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  1. RT @DavidNakamura: Trump: "In less than two years, my administration has accomplished more than any administration in the history of our co…

  2. RT @Travishcott: Lol all we gotta say is allahu akbar and you’ll run faster than Gareth Bale https://t.co/DRNsmW3Xzr

  3. How do u justify air conditioning electric used is as polluted as Perodua Myvi ? Bcoz electricity generated by co… https://t.co/6m8yF0KcB7

  4. Dah la parking enforcement weak, local council never dare to fine car workshops ! Big workshop easily occupy 5 to… https://t.co/tbYfexyRJK

  5. RT @tristupe: Is this a #MalaysianBookOfRecord by any chance? #MakeItCount. Congrats @NajibRazak you made it! https://t.co/X7PbYzV9NF

  6. Writing a #postcrossing postcard to Belarus on https://t.co/Z067OdkUzI

  7. RT @devtesla: this life hack rules https://t.co/OE0NDfpoMB

  8. RT @ExtremeStorms: 100 mph Typhoon #Mangkhut finished off with battering Hong Kong. Three big hits along it's long track: Marianas, Philipp…

  9. I'm at Porridge Stall in Kuala Lumpur, WP Kuala Lumpur https://t.co/6Ef9vRiKdC https://t.co/r1OZGyoqhf

  10. RT @arstechnica: Boring Company approved to build a tunnel entrance inside a residential garage https://t.co/4S5pdqrxvL by @MeganGeuss

  11. While I been riding scooter in Bali north east west south in past 6 days.... Never feel threaten by car like in Ms… https://t.co/KfClukaL0S

  12. @haaziq_mz @MAS Flying back tmr ? I'm also here Haha

  13. The best massage in Bali Top rated by TripAdvisor Today's slot all taken up Earliest is tomorrow 6pm !

  14. I'm glad I decided to rent bike as my main transportation mode in Bali

  15. RT @khalidkarim: Would certainly luv to buy an RM230K 850 ft2 unit at TRX...😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 https://t.co/5VS0q6fTaK