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  1. RT @mayn_tw: みのりちゃんに会えた🍎 https://t.co/OyCDTJkZop

  2. RT @FUNimation: The latest #DragonBallSuper movie: #Broly comes to theaters in North America in January 2019 dubbed and subbed! Stay tuned…

  3. RT @MakiTerashima: Crazy Busters!!! #thepillows https://t.co/EGe7LvCHT3

  4. RT @Kotaku: The best cosplay from Anime Expo, the hottest cosplay show of 2018. https://t.co/Rw3vYGfBlO https://t.co/lXm3CU7hO7

  5. There was a lot more that I made into the journal vlogs since 2016 that I was thinking of putting it up onto FB, th… https://t.co/TnXWsT9n4B

  6. If ya asked me what's my current regrets this year. Losing my main YT channel account to suspension obviously for p… https://t.co/Kw6320ndi1

  7. RT @JamesPopStar: New Cute Misty #Pokemon Artwork & Model https://t.co/iHFzgwfrgC

  8. RT @e_capcom: 【つれづれロックマン】『ロックマン11』開発チームに取材に行ったら、なんとロールちゃんを動かしてくれました!かわいい〜!早くゲーム内で動くロールちゃんを見たいですね✨(カナ)#つれづれロックマン #RC11 https://t.co/UfjlrCli…

  9. RT @Hiiro_yuya: GGO見終わったので~!面白かった~~!!(*´▽`*) レンちゃん可愛い。イカれたレンちゃん凄く好き(*ˊᵕˋ*) #GGO #ガンゲイルオンライン https://t.co/qAICgZrREd

  10. RT @VIZMedia: Meet the cast of #SailorMoon today at 4 PM in the #AX2018 Autograph Area! https://t.co/dbcc9ZanGu

  11. RT @magatanozo_a: #星のカービィスターアライズ Q、どうして今回カービィ達に力を貸して冒険しようと思ったんですか? https://t.co/dbAkhwmWCP

  12. RT @NinEverything: Adeleine and Ribbon revealed as new Kirby Star Allies Dream Friend https://t.co/U3i9RLdiDe https://t.co/7zdfywlu99

  13. RT @SandyFoxWorld: Excited to see @benpronsky here! Come on by and say hello ❤️@AnimeExpo Petree Hall 6 pm @LexLang @JEFFBM @CheramiLeigh…

  14. RT @lizhi3: なぜ表紙がバニーなのか問題ですが、今回は内容に関係ある扉を描いたらどーしてもネタバレになるので、ギリギリのラインがバニーだった、という感じです #anemono https://t.co/ZtW6PEkEVi

  15. So....the first thing I'd do when I get my main YT account/channel back is delete many of the time-code comments an… https://t.co/oUzhvvS73J

  16. RT @ErikaHarlacher: I'm so incredibly excited to announce that you will be able to hear me as the new deuteragonist of YO-KAI WATCH, Hailey…

  17. @SmallBatchBob @GameStop I hear ya man, I got lucky enough to get a NES Classic controller with no problems.

  18. All the afternoon job class is gonna be so slow... and once I do, there's no going back even I'm not sure when to do after college.

  19. RT @fujimatakuya: コンプエース8月号本日発売!!表紙描かせて頂きました☆ 付録でB2のリバーシブルポスターも付属します^^ またReflectionの単行本第1巻と藤真拓哉画集「ViVidmemorial」も本日同時発売です! どれもぜひチェックして頂けたら(…

  20. RT @Parorou: Cerise, Kaz's little sister ♥ She likes bugs a lot. Drawing requested by patreon, thanks a lot for that ♥♥ https://t.co/nt4Hyr…

  21. RT @ShroomMeister: Hidomi obviously does drugs. #FLCL https://t.co/RZEFJbRBQg

  22. RT @eunospress: この季節はグラビアの仕事が増えるきららちゃん #tegaki_dt https://t.co/qo5wGgGKNq

  23. #KyaryPamyuPamyu dressed up like Princess Peach-flavored Bubblegum and can fit #Splatoon2 world quite well to be ho… https://t.co/Eg1zQx3MSx

  24. RT @mmoriqomm: https://t.co/WshwthGZ7I

  25. I've never violated any of the mentioned YouTube policies at all... It sucks that my channel still get suspended.