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  1. Breaking 1000HKD Notes into Smaller HKD Notes

    I doubt they would change for you if you're not their customer. Another alternative that I could think of, you can pay your hotel with all the 1000hkd notes?
  2. Advice 6D5N Hong Kong Trip

    You can consider visiting Hong Kong Park at Admiralty. It's free entrance. There're many interesting and educational activities to explore. Check out the official site here, http://www.lcsd.gov.hk/en/parks/hkp/index.html
  3. Advice 6D5N Hong Kong Trip

    Currently, there is this "The AIA Great European Carnival" next to IFC mall could be your interest as well. And also there is TW Carnival at Kai Tak Terminal in Kowloon now. Perhaps, you may let us know what kind of kid friendly places are you referring and how old is your kid?
  4. Hostel/Guest house around Jordan/TST MRT

    I think bbgirl was confused with the heater that you are referring. You will definately get a water heater but not many provide a heater to warm your body in bathroom.
  5. HK & Macau Trip 9D8N

    You can walk around Temple Street around Jordan
  6. Hi, it's still not open yet. It's located at Central Ferry Pier, which is just behind IFC Mall (atop Hong Kong MTR Station)
  7. HK & Macau 7D6N Trip

    Hi, day 1, 2 and 3 seems ok. Since day 3 is part of your tour that's fine. For day 4, you can visit TST for Christmas lightings, avenue of stars, 3D show at Cultural centre. And Central for ding ding tram, cultural walk, some local delicacies, temples visit, mid level escalator, etc. Since your hotel is at Mong Kok, you can visit Mong Kok area on your last day. How about a last minute shopping at Langham Place shopping mall at Mong Kok?
  8. Hong Kong Hostel

    Regal Oriental Hotel is at Kowloon City around Old Kai Tak airport, which is quite inconvenient unless they provide shuttle bus. I think better you let us know your budget per night, so that members could suggest.
  9. You may take MTR to Tung Chung station then take cable car or bus to Ngong Ping. Yes Big Buddha is at Ngong Ping. The hotel is at Kowloon City where the old Kat Tak airport is.
  10. Lamma Island and Cheung Chau

    Personally, if you want to visit an island, would suggest Cheung Chau. Normally day trip is enough unless you have many days in HK then you can stay at Cheung Chau at B&B. Lamma Island isnt much things to do though. Take MTR to Hong Kong MTR station and walk to Central Ferry Pier then take ferry to the islands.
  11. Hi, to get an idea of distance. It is better to refer to MTR map www.mtr.com.hk The weather should be cold by then at around an average of 12c.
  12. HK trip 6D5N

    Their website is in Chinese. Here you go http://www.hkzhan.com/ticket/
  13. HK trip 6D5N

    Normally, tickets sold in travel agencies are cheaper and they sell many different entrance tickets like Sky100, ocean park, etc