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  1. Advice 6D5N Hong Kong Trip

    For kids' place there is the Noah's Ark on Park Island. I heard it's quite fun!
  2. 4 days 3 nights@ HK by mid December

    When you are near Mong Kok area, check out Kam Wah (http://www.openrice.com/english/restaurant/sr2.htm?shopid=11293) They are known for their pineapple buns, especially with a slice of butter. Also, their milk tea is very good.
  3. HK trip 6D5N

    To eat near the hotel (within ten minute walk), there is: -Kau Kee (known for their beef brisket noodle): http://www.openrice.com/english/restaurant/sr2.htm?shopid=1618 -Sang Kee (known for their porridge/congee - their fish belly and chicken marinated in wine especially good): http://www.openrice.com/english/restaurant/sr2.htm?shopid=3023&tc=sr1 For coffee shops in Sheung Wan for a break there is: -Common Room -Brew Bros -18 Grams Tea place to relax: -Teakha (the area of Tai Ping Shan has nice boutiques shops as well. a mix of local and newer shops) For quickness, you can take the airport express to "Hong Kong" station, which is the last stop, then there is a free shuttle that drops you off at your hotel.
  4. 3D3N HK trip itinerary recommendation needed

    What type of shopping are you looking to do? Western brands or more local? Since you will be with your kids do you require time in between to allow them to nap? The main places depend on what you are seeing. As you named some of the shopping places such as citygate and the prada outlet, they are a bit further out compared to the city center.