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  1. Fark policies. A country no need to talk cock about policies when we don't even have 2 strong parties to compete against each other, when media are so much controlled by the ruling party, when gerrymandering are at it's best.

    We need to have to 2 strong political parties, which both got equal chance to win an election first. Then at that time, policies only matters as we will vote based on it.

    Now apa bluebird right wing, left wing also useless.

  2. Penang people...boleh kasi tell me where and when BN ceramah n penang is? :D

    i want gooooo!

  3. Eh...last time The Star says that if DAP in control of the country, Malaysia will become a Christian country right? So now they show ad of DAP = PAS, so PAS = Christian Party? :D

  4. red dawn is such a stupid movie.

  5. can anyone tell me which mainstream newspaper report about the incident that penang people say NO to BN for 3 times at Han Jiang?

  6. the power is back!!!!!! i hope it's not only for few days and then 打回原形 @@

  7. shocking....really shocking till can die. what should i do?!!!

  8. anyone want go genting this coming weekend??? 2 nites only RM200 stay at 1st world hotell =.=''''

    1 nite is stay at world club room with Alfred Chua

  9. draw free is really fun lolololol

  10. 非常非常想念香港的牛杂和啤酒@@

    1. admin


      Tsing Dao Beer? :D

  11. lol panda in wow riao?

  12. iOS5 users please come out!!!!

  13. location based reminders is so damned good, but can't key in custom address is just so lame