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  1. HK trip 6D5N

    Need some suggestion, Ocean park will close at 6pm, rite? Can suggest any interesting place to go or famous foods to eat (nearby) after 6pm? i don't want to go back hotel so early.
  2. HK trip 6D5N

    thank you so much Nettie...
  3. HK trip 6D5N

    Nettie, do Ding Ding Travel have any website to browse or not as i try to google but i can;t find it? thanks
  4. HK trip 6D5N

    thanks Nettie. Is there any price different if purchase online or purchase thru Ding Ding Travel? Ding Ding Travel sell Disneyland ticket only or other entrance ticket also have? Craven, thanks for the info. will jot it down in my schedule.
  5. HK trip 6D5N

    thanks Craven & Hongkongyan. Man Wah coffee shop still operate during evening time as after ocean park, i think the time will be around 4 sth. Btw, may i know where can i purchase all the entrance tickets? do i need to purchase online (thru their website) or i buy it when i go to HK? thanks again...
  6. HK trip 6D5N

    thanks hongkongyan. will reconsider again...i also think that quite rush for day 3....
  7. HK trip 6D5N

    thanks craven & hongkongyan. i had rearrange my schedule. please help me to check is it ok or not?? the schedule looks so tight... Day 1 -Arrive HKIA 1.30pm -Check in hotel (Ibis Sheung Wan) -Avenue of Star -Hong Kong Skyline -Hong Kong Science Museum -Harbour City (Shopping) -Fa Yuen Street Day 2 -Breakfast (Hotel / Hoi On / Foh Kee) -Disneyland -Lunch & Dinner (inside Disneyland) Day 3 -Breakfast ( Hotel / Hoi On / Foh Kee) -Ocean Park -Victoria Peak -Madame Tussauds -Peak Tram Day 4 -Lantau Island -Big Buddha -Ngong Ping 360 -Lunch (Po Lin Monostery) -Wisdom Path -City Gate Mall -Dinner Day 5 -Macau (1 day trip) Day 6 -Breakfast at hotel -Use airport express to airport -Flight 1.30pm Which itinerary is better?? the first or second one? please help me on it... thanks in advance....
  8. HK trip 6D5N

    Look alright but the Victoria Park visit on the 1st day seems odd as it's located in Causeway Bay, you'll have to go back and forth between Central and Causeway Bay. Are you visiting there for any special purpose? Or is it Hong Kong Park located near Peak Tram terminal instead (which's more make sense since you're going to The Peak after that) - Sorry..should be victoria peak (correct me if i'm wrong). it's nearby the madame Tussauds HK There are nothing around Disneyland except a man made lake and the 2 Disney hotels, so you'll have to do all the dining inside the park I'm afraid. You've no choice. - thanks for the info The Sneakers Street (actual name is Fa Yuen Street) is in Mongkok and not close to Ocean Park at all. -which day do u think is suit to slot in? should slot into day 5 after harbour city mall shopping? Citygate Outlet Mall in Tung Chung is where you can shop after the Big Buddha visit and cable car ride. You may have veggie lunch (set menu) in Po Lin Monastery. Remember to purchase the meal vouchers at Big Buddha ticketing booth (downstairs the Big Buddha) once you arrive because sometimes it may be sold out especially during weekends/holidays. Other than the Buddha itself, follow signs and walk to Wisdom Path which takes roughly 30mins or so, nice place with scenic nature view. - thank you so much for the good info.... There is an old and traditional dim sum tea house named Lin Heung in Sheung Wan that's worth to try. It's the very old type of tea house that patrons need to grab seats and grab dim sum by themselves, as well as share table with strangers. If you don't mind helping yourself and the slightly messy environment, it's quite a good way to experience the old-hong-kong lifestyle though. - thank you. For Day 3, ocean park...the place will close at 6pm. any idea or good suggestion where can go during night time or good dinner can recommend? thank you so much bbgirl.
  9. HK trip 6D5N

    here is my itinerary. Anyone can help me to check whether is it ok? Day 1 -Arrive HKIA around 1pm -reach hotel (Ibis Hotel Sheung Wan) -late lunch ( Kau Kee) -Victoria Park -Madame Tussauds HK -Peak Tream -Dinner (anyone can recommend)? Day 2 -Hotel Breakfast -Disneyland (whole day) Lunch & Dinner (in Disneyland or anyone can recommend nearby restaurant) Day 3 -Breakfast (hotel or nearby hotel) dim sum or ....Sang kee -Ocean park (10am-6pm) is it too long time spend in ocean park? Dinner - anyone can recommend? -thinking to go 'sport shoe' market? is it nearby? Day 4 -Breakfast (hotel or nearby) -Lantau Island -Big Buddha -Ngong Ping 360 -any other interesting place to intro? lunch and dinner -nearby (any foods to recommend?) any place for shopping? night time- any places to go? Day 5 Breakfast (Hotel or nearby) or any famous breakfast to recommend? Avenue of star Hongkong skyline Hong kong science museum Harbour City Mall Lunch & Dinner (any place to recommend?) Any other place to go as i think the about 4 places no need to spend for whole day... maybe can slot some other interesting places or shopping? Night time- any place to go? Day 6 Stay hotel as flight time is 1.30pm Need to go airport at 10am ( is it too early)? Thanks in advance...
  10. HK trip 6D5N

    thanks hongkongyan..might consider using taxi as u said
  11. HK trip 6D5N

    bbgirl, quite expensive...anyway, thanks for your info.
  12. HK trip 6D5N

    thanks bbgirl. May i know how much (estimate) is the price from airport to hotel if using taxi?
  13. HK trip 6D5N

    thanks Anita for ur great recommendation...
  14. HK trip 6D5N

    Hi, i'll be going to HK mid of next month.(Dec) bring my parents and my kids. First time going. Any suggestion for attraction places and nice foods? The places that i will go are disneyland, ocean park and lantau island. Other than that, no more idea. Disneyland (1 day). Ocean park & Lantau island (is it enough for half day or need to spend whole day?) if half day, any interesting place to visit nearby ocean park? I'll staying at Ibis hotel ( sheung wan). Any recommeded foods to eat and interesting places to visit around the hotel that i stay? May i know what transport is better to use (bus, taxi or train) from airport to Ibis Hotel? as i'll arrive in HK at 1pm. Lantau island is it near the peak and the Ngo Ping 360? Sorry for asking a lot of questions thanks