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  1. Hiking in Hong Kong: Sunset Peak

    Hi heysherroll, Thanks for sharing your blog entry here. Would be great if you could show a complete entry in our blog community and attach a link to your personal site at the bottom of each complete entry instead of just a direct link to your site. Hope you understand. Many thanks. Best regards, Shirousa
  2. 5D4N in HK

    Hi Thao, welcome to this forum and to Hong Kong! Your itinerary is actually quite well planned and just a bit suggestion/advice to you are that TVB City is not opened to public, so you may not be able to get in without a permit; another thing is on Day 4, in case you don't have much spots to visit in Wan Chai, you may consider visit Nan Lian Garden near Diamond Hill MTR station (http://www.nanliangarden.org/home.php?eng) after your visit to Kowloon Walled City and before Wan Chai. Just shut if you have more questions
  3. GERMAN food in HONG KONG

    Hi there, Thanks for posting. As this is our blog community, if you have any questions, please post them in our forum and our members will assist you from there. Thanks again. Forum URL: http://forum.allabouthongkong.com/
  4. Gudetama toy

    Hi, it seems like appearing everywhere in town. What kind of Gudetama toys are you looking for?
  5. Where to find evening gowns

    It's quite hard to find a specific selling affordable evening gown in Hong Kong as most people are renting from wedding company for their wedding, or buy it at affordable price in Mainland China or online website like Zalora or Asos. Actually in some big branches of H&M, ZARA or MANGO you can find simple party dresses at reasonable price. You may try your luck in these shops. Oh yeah, there is a local brand selling evening dresses called G & An'ge, you may take a look at their website for store location and dresses sample: http://ange-hk.com
  6. Since there is only 2-person package available, guess the only solution is to purchase an extra entrance ticket of Madame Tussauds for the 3rd person, and order extra dishes from the a la carte menu at Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine.
  7. How to start a blog?

    Hi Michelevonhamburg, Thanks for signing up. Since you're the member of our forum, you may create your own blog in our blog community, http://forum.allabouthongkong.com/index.php?/blogs/ Thanks & Have a great day!
  8. 7days hk& macau

    for macau, those places that im going is it too pack? or just nice for a day trip? as im still getting some goodies back, what are the famous goodies that i should get back? No, it's not too packed for your day trip in Macau, as long as you arrive Macau early in the morning. Famous snacks from Macau are mainly Almond Biscuit, Peanut Candy, Meat Jerky and some traditional cake like 雞仔餅 & 肉切酥 of 晃記餅家, 澳門潘榮記金錢餅...etc. for tai-o, decided to take bus 11 back to tung chung mtr in case not enough time for us to walk as i have few places to go at big buddha that area. will bus 11 be a long journey back to tung chung mtr? So, if you get back to Tung Chung but have no planning to go somewhere else, I guess it's better for you to control your time at Ngong Ping and spare amble time to visit Tai O instead. It takes about 45mins from Ngong Ping to Tung Chung, and could be another 45mins from Tung Chung to Tai O, but from Ngong Ping to Tai O should be 30-45mins. Actually it only takes less than half day to finish Ngong Ping, so if you arrive there and start your visit in Ngong Ping at around 10am (cable car starts at 10am) then finish vegetarian lunch at around 2pm and you should prepare to leave Ngong Ping and take bus to Tai O. how long does it take from tai po to yuen long? not getting the wife cake at there as i notice tsim sha tsui have 1outlet, but still going yuen long for dinner (Ho To Tai Noodle Shop to buy egg Noodles, Tai Tung Wife Biscuit Shop, 新記煲仔雞粥, Kei Kee Dessert 佳記甜品) are those places near each other? Bus 64K from Tai Po to Yuen Long takes roughly 45mins-1hr. Yuen Long town centre is not big so those eateries are not too far away from each other, only if you know their location and know how to walk. before going causeway bay im going to wan chai, so i guess i have to take mtr from Admiralty to wan chai then to causeway? Yes, and you can also take tram from Central to Wan Chai and then to Causeway Bay too. so most of the xmas deco i can see it at tsim sha tsui east mtr that area? is there a doraemon theme cafe at harbour city? If lighting outside the building, yes it's in Tsim Sha Tsui East area. If you refer to those deco inside mall, then most malls have it. The doraemon themed cafe has been ended long long time ago as it's just a pop up cafe opened during 100 doraemon exhibition. The long term themed cafe inside Harbour City is Moomin Cafe. 1st day decided to go Australian Dairy Company and then mongkok and yau ma tei area to get some toy figuring and on the way go to Mido Café have lunch. are there any other places other than 80m bus model shop that i can get tram model? Not so sure as not familiar with figure/model. But for sure 80m got the most model of public transportation vehicle.
  9. 7days hk& macau

