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  1. Hong Kong Trip

    I am going to Hong Kong for 5 days. Please advise any other good places to visit since I've covered some tourist spots on my last trip and should I spend two (2) days in Disneyland?
  2. currency exchange

    where can i find money exchange in HK?
  3. From Tsuen Wan to Disneyland

    Next month will be my next visit to Hong Kong after 2 years. I'll be staying in Royal View Hotel and want to ask how to get to Disneyland from the hotel? If I not mistaken, the hotel provided free shuttle bus to Tsuen wan MTR station... is it possible for me to go to Disneyland by MTR? How long its take to arrive? And lastly, how do I get back to Royal View Hotel?? I checked for the taxi price, quite expensive... >< anyone can help me please ??
  4. About HK

    Yes! Esprit is getting more expensive nowadays as compared to 2004 when I used to get a T-shirt for HKD40 in citygate. I think on average the cheapest is HKD70 now. And you're right, G2000 is still cheaper than in Malaysia as my bf got his pant for only HKD199, which was discounted item. I guess if you're really looking for super brands, Hong Kong will still be cheaper than Malaysia as it's a tax-free heaven.
  5. About Macau

    Actually, i'm planing to go macau on end of feb...went HK at 2006 but didnt hv enuff time to go macau...is macau onli really worth visiting like HK? i'm not a gambler...onli shopping and side-seeing... do u think i still can used my old(2006) oxtopus card? got around 1k credit left...balance from last visit... how far is shen zheng fr macau?? is shen zheng good for shopping?
  6. About Macau

    just wondering, is HKD acceptable in Macau for most of their transaction? Do i like need to change Macau dollar ?