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  1. 6D5N HK (5D4N) + Macau (2D1N)

    Hi all, Last minute planning in my trip which will happen tomorrow. Been very busy until now and "OMG, I do not have a proper itinerary yet!" This is our second trip to HK. We have been to the following attractions: Disneylands Ocean Park Ngong Ping The Peak This visit is mainly for shopping, food, other sightseeing. Interested in the following but not a must to fulfill: Ding Ding tram Star Ferry ride Wong Tai Sin Tai O / Cheung Chou / Lamma Island Horse Racing Stanley + Repulse Bay Still drafting but appreciate if you guys can comment: Day 1 (5 April - Thurs): Arriving Macau International Airport at 10.30am (any breakfast to take there? or straight to HK for lunch?) Travel to HK Yau Ma Tei (YMT) Silka Seaview Hotel - by Sea + by MTR to Yau Ma Tei station + by foot Lunch - recommendation? Mido Cafe? Shopping around Yau Ma Tei till Mongkok area - anything specific that could not be missed? Dinner in Mongkok area - recommendation? Sleep Note: thinking if we should concentrate on Yau Ma Tei + Jordan area for the first day and allocate another day for Mongkok only. Day 2 (My birthday! 6 April - Fri) : Tai O + CityGate + night? Day 3 (7 April - Sat): - Breakfast - Australia Dairy Company - Wong Tai Sin temple - Lunch - Recommendation? No beef please as my wife does not eat beef though I love it - MTR TST - walk to Lung Shing Dispensary@Granville Road - China Hong Kong City (Espirit here or CityGate?) - experience Star Ferry ride - take ferry from TST to Central, walk around ifc Mall (a high-end mall closest to the ferry pier) - take ding ding tram (until Happy Valley Racecourse?) a short distance only - Happy Valley Racecourse (haven’t check if there is any race or not) no race until 9 April - Maybe back to Central/Causeway Bay - SoHo - Dinner - recommendations? - night = Lan Kwai Fong? Until what time is recommended so that we have enough time to travel back to YMT Day 4 (8 April - Sun): Cheung Chou or Mongkok area - still drafting or Stanley + Repulse Bay Day 5 (9 April - Mon): Breakfast in HK - ? Reaching Macau - Check in Metropark - Ventican - Senado Square - Ruins of St. Paul - Macau tower - Fisherman's Wharf - Museum - Casino Day 6 (10 April - Tue): Macau -> KL (5:45pm) Will keep updating this first post from time to time Thanks a bunch!
  2. Attractions for returning visitors - please recommend

    Thanks for the sharing! Will post in another subforum regarding my plan.
  3. Luo Hu (Lo Wu) Shenzhen

    May I know if it worth the hassle (& $$$) and get a China visa to visit shenzhen? I'm planning my itinerary for 6D5N for Macau and HK, now considering to include shenzhen. FYI, this is my second visit, will skip major attractions such as Disneyland, Ocean Park, NgoPing360, the Peak, etc...
  4. Attractions for returning visitors - please recommend

    For us, mostly we are going for food and shopping. If you can also list down attractions from Macau, it will be even better! 6D5N, we are still considering how many days for Macau and how many days for HK! Then only we can start hunting for accommodations.
  5. Hi all, I'm planning for itinerary of 6D5N Macau + HK trip in April 2012 as our honeymoon trip. Having been to HK in 2009 together, we have already visited the major attractions such as the following: The Peak Tram and The Peak Tower (Central, Hong Kong Island) The Golden Bauhinia Square (Wan Chai, Hong Kong Island) Ocean Park (Aberdeen, Hong Kong Island) Lan Kwai Fong (Night life at Central, Hong Kong Island) A Symphony of Lights (Laser show at Victoria Harbourfront, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon) Avenue of Stars (Along Victoria Harbourfront, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon) Clock Tower (Along Victoria Harbourfront, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon) Snoopy world (Shatin, New Territories) Hong Kong Disneyland (Lantau Island, Outlying Island) Big Buddha / Po Lin Monastery (Lantau Island, Outlying Island) Ngong Ping 360 (Lantau Island, Outlying Island) I've been reading recommendations by Northasian (many thanks for the help in organizing my then 2009 HK trip) in http://forum.allabou...interest-guide/ but would like to further filtering down the good ones. My wife suggested to visit some non-urban attractions such as Cheung Chau Island & Lamma Island but I am unsure if these places worth traveling to. Kindly share your thoughts, not only for me but for those who have visited HK (& Macau) before. Thanks in advance