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  1. Need some advice on my itinerary

    Thanks for the advise and confirmation. I saw from some travel variety video. It seem that we can have seafood at 鴨脷洲市政大楼 but i just cant seem to find out any information about this place. Like how to get there. For seafood wise, do you recommend Sai Kung or 鴨脷洲市政大楼 for seafood? I know that Lamma island do have but its kind far out and i would like to have seafood for dinner thus wont be venturing out to Lamma Island. Thanks
  2. Hi I be travelling to hong kong on 12th Jan . Will be going to Macau first and I know that I can take a direct ferry from HKIA to Macau. Which ferry terminal should I go? I m staying in Sheraton Macau (12 – 15) Will be staying there for 3 days. Would like to go to Senado square and those eateries but it seems that all research does not indicate which exit or how should I go about to all this places. I saw some where that we can take Galaxy hotel shuttle bus to Senado square? I am staying in Sheraton and Venetian respectively. From Macau back to HongKong I saw that there is two ferry terminal, which is the TST ferry terminal and the Sheung Wan terminal. I m staying in Jordan. So I believe I shld go to the TST ferry terminal? HongKong (15 – 19) Coming back to HK on the 14th Jan and will most probably do star avenue that night. Would like to go to LFK and other plc of interest. 16th Jan HK Disneyland 17th Jan Would like to go to 海味街, 跑马地, Central. All possible to do so in 1 day? 18th Jan No plan.. Maybe go Shenzhen? 19th Jan Back to Homeland