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  1. Watsons...?

    Yes it would be enough time if arrive Tung Chung early (unless you're shopaholic! haha...), but you need to go back and forth because checking in at Kowloon Station requires you to take Airport Express to Airport. So after you check in at Kowloon station, take AEL to airport, then need to take bus S1 or S64 back to Tung Chung for shopping at Citygate as AEL does not stop at Tung Chung, otherwise get off at Tsing Yi station and change to Tung Chung Line to Tung Chung (but not sure if in-town check in must require you to take AEL all the way to Airport or can opt for shorter journey to Tsing Yi, gotta check with staff upon you check in).
  2. Watsons...?

    Surely there are a lot of places that sell diaper in HK! Watsons, Mannings, supermarkets, drug stores (YMT, MK & TST are full of drug stores!!) also sell diaper, so don't worry you must be able to buy no matter where you are~ Citygate for sure, but if you have time then also no harm to pay a visit to China HK City.
  3. hk hostel stay

    Hi lawlaw, Do you have the locations of these hostels/guesthouses? One of the most important things is whether they are licensed hostels/guesthouses... and my personal advice is better not to stay in one located inside Chungking Mansion, as it's a bit complicated there.
  4. 3 nights stay in HK

    Hi Frances, there are many hotels or hostels in Mong Kok, Yau Ma Tei, Jordan and Tsim Sha Tsui, you may try to search for their rate with availability via our "Hotels" tab on top right bar in this website, or click through this link http://hotels.allabouthongkong.com Enter location and check in/out date and the search engine will come out with hotel choices and comparison of their room rates among various main hotel booking websites, then you can choose and book directly though the hotel booking website that offer the cheapest rate.
  5. 8D7N Summer Trip at HK

    My pleasure Day 2 - it really depends on your shopping pattern so maybe you can just follow your pace and be flexible to re-plan your itinerary. Day 4 - Because there are not much thing in Kowloon Tong as it's mainly a residential + school area, will your parent dare to take MTR to visit other places? For example, Shatin is another town with shopping malls linked to MTR station (the New Town Plaza) and it's only 2 stations away from Kowloon Tong MTR station.
  6. 3 nights stay in HK

    Why not staying right in the city instead? Like Mong Kok, Tsim Sha Tsui...etc. then you will have a lot more of choices.
  7. 8D7N Summer Trip at HK

    Hi prisca13, you can read my suggestion in the quote below in red colour:
  8. 7D 6N at Hong Kong

    Yes there are rental lockers in Citygate Outlet Mall: http://www.citygateoutlets.com.hk/services/details/Pages/cgo_servcies_%20Locker%20servcies.aspx?lang=EN
  9. 7D 6N at Hong Kong

    Hi Joviance, would suggest you to take Airport bus A21 and get off at the stop “Man Ming Lane”. It would take some walk from bus stop but it’s a very comfy and economic way to reach. Not suggest Airport express because it cannot go directly from airport and involves changing to normal city line which will be quite crowded. Of course if you all are not on a budget, taxi will be the best way to reach (est. HKD250 per taxi/per way, and 7 pax with baggage will need 2 taxis.) Day 1 OK. Day 2 better visit Wong Tai Sin before heading to Tung Chung because temple closes early. Day 3 OK. Day 4 shopping & tourist spots in Mong Kok: Langham Place – main shopping mall in Mong Kok Argyle Centre – shopping complex with many small shops selling no-brand fashion and accessories. Sai Yeung Choi Street South – shopping street with lots of fashion shops, beauty shops, electronic shops and street snacks shops. Ladies Street – famous shopping street in Mong Kok (opens around 11:30am till late) Fa Yuen Street – Mong Kok part (south) mainly for sport shoes, Prince Edward part (north) is also a street market mainly for fashion and accessories stuff Goldfish Street – actually Tung Choi Street North (near Prince Edward) with shops selling fish for aquarium and pets, can take a look. Flower Market Road – also in Prince Edward with shops selling flowers and plants, visit if you’re interested. Day 5 OK, recommend to take Star Ferry back to Tsim Sha Tsui and walk around/shopping if there is time and you guys are not tired. Day 6 OK. Suggest to visit Causeway Bay to take a look if you’re interested. It’s mainly for shopping too. Day 7 if you all are adults and able to move fast, suggest to move your Day 2 itinerary to Tung Chung, NP360 & Citygate to this day before departure as these places are close to airport (just 15mins ride by bus), then you may either replace the Day 2 itinerary by visit to Repulse Bay + Stanley after visited Wong Tai Sin Temple or even have a day trip to Macau if you want.
  10. Dim Sum restaurant

