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  1. 5 Days 4 Nights in HK/Macau

    Hi northasian. Just returned from hk and was very satisfied with the trip thanks to u for yr advice and recommendation. The only probelm is that our Macau trip got a bit disorganized due to lack of time and research. In fact the extreme temperature really affects us. Really enjoyed the food there and just the main problem is the people there got a bit rude especially those famous eAteries. Overall, I will go HK again but this time more on food hunting and exploration, on cooler temperature la. Probably will consult u once again! Thank you!
  2. 5 Days 4 Nights in HK/Macau

    Hi was wondering is the current weather very dry or what cos I need to prepare lip balm just in case. Last may in Beijing the weather was so dry and windy until my whole lips cracked like hell
  3. 5 Days 4 Nights in HK/Macau

    Hi would like to ask whether is there any bus from the peak to central mtr besides tram? We thought want to walk around Wellington st before go to the peak.
  4. transportation questions

    hi im going to take the A21 bus from airport to mongkok, I will be staying at 603 nathan road mongkok. Which stop should I alight? Thanks
  5. 5 Days 4 Nights in HK/Macau

    wow, thanks lot for your help. Yr reply is really helpful indeed. I will browse all yr blogs and forums for some infos. =) will ask u if any queries. btw how was the weather there? rains during night?
  6. 5 Days 4 Nights in HK/Macau

    btw from central how to get those places like lan kwai fong, tai cheong bakery, wellington street?
  7. 5 Days 4 Nights in HK/Macau

    Hi thanks a lot of yr reply! We wolud like to have some breakfast around mongkok since we need to get tickets from sun hing building that open 9am just in case we couldnt get it on the evening we reach HK. The counter closed at 7pm. The Kam Wah is walking distance from our staying area? BTW, there's this promo for ocean park tickets under mtr tourist but I cant find what is the discounted price for adult tickets since it stated 15,20 and 65% http://www.oceanpark.com.hk/html/en/whats-new/promotion-35years.html
  8. 5 Days 4 Nights in HK/Macau

    Hi dear! I'm going the hk on September 6th till 10th and would like your help and comment on my travel iternary after weeks of preparing by browsing all blogs and forums! Day 1 (6sep) thurs - reach hk our apartment along Nathan near langhamplace mall around 7 pm. Will buy tickets from ding ding travel in sun hing building. - go ladies market fa yuen street and some food strolling there - mui kee congee shop, hui lau Shan dessert, fei jie snack and I heard curry bread also around there right? Named cooked food something Ike that... -any recommended food stalls and stuff that worth to buy there? Day 2 (7sep) - fri at ocean park - breakfast at Australian dairy company or Tim ho wan? (which one is open at 8am and least people?) - 9 am take mongkok mtr to admiralty exit b and take bus 629 to ocean park - stay in ocean park till 3pm then go back hostel rest and sleep ( got time?) if time permits.. btw any recommended food stalls at ocean park? - on the way back to mong kok hostel have tea time? At Tim ho wan? Should be less people right? Or mak man kee noodles - take mtr to central walk walk eat tarts at tai cheong bakery - central mtr take bus 15c to peak tram - peak tram ride + peak tower+ mada tussaud -LAN Kwai fong? Or any recommended night activities and food stalls around central area? Day 3 (8sep) sat - Macau 1 day trip - break fast at Tim tsa tsui area while on the way the ferry terminal? - wat time is recommended to take ferry to avoid congestion in immigration? - visit places st Paul, senado, Venetian, - places to eat- egg tarts at Margaret, got egg egg lord stow at Venetian right? - yi shun milk,cheong kei mee, tai Lei kok kei for pork chop, mok yi kei, koi kei biscuit - any recommended place dinner at 6pm for portugeses cuisine? - then watch international fireworks display 9pm at nam van lake at Macau tower! - go back mongkok for supper Day 4 (9 sep) sun - ngong ping + shopping+ avenue star/symphony of lights - 8 am Breakfast at kam Wah cafe prince Edward mtr - take mtr to lai king then change to tung Chung - ngong ping cable car, giant Buddha , po Lin monastery stay till around 2pm. Is vegetarian food there good? - citygate shopping! Any food stalls around there for lunch if we skip to have lunch at po Lin? -after shopping around Kowloon area till 4-5 pm go back hostel drop stuff bath then go for dinner before go to TST - go avenue of stars then supper or last invite shopping at mongkok area Day 5 (10 sep)- airport - taking 12pm flight so need to go airport by taxi? How much it takes for 4people? Got traffic jam if start at around 8 am? - any early breakfast around mongkok area asssesible mtr at 7 am? - any nice food at airport? Thanks!