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  1. Hello twitter. It's been so long. ❤❤

  2. @MAS Would it be a problem to check in if I forgot to enter my middle name on my ticket?

  3. @IKEAHouston who are the winners of the hourly giveaways? ???

  4. I think seat 32C to Milan is my #KLMLuckySeat. What seat will be yours? https://t.co/jjqXHvua4l

  5. @thehotelchicago why am I refused access code for WiFi when I'm a Marriott rewards member? ?

  6. @MilanoCard U're welcome. I recently bought 24 h milano card. Will I be able to get milano expo card at a discounted price? How do I do so?

  7. I can't wait for may to come!! Gonna check out my purchase from dp and also rom dress!! And also some serious SHOPPING. I need a red dress!

  8. Home with swollen lips. Please go away faster so I can get over it. Fixing braces next.

  9. Also, I want may to come soon!!

  10. I thk I make it sounded so sad. It's just that I might b overseas. :)

  11. Not happy with d gift from secret santa! Hahahhaaa! It's ice dickiesss. http://t.co/PG3gSDW

  12. Drove out just to take away Chinese because it's chap goh may today! :) now I've got appetizer, main, deserts and not forgetting drinks. ;)

  13. Woke up n realized its sat! No work!!

  14. Can't believe it's only A WEEK away! Thinking abt it makes me turn jelly.