    the 1st time i went hk i only went disneyland and ocean world. below is my new itinerary 1day - macau (大三巴牌坊 ,ah-ma temple, macau tower, Macao Giant Panda Pavilion taipa house museum, lord stew eggtart(main shop), 大利来记(凼仔总店) 1day - lantau (Po Lin Monastery, vegetrian lunch, Big Buddha, Wisdom Path) will there still be time for me to walk around at tai-o or should i go by way cable car and get back to tung chung by bus so i have more time to walk at tai-o as i know cable car service open till 6pm only. Take cable car up and from Ngong Ping, take bus 21 to Tai O directly: http://www.newlantaobus.com/route/detail/6#direction_2Then you will surely have enough time to cover Tai O as well. 1day - New territories (點點心點心專門店(沙田店), Ten Thousands Buddhas Monastery, Snoopy World at New Town Plaza, Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree and Tin Hau Temple., Tai Po Market Complex (is there any old walled village/old mansion that is along the way that i can visit and easy to reach? where else should i go as im not going on weekend.) You may see some old village at Tai O already, and maybe some at Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree too. It may not be enough time to put more places on this day as it takes quite a lot of time to take that bus 64K from Tai Po to Yuen Long. Btw, will you visit Yuen Long to get the wife cake on this day? 1day - wong tai sin temple, kowloon wall city park, kowloon food district. (what else should i add in for the day?) May include Nan Lian Garden at Diamond Hill: http://www.nanliangarden.org 1day - Hong Kong Industrial Centre 香港工業中心 for shopping, (is there any other places i can get cheaper rate clothing?), temple street for claypot rice( what are the famous shop?) Can try those wholesale shop in Sham Shui Po, but not guarantee you can find what you want becoz most clothes sold that are "sample", so limited size, limited style, and you may need to dig out from a pile of "sample"... The famous claypot rice in Temple Street is called "Four Seasons", always long queue. 1day - Chau Kee Dian Xin, lian xiang lou, Middle Level Escalator, vintage look starbucks at Duddell Street, causeway bay ( how do i connect the places by tram? ) Chau Kee Dim Sum --tram--> Lin Heung Tea House --walk--> Middle Level Escalator (remember to go back down after you climb up because tram only run on main road) --walk--> Starbucks at Duddell Street --tram--> Causeway Bay. as im going on 1st week of dec, im sure the xmas lighting are out, which mall should i go for xmas lighting? Many malls will have Christmas deco inside, for the popular one is Harbour City in Tsim Sha Tsui, that they have deco outside Ocean Terminal too. Lightings at Peninsula Hotel is gorgeous too, and also deco at Heritage 1881. For lighting outside the walk of buildings, they mainly located along both harbour front of Victoria Harbour. So you may view it from Star Ferry/Outside Cultural Centre for the lighting on HK Island side. 1st day(sun) i will reach my hotel at around 7+am, which of the above trip will you recommend me to go? for the last day(sat) of my trip as my flight is at night, i will only be leaving at about 3-4pm, where should i go? 1st day you mean Macau? Not sure what did you mean by "which of the above trip" as I assume you have planned the itinerary in chronological order? Actually it also depends on your body condition as some may feel very tired after they've taken very early flight or overnight flight so you have to decide for yourself and your travel mate(s). For last day, you may plan somewhere close to your hotel, like just a few MTR stations away, should be mainly places in the city.
  10. 7days hk& macau

    Ten Thousands Buddhas Monastery is on up hill so the only way is to walk. If you can read Chinese, you may check their website for more details: http://www.lungwahhotel.com.hk There are not much historical things inside the Kowloon Walled City Park, it's mainly landscape garden with some Chinese buildings and traces of the old walled city. See here: http://www.lcsd.gov.hk/en/parks/kwcp/index.html huang tai xian = Wong Tai Sin, right? It's mainly residential in that area. As this is your 2nd time to HK and not sure where you have visited and your interest/preference, it's better you can talk about what kind of places you are interested to go.
  11. 7days hk& macau

