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  1. 5d4n.

    Okay!! I'm so excited! It's next week!!!
  2. 5d4n.

    Okay I think I will get it at the airport from CTS counter. Anyway, I'm thinking of getting Airport Express Travel Pass online. Is it true that there isn't any entry gantry at airport station? Because the collection point for the tickets and card is at the respective airport express stations. https://www.paydolla...elshop〈=eng
  3. 5d4n.

    Haha thanks! Should I buy tickets online @ hkzhan or should I get it at the airport express counter? What do you think? Is the travel agency office far from my hotel (royal plaza)? Or is it possible to get them to send it to my hotel?
  4. 5d4n.

    How's the winter sale! Anyway do you think zhuhai/Macau or Shenzhen is better for shopping??
  5. 5d4n.

    Thanks! How's the weather in dec? What kinda clothes should I bring along?? Any winter sale to look out for?
  6. 5d4n.

    Sent an email to make reservations already!! Ahh, so everything can be done online? So I can just buy the tics online and collect on that day? Is it reliable?
  7. 5d4n.

    How can I book my ferry tics in advanced if I were to go to zhuhai/Macau on Christmas day? Seriously I don't know whether it's a good choice to go there on Christmas day. Or should I just go to either Disneyland or ocean park on Christmas day? Do you think it's a better idea? And do I need to book my tics in advance too? (if I were to go Disneyland or ocean park)
  8. 5d4n.

    Is it alright to make reservations now?
  9. Christmas Trip

    I'm going during Xmas period too! Heh, are you going Disneyland on Christmas day? If not, what's your plan?!
  10. 5d4n.

    Okay! That shall be my day 1 plan. Do you have any idea how to get to our hotel (royal plaza hotel) from the airport? And isit true that we can get cheaper tics from A04 - China Visa at the airport? On day 2 which is christmas day, I have decided to go Zhu Hai > Macau instead of Disneyland. I know it would be in a rush but we will see how it goes on that day before deciding if we will skip either one place. What do you think? Day 2: ZHU HAI (via China Ferry Terminal located at TST to Jiu Zhou Port, Jida) http://www.cksp.com.hk/eng/ship_schedule/ship_schedule_main_bottom.html Breakfast What to do/see at Zhu Hai: Fisher Girl Statue GONGBEI UNDERGROUND SHOPPING COMPLEX Lunch Cross over via Gongbei border to Macau Senado Square The Venetian -Insert what to see at Macau- Dinner Ferry back to HK (either via Macau Ferry Terminal (Sheung Wan) /China Ferry Terminal (TST)) Turbojet - http://www.turbojetseaexpress.com.hk/eng/schedule/prd.html Will the MTR services be 24 hours on that day?
  11. 5d4n.

    Okay I shall have my dinner at the peak. Is it possible to go to Stanley market after dinner then? Isit far?
  12. 5d4n.

    Hi, could you give me some advice? Day 1 : Reach HK. Eat and shop around hotel areas Proceed to Central Take tram to the peak Madam Tussads Museum - Also located at the peak. Dinner Soho/Lan Kwai Fong Where should I have my dinner at? It'd be christmas eve so Id like to have it at somewhere nice. Have you tried Bubba Gump at the peak? Isit good? Or, is it possible for me to head to jumbo restaurant? Thanks
  13. 5d4n.

    Havent book. Will take into consideration what you suggested Thanks alot
  14. Street Market apart from the Lady Street

    Haha thanks
  15. Hotel

    Thanks for your advice