    Yes, that address is correct. If you visit on weekdays, 12noon is still consider as early lunch; If on weekends/Sunday, better have it at 11am, or have a late lunch/afternoon tea instead.
  11. Dim Sum restaurant

    It's dim dim sum, just afraid you mixed up... Yep it should be near Flower market and Goldfish market, but it's not a very big restaurant, suggest you to arrive there for an early lunch to avoid queue. Haha.. yes 地下 means ground floor in HK!
  12. Dim Sum restaurant

    DimDimSum dim sum specialist in Mongkok is a nice choice. If you think it's a bit far from your hotel, you may try Kung Fu Dim Sum (功夫點心) which is nearer to The Cityview (address is: Shop B&C, G/F, Yee Fat Building, 10-16 Portland street, Yau Ma Tei) or this one: Hei Wan 喜運 dim sum specialist (G/F, 65 Portland Street, Yau Ma Tei)
  13. Airport Express or Taxi?

    Hi Shin, Yes Airport Express ticket include free shuttle ride to The Cityview. It's fast but you may need a bit effort of moving up and down from station to shuttle bus stop. For cost wise, it's roughly around the cost of taking 2 taxis, or could be slightly cheaper if you buy the group ticket, so the difference between taxi and Airport Express is direct to your hotel door or with 1 change of transport.
  14. 4D3N Hk + Macau

    Previously the Shanghai Street has quite a lot of Chinese wedding clothing shops but now they are diminishing 'coz people tends to go to the Golden Plaza in Prince Edward (www.gpwedding.hk/goldenplaza) or even buy/custom made kwa in Guangzhou or Shenzhen. Yes you may use HKD cash in Macau.
  15. 4D3N Hk + Macau

    "Wedding traditional gown" means Chinese wedding qipao? It depends on what did mean by branded, as it could be quite different from person to person. Some may think only Prada, Hermes are branded but some may think Esprit is already branded... FYI, Mongkok only have medium brands like H&M, G2000, Esprit, and some other local brands. If you are looking for international big brands, you have to go to Tsim Sha Tsui's Canton Road or Central. You may buy this tourist sim card with unlimited data usage up to certain GB: https://www.pccw-hkt.com/en/Prepaid-Discover-HK-Tourist-SIM-Card/
  16. Free or paid Cantonese opera performances?

    Sorry as I haven't seen a Chinese opera before, I don't know when they normally update their programme... Maybe wait for a week or two and see if there is new programme schedule coming up. Otherwise you may consider opera shown in other theatres or just try your luck at the Heritage Museum.
  17. Free or paid Cantonese opera performances?

    I think you have to be there in order to get the admission slip in person, and thus it's impossible for hotel to help 'coz they need the museum admission ticket...
  18. Free or paid Cantonese opera performances?

    I would suggest you to see the free excerpt at Heritage Museum first if you haven't seen any Cantonese Opera before, or if you're really interested in seeing a full version then you may make a reservations in advance. Not sure if you visited this website, but just FYI: http://www.lcsd.gov.hk/CE/CulturalService/Programme/en/chinese_opera/index.html Hope it helps
  19. 4D3N Hk + Macau

    If take ferry from Macau to Hong Kong because my flight landed in Hong Kong? My friend wanted go that exhibition. Where to take the ferry to central? Ladies street can buy those branded clothes like esprit, g2000? Got any dim sum recommend? Sorry not understand what is meant by "take ferry from Macau to HK because your flight landed in HK"?? Your flight already landed in HK then why have to take ferry from Macau to HK? And from where do you want to take ferry to Central? Ladies street is similar to Temple Street, it's a street market where you cannot buy any authentic branded products. Since you mentioned Temple street so I suggest you to visit Ladies street because Temple Street has not opened by the time you planned to visit. If you'd like to buy authentic brands, you may visit proper shopping mall like Harbour City, Langham Place in Mongkok...etc. Maxim's Palace is quite nice for dim sum, Tao Heung is just so-so nowadays...
  20. 4D3N Hk + Macau

