel Pass, Airport - Airport Express - Taxi - Hotel can have free 3 consecutive days of unlimited travel on the MTR, 4th day own expenses. which Opt sound good?
  5. transportation questions

    Ya taxi is good but just wonder it able to muat all of us 4Adult + 1child with luggages??? But however I did found my hotel name in the citybus airport service - hotel list wor
  6. transportation questions

    I try to look into the citybus fair from airport to my hotel Royal Plaza but couldn't find any. Can pls tell me how much it coz?
  7. Recommended hotels/hostels by facebook fans

    With this price nope... If need to have cancellation term the rate will be RM2308 Im ok with the price for 5* stars hotel. Just worry wrong location selected
  8. Recommended hotels/hostels by facebook fans

    Sound good!! Back to the rate, as it now offering price at RM1,927.37 (Quad sharing for 3N) Shall i grab it now or better wait as there may other better to go?
  9. Recommended hotels/hostels by facebook fans

    OMG i found this 5* hotel having good rate offering.... Pls advise Royal Plaza Hotel 5* (Quad sharing 32sqm at MYR 1,927.37 for 3N) -Prince Edward Station (0.6km, 7min) , Mongkok East MTR (0.45km, 6min) -Not mind to stay in all together since the room spacious enough with 2 large double bed. -MTR look like abit far, but stil walkable right? -Concern surrounding area, convenient all around?
  10. Recommended hotels/hostels by facebook fans

    I had confirmed my flight on 3-6Oct2013. Casa Hotel 3* (+RM440) 11.6sqm -Yau Ma Tei MTR (0.15km, 2min) , Ladies Market (0.8km, 11min) - Is surrounding area happening & easy get food? Silka Seaview Hotel 3* (+RM490)11.15sqm -Yau Ma Tei MTR (0.35km, 5min) , Ladies Market (1km, 14min), Temple St (0.35km, 4min) - Looking good. Price and distance wise, this hotel may consider but how about surrounding area?? Easy to get food? Sunny Day Hotel 3* (+RM550) 18sqm - Ladies Market (0.5km, 7min), Mongkok MTR (0.2km, 4min) -Very Good Location. Almost fully book, only family room available. costly -It will be perfect if standard twin room available, money value. Hotel MK 3* (+RM380) 7sqm - Ladies Market (0.64km, 9min), Mongkok MTR (0.35km, 5min) -Price & Location good but room too small. Not suitable for kid and elder. Stanford Hotel 3* (+RM540) 13sqm -Ladies Market (0.7km, 11min), Mongkok MTR (0.65km, 9min) -seen like abit far from both market & MTR. Costly Oriental Lander Hotel 3* (+RM390)11.5sqm -Ladies Market (0.8km, 11min), Prince Edward (0.5km, 7min) -The hotel look old in picture. Distance seen far Metropark Hotel 3* (+608)19sqm (Standard 551.05 x 3+ 172.20) - Ladies Market (0.5km, 7min), Prince Edward (0.29km, 4min) -Spacious and good location but too costly. Still got plenty of time, some hotel may yet release Oct best rate. Will check again later. However please advise the selected hotel above in term of money value and surrounding food available.
  11. Recommended hotels/hostels by facebook fans

    . Thanks Is Metropark walking distance to ladies market? Any other suggestion hotel close to mongkok mtr?
  12. Recommended hotels/hostels by facebook fans

    Can someone recommend me a good hotel to stay around Mongkok with affordable rate? I got young kid with an eldest travel along... near by MTR will be perfect!! Is Stanford hotel mongkok near mtr?