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  1. Pork chop bun

    do kam wah accept takeaways for their polo buns and pork chop buns instead of having to dine in??
  2. Pork chop bun

    can anyone recommend me which is the best pork chop bun in hong kong? i tried Tsui wah before but not sure what are the other stalls that also sell good pok chop bun too!! hope to get more recommendations!!!
  3. wife biscuits (Laopobing)

    Hihi, does anyone know among these 3 brands, Wing Wah, Koi Kei and Kee Wah, which one have the best wife biscuits, that is not sweet but yet tasty??
  4. Shopping for clothing

    Is argyle centre clothes relatively more expensive than fa yuen street north??