    Hi ths, your topic has been merged with the last one you posted last month as it seems to be the same trip, hope you don't mind. The 1 day suburb trip in New Territories area can go like this: 1. Ten Thousands Buddhas Monastery in Shatin (Shatin MTR station + roughly 30mins walk) 2. Take MTR from Shatin to Tai Po Market station, then take bus 64K (Yuen Long direction, get off at Fong Ma Po stop) to Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree and Tin Hau Temple. 3. Take the same direction of bus 64K at where you get off to Yuen Long (get off at Yau San Street stop) and walk about 5mins to Hang Heung Bakery for their wife cake. You may visit Snoopy World at New Town Plaza in Shatin if you're interested. There is a weekend market at Kam Tin MTR station, if you happen to visit on weekend, perhaps you may take 64K and get off at Kam Tin MTR station instead to visit the market. Then from there take MTR West Rail to Yuen Long station (from there it takes about 15mins walk to Hang Heung Bakery). Stanley - an outdoor market + sea side and a historical building called Murray House. Quite a relaxing place. Take bus 6X from Exchange Square, Central, then get off at Stanley Village. For Kowloon Inner City, there is no such a place in Hong Kong, or did you mean Kowloon Walled City? If so, the original Walled City has been demolished long time ago and now it is a park/garden called Kowloon Walled City Park.
  12. 7days hk& macau

    Yes you can take ferry straight from HKIA to Macau. See here for the flow: http://www.hongkongairport.com/eng/transport/transport-connection-with-mainland-china/ferry-transfer/service-at-a-glance.html Not sure if there is the temple inside Ah Ma Cultural Village, maybe you can check it out at the official Macau tourism website: http://www.macautourism.gov.mo Taipa Village as I know is to see some colonial buildings. A few years ago Fisherman's Wharf was quite quiet with very few visitors and nothing to do/see/eat/play, but I haven't been there for long so don't know if it has any improvement in these years. It's close to Sands casino and hotel so maybe you can drop by if you will go there. There is a street selling many local snacks for souvenir along the way you go up to Ruins of St. Paul from Senado Square. You can just try them out and buy those you like. Classic snacks are Almond Biscuit, Meat Jerky, Peanut Candy and some other traditional biscuits. For route planning, you may see that macau website and link them up by their geographical location. And it also depends on which ferry terminal you arrive.
  13. Famous roast goose, suckling pig, and Peking duck

    Yes, there is something called 飛機燒鵝 also available at Maxim's fast food. You may order it and take away at the airport's Maxim Food2 in Terminal 1 or Qian Xiao Bai Wei at Terminal 2.
  14. Tseung Kwan O Chinese Permanent Cemetery guide

    Hi 貓王, sorry not so familiar with the place and the allocation... Maybe you could ask the family or friend of the deceased for the detailed location?
  15. How to go to whampoa garden

    There is ferry operating between North Point Ferry Pier and Hung Hom Ferry Pier: http://www.nwff.com.hk/route/get_route.php?id=1c87d6ed-4ace-464c-b24e-4db2b83ce902&route_id=5&submenu_num=3
  16. Any more attractions?

    Hi Wytmei, Have you been to Sky100? It's the observation deck of ICC at Kowloon Station. http://www.sky100.com.hk There are some themed restaurants & shops if you are interested, like Hello Kitty Cafe in Tai Hang, Hello Kitty Chinese restaurants in Jordan, Moomin Cafe at Harbour City in Tsim Sha Tsui, and also Totoro themed shops at Harbour City and Times Square. Also some museums for fun, like Trick Eye Museum at The Peak Galleria (http://trickeye.com/hongkong/) and 3D Museum in Tsim Sha Tsui (http://www.hk3dm.com.hk) North Point is mainly a residential area, so not much to look around. But you may try visiting Tai On Buidling at Sai Wan Ho (just opposite) Sai Wan Ho MTR station which is just a few stops away from North Point, there are many food stalls on the ground floor like a night market. Better visit during late afternoon-evening. MTR Island line west extension just fully opened this year, can take a ride to those stations like Kennedy Town, Sai Ying Pun and Hong Kong University and explore the western district of HK Island.
  17. 2nd trip to Hong Kong

    Hi, you can try Oddies Foodies. Search them on Facebook and check them out closely because they maybe closed sometimes.
  18. Words Meaning

  19. Hi mami rock, of course it will be a lot hassle if you are planning your trip on your own and travel on public transport with 3 kids. Are you from Singapore? Hong Kong is quite similar to Singapore so if you are living there, it would be no difficulties for you to travel around HK on MTR. The only problem is whether you would like to spend time and effort to plan your own itinerary (but we could give you some help here )
  20. Words Meaning

    No you're not completely wrong but it's just that the habit of using this word is different between Cantonese & English speaking society. Of course it's perfectly OK to use 幸福 to describe your relationship with your in laws. Yes you're right, even Guangdong people's Cantonese is different from HK's Cantonese, just like there are a lot of different styles and accents between all English speaking societies. Actually speaking English mixing with Cantonese are more common for people who're educated before 1997, or who've studied overseas. I personally think it's not a problem to speak Cantonese with some English words in between.
  21. Words Meaning

