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  1. 寄望能每一天都帶著這笑容😊 你說多好呢? @ Tiu Keng Leng https://t.co/xvyWwGZkwQ

  2. 0%脂肪高鈣牛奶飲品,一杯提供15%每日所需膳食纖維,有助腸道健康之餘~🥛 奶味仲比以前更香濃! @ Hong Kong https://t.co/9TkQRvtEkB

  3. 金鳳茶王配 ”低脂” 芝士奶蓋 真係覺得自己愈飲愈肥😲 . 📍Heeretea • Tsim… https://t.co/VQwNkisLU4

  4. 焙茶🍂 v.s. 抹茶🍵… https://t.co/o9BwyRnl6d

  5. 端午節快樂🐉🎋 @ Bintan Island https://t.co/dAX1hcZgBA

  6. RT @Squawka: Cristiano Ronaldo's #WorldCup game by numbers vs. #ESP : 94% pass accuracy 35 passes 5 aerial duels won 4 fouls won 4 shots 3…

  7. A place where I have been missing out for so… https://t.co/jnSsiW5Ux3

  8. 前幾日難得出太陽🌞 好多公公婆婆都去咗晾衫呀👚👕👖 @ Hong Kong https://t.co/Wb01nlqxyU

  9. Checkpoint done ✅ @ Hong Kong https://t.co/GyGwBPkCTD

  10. 奇蹟之班戟 “批” @ Flipper’s https://t.co/CLgkB9iDUq https://t.co/8EU9LBTstt

  11. 奇蹟之班戟 “批” @ Flipper’s

    開業至今,呢間位於希慎廣場既人氣班戟店都一直咁多人排隊。正當班戟熱潮好似減退少少既時候,原來 Flipper’s 已經開始推出 “班戟批” 啦! Flipper’s Pancake Pie 班戟批 只供外賣,原來係以一層脆酥皮、一層吉士、一層班戟做成。 Pancake Pie Takeaway 班戟批外賣 Pancake Pie 班戟批 分別有兩種口味,「原味班戟批」,「檸檬芝士班戟批」。 前者係較簡單又甜甜地既楓糖吉士,後者係帶酸既檸檬酸味,配自家製既芝士忌廉。 Original Pancake Pie 原味班戟批 Pancake Pie with Lemon Cream Cheese 檸檬芝士班戟批 酥皮非常脆口,而班戟層有別一般梳乎厘班戟,比較實淨。 如果唔想排隊,外賣一試都唔錯喔! Flippers Address: i.t blue block, 6/F, Hysan Place, 500 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay Telephone: 2367 2133 Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11:00 – 22:30 Source
  12. This is my MO BOX!!!📦 呢個百寶盒有張 MO SIM,提供 20GB 全速… https://t.co/qjJRpq2YKH

  13. Famed Thai Restaurant Opens in New Town Plaza @ Nara Thai Cuisine https://t.co/tyQGypbUsQ https://t.co/GWVCVyJmIt

  14. One of Bangkok’s best Thai restaurants, Nara Thai Cuisine, has recently opened at New Town Plaza in Sha Tin. It’s one of those kinds that serves traditional Thai cuisines in a modern classy way, which also specialises in serving Thai signature “boat noodles”. Nara Thai Cuisine Coconut Milk Shake 椰奶沙冰 We start by having a sweet coconut milk shake, so chilled and sweet; followed by my favourite Salmon Carpaccio that is served with a tangy chili fish sauce dip. The salmon is thinly cut and garnished with garlic and chili slices. Salmon Carpaccio 泰式三文魚刺身 A simple and popular Tom Yum Kung comes next in an individual golden saucepan, cooked with plenty of kaffir lime leaves, fresh galangal and chopped lemongrass, whilst the soup base is slightly more sour than hot. Tom Yum Kung 冬蔭功 Another favourite is the soft shell crab with yellow curry, with a thick consistency that goes best with steamed rice or butterfly pea rice and roti prata. Soft Shell Crab Yellow Curry with Roti Prata 黃咖喱軟殼蟹配印度薄餅 Fried Butterfly Pea Rice with Crispy Fish & Thai Herbs 泰式香草脆魚炒蝶豆花飯 Last but not least, we have tried two boat noodles. One has tom yum soup base with glass noodles and pork balls, another has a sweet and fishy rainbow soup base with thin rice noodles. Tom Yum Glass Noodles with Pork & Pork Balls 清湯冬蔭功豬肉粉絲 Rainbow Soup Rice Noodles with Fish Fillet 彩虹湯魚片米粉 To finish, it is always a must to have mango sticky rice covered with coconut sauce and puffed rice, fresh mango meat; also a coconut ice cream with assorted condiments including red bean, sweet corn kernels, nata de coco, grass jelly and pandan jelly noodles etc. Mango Sticky Rice with Coconut Milk 芒果糯米飯伴椰奶 Nara Coconut Ice Cream with Assorted Thai Sweet Condiments 椰子雪糕伴8式配料 Nara Coconut Ice Cream 椰子雪糕 Nara Thai Cuisine Address: Shop 507, 5/F, New Town Plaza, 18 Sha Tin Centre Street, Sha Tin Telephone: 3188 1138 Website: https://www.naracuisine.com / https://www.facebook.com/Nara.hongkong Source
  15. 🍸New herbal tea cocktail menu at chinatanghk! #1 Ruby Sour, with… https://t.co/YMeIhIPlK5