    Frist Day 11.30am – meet at the arrival hall then proceed to Hong Kong Airport Express to Kowloon station HKD 90.00 then take normal MTR to Mong Kok station You stay in Mongkok right? It's better to take bus A21 instead of MTR because it's more direct. If you stick to take MTR, you have to change to normal MTR line at Tsing Yi station but not Kowloon station. Or you may take the free shuttle bus to hotel if the hotel you stay is on the shuttle bus stop list. Check www.mtr.com.hk for detailed info. 12.30pm – arrival at Mong Kok MRT 1.30pm – Lunch at Tao Heung Pier 88稻香超級漁港 Shop B, 3/F, Grand Tower, 639 Nathan Road, Mong Kok, Kowloon 2pm-4.30pm (best deal) 2.40pm – Temple street shopping Temple street is a night market so no stall open during day time. You may walk around Ladies street and Fa Yuen street in Prince Edward instead. 4.00pm – Snoopy World, Harbour City Snoopy world is in Shatin, the one in Harbour city is a temporary exhibition only. MTR to Tsim Sha Tsui Station and Exit A1 – walk along Jamia Masjid Islamic to Ha Harbour City Exit A1 seems like under renovation but not sure finished yet, but you can find the nearest exit by looking at the map in MTR station. The street you have to walk along should be Haiphong Road because the Mosque is along Nathan road instead. 4.20pm – Walk around the shopping mall and snap picture with snoopy. 6.30pm – Dinner will be inside the mall (any recommend) and prepare go The peak MTR Central Station Canton Deli is quite nice. Suggest to take star ferry to central ferry pier, then take bus 15c to peak tram station, save a lot of walking time. 8.00pm – The Peak Tram & Sky Terrace 428 HKD 80 Returned ticket (close at 11pm) 9.45pm – Walk to Lan Kwai Fong - Starbucks + Bing Sutt Starbucks Bing Sutt is in Duddell street but not Lan Kwai Fong, just close to it. 10.00pm – Lan Kwai Fong (MTR Central Station Exit D2 walk along Theathre Lane) 12.00mn- Back hotel and sleep (transport close) Second Day 10.00am – Breakfast nearby got one famous char chan teng but I forget the name 11.30am – Go to Sheung Wan and take ferry to Macau HKD 172 ( CotaiJet) 12.00pm – Ferry depart to Macau Taipa (can take free shuttle bus to Sands Macao, The Plaza, Four season Macao, The Venetian and Sands Cotai Central) 1.00pm – Check- in hotel (Towns Well Hotel 4 2.00pm – Went to Taipa Village (nearby Grandview Hotel Macau; can opt for shuttle if got) and eat and walk 7.00pm – Galaxy Casino, Venetian Casino, City of Dreams and Hard Rock Café Third Day 10.00am – Breakfast 11.00am - Ruins of St Paul and Senando Square, Museum of Macau 1.00pm – Lunch 2.00pm – Macau Tower, statues of Kum Lun 4.00pm – A-ma Temple 7.00pm – Dinner 9.00pm – Wynn Casino see the zodiac performance 10.00pm – Water foundation beside Wynn Casino Fourth Day 10.35am – Back to KL Is my itinerary ok?
  21. macau to HK airport

    Yes, you have to go like a normal way, i.e. pass thru the immigration and enter Macau, take transportation to any ferry terminal that have ferry operate to HK.
  22. 4D3N Hk + Macau

    Regarding gold price and the chow tai fook you talked about, you may refer to my reply on your separate post "Gold Rate in Hong Kong". Every jewellery shop is more or less the same, the difference is only their style so it's very subjective. Gold price is standard across every shop and their craftsmanship price is also more or less the same.
  23. macau to HK airport

    No you can't. You need to have connecting flight to/from HK airport in order to use this service.
  24. Gold Rate in Hong Kong?

    Today's gold price is HKD14330 per tael (roughly = 37.5g). You may see this website for updated daily gold price http://www.hkjga.hk/eng/ Chow Tai Fook just got too many branches in everywhere in HK, and even more branches than 7-11, believe me... FYI you may check their website for more details: http://www.chowtaifook.com/
  25. 4D3N Hk + Macau

    Horizon Plaza is mainly for home decor and only just a few branded outlets like lanecrawford, aldo...etc. I think citygate will be more suitable for you. You may check citygate website for the list of brands it carries: http://www.citygateoutlets.com.hk. For wedding stuff you may visit Golden Plaza in Prince Edward: http://www.gpwedding.hk/goldenplaza/ Be prepared to bargain and remember to compare price before paying.