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  1. "Hi Najib!!!! You are the one who sell Proton to Geely China. Now You said X70 is expensive. Stop punching your key… https://t.co/lxLgILZaOj

  2. Praise to @HondaMY Complaint to @MyTouchnGo Via /k @LowyatNET 😂 Honda Sensing in Action / Lousy RFID System… https://t.co/ZhTymhnCAG

  3. RT @DoveyWan: Perspective matters ... https://t.co/BOk7p4z7Ex

  4. @khalidkarim @NajibRazak How come media never report about it Bad media no cover it

  5. RT @saladinMY: Who are the traitors who sold sand to Singapore despite an official ban introduced by Tun M 1.0?

  6. RT @hxsm: https://t.co/c8XADNx7CD

  7. RT @rumireports: For the love of the fans... how sumo wrestlers in Japan sign autographs ✋💥 #work https://t.co/Rw8qTrpaYe

  8. RT @aizadfahmy: You call yourself a movie connoisseur and promoting piracy? https://t.co/NYr5mOXJ7b

  9. RT @azrulmohdkhalib: Billions hve been swiped frm Tabung Haji depositors (most are low income) intended for Haj. Yet, barely any anger, lac…

  10. RT @rabihah_ilyas: Tq @chedetofficial for empowering our MyCard with #My100unlimited. More cost and time saving using public transport. Mod…

  11. RT @lynnzieee: So what is a “dedicated halal crew” @GrabMY? https://t.co/pabV07G8OP

  12. RT @scklmarathon: Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia returns as Title Sponsor for the next 4 years! We are also proud to announce the return…

  13. RT @theresa_may: My letter to the nation. #BackTheBrexitDeal https://t.co/VGzNeeXoqg

  14. #VinSteps 25 Nov 2018 Average steps 7 days 13,646 4 w 9,001.7 12m 9,814.2

  15. RT @Kheri_BCHpls: @khalidkarim @vin_ann its the same everywhere. we need to march ! https://t.co/Hwfsj0D76m

  16. RT @AkikoFujita: Official release from #Nissan, detailing board vote - and next steps. https://t.co/RGfwtFUXbr

  17. RT @tristupe: @hadiharhar Soon, your neighbour cooking curry will be offensive to you because you don’t like the smell (has happened in Sin…

  18. I'm at ASEAN Sculptured Garden in Kuala Lumpur, WP Kuala Lumpur https://t.co/S7aPcO4sxQ https://t.co/3hW50hwAzV

  19. RT @bongkersz: Now we can focus on what really matters https://t.co/MN6ooYoI0I

  20. #postcrossing (@ Pejabat Pos Besar in Kuala Lumpur, WP Kuala Lumpur) https://t.co/D48yCw3J2O https://t.co/Z5yejdqx3Z

  21. Fuyoh... Yesterday @BFMradio baru saja breakfast grille @bigpaymeapp and did touch on oversea remittance! Today… https://t.co/sH4r0N406A

  22. Writing a #postcrossing postcard to Slovakia on https://t.co/Z067OdkUzI

  23. RT @CacCarvalho3: Stan Lee. https://t.co/HblCEToABc

  24. @MAS Sad No 30% off for domestic flights

  25. I asked him what's meaning by blocking IMEI phone number How ? He said I need to include IMEI info in police report