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  1. Hong Kong Harbour View

    Nice Hong Kong view, long time didn't notice how pretty she is.
  2. Trip to legoland First day - Car from Singapore to Johor Malaysia This is the first time I take car from Singapore to legoland as well. For those who were thinking of taking bus, I would rather rent a private car include a driver from the service company in Singapore. Especially for those who were with kids and family. Early in the morning, All the way from Loong arh Su pass through ang mo kio via woodsland The most take your time waiting will be this troll, you could be stuck for 1/2 in the car during peak seasons. totaly took us about 2hrs, actually not bad at all. Finally!! We have reach Legoland !! This is the Front door of Legoland hotel, let's take a look inside the hotel, It's amazing !! Lego fans! get ready to say "Wow!!" Omg!! Build with Legos !! Hanging on the wall!! For those who are fans of mini figure, don't forget to exchange with the service trader there. Or you may ask any of those hotel employee to exchange their mini figures clip on their uniform. Don't be shock, take a look beneath the bicycle wheel (magnifier) all are mini figure hanging on the wall. And that giant Lego guy is riding left and right to show you how huge they are. There are disco's lights in the each very single lift as well !! As soon as we put down our backpack, we dash to the Lego land in no time. Lego land, here we come !! GO GO GO Dare you to try this one!! This way to the WET water park, "Get out my way !! shorty!!" Shouted the giant figure..... Waterfun time!!! Lego land water park! A great place to burn your kids energy!! Remember to bring a waterproof camera or video !!! Or you will regret ! Oh! Forget to mention the famous common food - Lasi lomak at the waterpark. It's so yummy that I can't forgive myself not to take one more dish and eat with the chili sauce is a MUST I tell you (Singlish) After a long day, you must be hungry or your kids do ?! instead of resting in the hotel, there is another choice outside the lego land. Mall of Medini . The ones whose durian die hard fans must die die try this "durian durian" order it before you take your main dishes it's the best sell item . @Secret Recipe Curry laksa noodle , yummy !! Last but not the lease, Breakfast place. Lego fans, get ready to catch pours of Legos.s.s.s.s. More will be coming up ! guys !! stay tune !!!