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  1. HK Xmas & NEw Year Trip =) 24/12-1/1

    Hello.... im back & thank you so much for your lovely info!!! so sorry for the delay! was very busy with my new condo also also CNY!! Had great time in HK!! =DDDD hopefully there will be more chance for me to go over! Meimeimotel was clean and budget.. but the outside of the motel& building looks scary! haha if want budget i feel still can stay! And of course Disneyland hollywood hotel is great! =) Xmas eve dinner there was great too! =))) We were lack of time took taxi from airport to disney hotel very costly >.<~ Xmas decoration was good! bad part is we were at the wrong side for new year countdown hence only can see some fireworks from H&M. Super star pieces was great too... bad thing is very very hard to find.. have to pass car park.. somemore have to go till the end of the mall @@ Love & miss my trip so much!! =))) hopefully can go back in 2 years time!
  2. HK Xmas & NEw Year Trip =) 24/12-1/1

    Dear Northasian, Ohh no!! Its next week!! No longer 1 month >.< Hahahahah cant wait for my trip~ Saw that you post many nice pic of HK! Guess everywhere also have decoration hahahaa!! So happy =))) Hmm ya guess will go watch the ICC light, i saw from the website you given we have to watch at IFC mall? Exit F of MTR Hong Kong Station? The ICC is the place of sky100? If not wrong ICC is at kowloon side? IFC is at hong kong side? Sorry messed up myself @@~ So countdown need go to kowloon side or HK side a? Hmm haih headache with horizon plaza i heard there are branded shops over there too? like citygate? Guess have to re-consider about this palce as it is too far away >.<~~~ Like too many places too see and shop hahaa!! Ohh didnt notice that disneyland's website got info for the transport.. i just notice there is inspiration lake.. do you know what is that? And i notice that there is no shuttle bus from Disneyland MTR to the resort? We have to walk? Merry xmas to you in advance!! =)) Recently very busy with my new condo >.< Got less time to come in to check~~~ Cant wait for my trip =) And many thanks to you!!
  3. HK Xmas & NEw Year Trip =) 24/12-1/1

    Hmm~~ Yea lo too many to see >.<~ worry i couldn't finish all xmas decorations hahahaa.. guess will go to cheung chau next time.. as star cruise taken 1 day.. Been to Symphony of Lights during my previous trip~ guess it will be the same all the time? Im planning to take those short cruise at TST pier that includes dinner around 7pm-10pm( i remember i saw some during my last trip) So on the cruise can view SoL so i guess it will be good? =D Ohh only big furniture in Horizon Plaza? Im looking for little ones, not really sure what because my condo is still under renovation, so plan to have a look since they say it is a 28th storey plaza guess it must be very big, just that im not sure is it worth going over since it is not near and have to take bus/taxi after arrive MTR station.... Yes~ airport express.. yup notice that have to change a few times... So i guess it will be better if take bus or taxi ( a bit costly>.<), will see what time i land hopefully no delay, because my friends just went over during Halloween, cathay pacific delay 1 hour from Malaysia not sure why... Im going to check in to Disneyland resort, so i guess after i arrive TungChung then i take the MTR to Disneyland Resort line... from there it is walkable to resort? Been to Disneyland during my last trip also but couldn't really remember i see any resort sign... Cant wait for my trip!!! 1 more month today! Cant believe that it is 24/11 today =D
  4. HK Xmas & NEw Year Trip =) 24/12-1/1

    Ohh okok~~ guess will give up cheung chau... as i think during xmas maybe nothing much to do there... Will be doing shopping and TST viewing maybe start from 3pm haha.... So i can have the view from noon-evening-night. Already watch symphony of lights during my previous trip so i guess will skip that this time =) Should i go to Horizon plaza for furniture/home fittings? I saw many comment that there is a big mall with mainly furniture or accessories for home.. Btw, on 24th i will be checking into Disney hotel.. So i check the MTR, from Airport there is 2 types of train? 1 is express 1 is non express.. which to take? Because it is HKD$60 vs HKD$14, written 33mins, is 33mins for express? means normal train will take longer time to reach?
  5. HK Xmas & NEw Year Trip =) 24/12-1/1

    Ohh ~~ okok great~ i saw another deco at "The One"~ guess have to spend around half day at TST to view all xmas deco? =) Victoria Harbour is Avenue of star? Hello~ np =) you must be busy =) Hmm ok will try to contact and see~ ... currently worry not enough time @@~ Thanks ya~
  6. HK Xmas & NEw Year Trip =) 24/12-1/1

    Ohh~ hmm guess maybe have to check it when im there =) I saw you post regarding the xmas deco at habour city... should pay there a visit too.. since it is in TST only guess it is easy to find... It is near ocean terminal i guess... i will be going to star cruise pisces for 2d1n =) Left around 6-7 weeks to go =) cant wait... still waiting for disneyland to release the xmas eve buffet pricing >.<~
  7. HK Xmas & NEw Year Trip =) 24/12-1/1

