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  1. 2nd trip to HK

    Thank you very much for your advice. Was thinking of adding more activites in 1 day but worries it will be too rush.
  2. 2nd trip to HK

    Hi, Please advice if the itinerary is feasible:- Day 1 - Ngong Ping Day 2 - Lamma Island Day 3 - Stanley and Aberdeen Day 4 - Ding Ding Trail Please advice if more activities can be added as currently we have 1 day free n easy.
  3. Prepaid data sim card

    Where can I buy a prepaid sim card that I can use for data? Example for my IPhone? Is there any package where I cam subscribe to data for 1 week? Does it includes voice?
  4. 2nd visit to HK

    Thanks alot for the suggestions. Yea we were thinkin of visitin places lik ma wan, Cheong Chau n Stanley. We will b ther for another 6 days. Yup was thinkin of high tea @ peninsular, izzit costly? Does the apm mall opens 24 hours, wanted to go tereblast time but worried no transport to head back to mongkok after that.
  5. 2nd visit to HK

    We have covered ngong ping,ocean's park. TST area, all d museums, the peak, Macau, central area,shatin, snoopy world n mongkok area. Any other place to recommended. Looking for a mixture of eating, shopping and sight seeing.
  6. 2nd visit to HK

    Hi all. I will be heading to HK for the 2nd time. Any place to suggest as the 1st I have visited most if the touristy area. Thanks