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  1. Repulse Bay / Stanley

    Not sure whether this is the correct section to start this thread so Mod please move it if not appropriate. I've visited these 2 places before but was brought around by my HK friend so I did not pay much attention on how to get there. I remembered taking a mini bus but not sure where to board from, and I think mini bus drivers might not be conversant in Mandarin or English. I know nothing about Cantonese too!. And I'm visiting Repulse Bay & Stanley in my coming August trip. I found on the internet that in order to get to Repulse Bay, I've to take - 1. Take Buses No.6, 6A, 6X, 260 or 262 (bound for Stanley) from Central's Exchange Square or Central's Star Ferry Pier, and get off at Repulse Bay. Is Repulse Bay the last stop or somewhere in the journey? How do I know which stop is Repulse Bay? And from Repulse Bay to Stanley, how do I get there? Should I visit Repulse Bay first then Stanley, or Stanley first then Repulse Bay? I also wish to have my dinner at Jumbo Floating Restaurant. Is the floating restaurant located near to these 2 places? If yes, please advise how to get to the floating restaurant. Thanks in advance for your help!