    Hello dear~ sorry for the late reply~ was a bit busy recently... After reading both the website for the ferry like you mention only Taipa can go to shekou which means i need to take turbojet (Red colour) http://www.turbojet.com.hk/en/routing-sailing-schedule/macau-shekou/sailing-schedule-fares.aspx *berth at Macau Taipa Temporary Terminal.. so is this one? Because i see at the bottom of the page stated " EMBARKATION TERMINALS -@ Macau Maritime Ferry Terminal From HK side, which is TST i guess is the one inside hongkong china shopping center, so no problem from HK side.. I just need to buy ticket to Macau Taipa terminal (Have to take CotaiJet? Because from their website i can easily see HK-Macau Taipa (http://cotaijet.com.mo/sailing-schedule/tapai/hkchina) But for morning ferry only 9am & 11am? If for TurboJet have more timing http://www.turbojet.com.hk/en/routing-sailing-schedule/kowloon-macau/sailing-schedule-fares.aspx but seems like their DISEMBARKATION TERMINALS, @ Macau Maritime Ferry Terminal , which is Macau Outer Ferry Terminal? So this is not Taipa terminal? @@ So sorry need your help again... a bit confuse me ~.~
  8. HK Xmas & NEw Year Trip =) 24/12-1/1

    Hmm true hehehehe so dont bother about the "membership" first~ Ya.. have few harbour and many different ferry.... TST terminal is Turbojet is it? and goes to Taipei ferry terminal? Previously i read that from terminal we can take shuttle to venetian.. then we can take the shuttle back to the terminal.. Is that the same terminal if i want to go to Shekou? Btw, you have any bridal shop to recommend? Still thinking should i take some couple/pre-wedding photos at HongKong or not hehe.... Because some price range is a bit high.. looking for some lower range like HKD$4k & below? Because we are not getting married yet but i just enjoy taking photos....
  9. HK Xmas & NEw Year Trip =) 24/12-1/1

    Hmm Hmmm okok noted =)) Ohh because like for Malaysia outlet or Japan Outlet sometimes if signup as member they will have additional discounts hehe.. since you also cant sign up then its ok~ Just leave it hehe.. Would like to ask if going to Macau from H.K normally is go to Hong-KongChina Ferry Terminal? Since i stay at MongKok.. And if from Macau To ShenZhen Is it the same ferry terminal that the ferry drop us from HK-China Terminal? If not wrong will arrive at shekou at shenzhen side? Then from Shenzhen plan to take train back to H.K.
  10. HK Xmas & NEw Year Trip =) 24/12-1/1

    Dear Northasian =))) Miss you lots ~ the weather should be getting better over there right? Hope you and your family are alright.. Yes.. because it is getting nearer & nearer, less then 3 months i can start to confirm my itinerary hehe.. then last min my partner says we can stay at disneyland haha... it is not cheap already ask around HKD$2640 on Xmas eve, because this will be the best day for us to stay as we arrive on that day.. Yup dinner at disneyland on Xmas eve will not be cheap... i guess other places around HK will not be cheap too? If we choose not to have dinner at disneyland i guess we can only have in citygate, as it will be a bit rush if we go to soho/LKF to have dinner and go back to disneyland to sleep.. wish to spend as much time as possible in disneyland hotel =) cant wait haha... going to book it next week Noted about T1 for CX.. =D TY... yes previously i saw you mention about the check in in advance if use the airport express line.. may i know is this the one? " http://www.mtr.com.hk/eng/whatsnew/promotions_4persons.html " if i take kowloon means i have to take mtr from my hotel(mong kok) station to kowloon then only buy this ticket? So if after check in at kowloon station i can go over to citygate to shop only head to airport? Can save the time to check in at airport and go to citygate then go back to airport maybe? I try to sign up as a member from the citygate website, but seems like not working.. dont know is it only for HK residence only...
  11. HK Xmas & NEw Year Trip =) 24/12-1/1

    Its 3 more months until my arrival to HK =D can't wait... few more questions to ask:- 1) Anyone stay in Disneyland Hollywood hotel before? Planning to stay on 24/12 2) Anyone tried their dinner buffet before? Planning to try it on Xmas eve as well.. 3) for Cathay Pacific flight from KLIA, where can i check weather i will arrive at Terminal 1 or 2? Thank you!
  12. Exchange Rate

    Okok sure.. thanks =) Rate still dropping... hopefully it will become better asap..
  13. Exchange Rate

    Yes keep dropping not sure why, very sad.. on ur last trip i think also around HKD100 for MYR40.XX But this few days i found out that HKD100 for MYR42 sigh... Cause i am staying so many days need a lot of HKD >.<
  14. Exchange Rate

    Yes yes.. incase someone who came back from HK and doesnt want to sell back to left over HKD to money changer.. RM is dropping sigh... so have to start to monitor the rate, cannot wait for my December trip =)