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  1. Holiday class for meself. #chinesepapercutting https://t.co/b1TOyNnpUI

  2. Handmade satin ribbon roses for the one you loved. Please allow at least 1 week allowance after you have made your… https://t.co/PZVpOdtZxE

  3. We always have post-tuition activities. Anyone likes this boardgame? #playhardstudysmart https://t.co/ggXn1uEPU4

  4. When we met accidentally xD @ Cafe Haru, Tmn Cantek https://t.co/rJPQlKD8DD

  5. https://t.co/nkKJRBv3xt Spread the words please because sharing is caring ❤️ https://t.co/7NdhPRcUJE

  6. Have yourself a merry blingy Christmas~~ ✨🎄❄️ . . Ho! Ho! Ho! Christmas is coming~ 🎄🎄🎅🏻 Wondering what Christmas gi… https://t.co/ka147uIDeK

  7. 親愛的哥斯拉🦕 生辰歡樂最逍遙 紅日當頭頂天照 天天快活沒煩惱 行善行樂福圍繞 😘 https://t.co/aoJtqIWO3c

  8. First try in making a 3D paper quilling miniature. #paperquillingart #miniaturefood https://t.co/ItE25H6TND

  9. Look at those moving clouds. There are real fast. I wonder whats the windspeed up there. As once my instrcutor told… https://t.co/rPrssgZK24

  10. Can you guess what is the gender of the frog? Hints on the last page. ?? or ??? https://t.co/iAIheOWv80

  11. Choose what you love and love what you choose ❤️ . . Ho! Ho! Ho! Christmas is coming~ ???? Wondering what Christmas… https://t.co/sTS6HNhrFS

  12. Pringles and Citadel. Happy Diwali! https://t.co/Jd6N3mC7h4

  13. Charm charming charms, who is the charmer-est of all? . . Ho! Ho! Ho! Christmas is coming~ ???? Wondering what Chr… https://t.co/MpdHlFsCug

  14. Vocabulary Battleship game that we did last night. "Hit!" "Miss!" "One ship down!" #battleshipgame… https://t.co/A5rcdqZiS7

  15. 朋友的明信片只等了10天 而我痴痴地等了十五天 終於從台灣飛來了 可能是因為她的明信片是10塊錢的 好選不選我選了張15塊的⋯⋯⋯ 明明就同一個地方同一天寄? https://t.co/yBSN1CfIMG