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  1. Tid bits in Hong Kong

    Hi Northasian, Where can I buy local tid bits (e.g. chinese preserved prunes) besides Aji Ichiban? I remember purchasing from an ordinary shop before but I cant remember where was it. Thanks!
  2. Mooncakes

    Am actually looking at the traditional ones. Not sure what is mini egg custard mooncake. I can only buy those which is vacuum packed cos I will be bringing it back. May I know what is the price range for mooncakes in HK?
  3. Mooncakes

    Hi Northasian, I will be going to HK this Saturday and will be there for a week. Am planning to buy mooncakes in HK. Where can I buy them from? Any recommendations on which shop is famous for mooncakes? Around how much would it be? Thanks!
  4. Hi Northasian, I will be traveling to Hong Kong this coming early September. May I know how is the weather like during that time? Also, I am planning to visit Shenzhen maybe a day or two. Is it possible for me to make my visa on the spot at the border? Will there be many people if I were to go there during weekday? Also, is it still the sale season in HK in September? Thank you!