    Yes 嗰 D 嘢 = 嗰啲嘢, D/啲 in this case means 些,那些東西。那個東西應該用 "嗰個嘢". I understand your feeling, but HKgers would think you are too 肉麻 if you say 幸福 in this case. It's just a matter of culture difference. So when you learn a language, you gotta learn their culture and habit as well. Hm... I guess it's hard to find a Cantonese 秘笈 in HK because everyone is already a native Cantonese speakers... The 秘笈 is to speak more la! Your mother-in-law is Canton speaker then your husband should be able to speak Cantonese too, right? Practice makes perfect! forward email - same as mandarin ? Most of the time saying it in English will be more understandable. centralised customsed generic email - same as mandarin? Hm... don't know because it's not a commonly used term??
  22. Words Meaning

    Yes, can use on expressing anything that's just a little/a bit. But "得" is usually not used before the verb, e.g. 得用,得識 are completely wrong. 得 is used after verb, just like the way Mandarin speak. Can use: 用得; Know: 識得. D = 啲. Not every browser/word processing can show this word in the past (becoz this is unique Cantonese word that it does not exist in Mandarin Chinese), therefore D is used and even nowadays some browsers can show this word but people still use D for faster input. 得識你哋好幸福: Normally won't use 識得 in this case, but use "識到你哋好開心". (don't use 幸福 becoz it's just not appropriate in your circumstance. Just feeling it's a bit "too much" to use 幸福)
  23. Words Meaning

    No that is incorrect Cantonese grammar... Cantonese grammar is totally dif@ferent from English grammar and sentence structure so you cannot use the way of speaking English to speak Cantonese. 請問邊度唔適當? u mean on 咗? how to learn how to use it correctly in cantonese way? It's complicated to tell as I'm not a professional Cantonese teacher... What I can suggest is to listen more, like watching more Canton drama/movie, and talk to native Cantonese speakers. You did mention that you learn Cantonese is to please your mother-in-law? Was that just an example sentence or your real situation? If it's your real situation, maybe you can talk to her more to practise Cantonese. "好多啲"add 啲 correct? Incorrect. Need to see what meaning do you want to express in order to tell what is the most appropriate way to say. 坐襯飛機 the 襯 is wrong word, it should be 親。好彩有問過你。係網站俾嗮嘅。(correctly writen?) 係網站俾嗮嘅 <-- 晒 is extra word, should be omitted. And should not use 俾 in this circumstance, because 網站 (website) cannot not "give" (俾) a sentence out. You can say 喺網站睇到嘅 (Saw it from website). Give is 俾定係比 ? i learned from internet, both used before to express give something. Guess one of them used wrongly. So happy got teacher here to teach.if not always learn wrong writing. 俾 is the correct word. 比 is commonly use because same pronunciation and easier to write, but this is not the correct word.
  24. Words Meaning

    No that is incorrect Cantonese grammar... Cantonese grammar is totally different from English grammar and sentence structure so you cannot use the way of speaking English to speak Cantonese. 直頭 in Mandarin means 簡直, like "simply" in English. Straight away is 馬上, 即刻. 抆水 can be applied on any issues that are marginal. Yes 襯 means suitable or closer meaning is "match". 坐襯飛機 the 襯 is wrong word, it should be 親, but it contains no meaning of the word 親, just an auxiliary word to describe "every time" or something repeatedly. 坐親飛機 means every time taking plane. e.g. 佢坐親飛機都嘔 means he vomits whenever he is on a flight. Yes, that's correct.
  25. Words Meaning

    Correction: 做人要飲水思源,你哋教咗我咁多,等我過去請你哋飲茶再傾,好唔好?再聯絡。 Correction: 四年前,學咗簡體字,上年想學好廣東話等奶奶開心啲,唔知點解,越學越鍾意,依家直頭愛上咗。幾個有心嘅香港同事同我講同寫,俾我有機會練習下。 Actually there are many ways to express similar meanings of your sentence, this is only one of them. Different person may use different way to say so there is no perfect answer. It seems that you have put a lot of extra words into a sentence which are meaningless to what you want to express. Not sure those words are just mis-type or intended to add into the sentence...? 寫咗啱唔啱? <-- should not use 咗,咗 means 了,similar to past tense or present/past perfect tense. In this case, you should write 寫得啱唔啱 錫 dou nei long sai (dote till burn) - 中文係點解寫? 錫到你燶哂 緊 mean as "now" as in usage 開緊會 and 食緊? Yes, this is one of the meanings. Another meanings are tension/nervous, as in 緊張; or tight, as in 條褲好緊 (the pants are too tight) 再 have replacement word? Seems no. What do you want to express?