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  1. I have two happy pills. 😍 #nephewandniece https://t.co/bGkzBMtald

  2. Just posted a photo @ Dock In Hostel - Kota Kinabalu https://t.co/i16SYkddpu

  3. The altocumulus. Thank God Its Friday. And my assignment is going to due two days later. 1.5k words more. God bless… https://t.co/SdfT1vgLpC

  4. 臨終需要關懷,可是不要等到臨終才來關懷。#善生善終 #用生命說故事 #馮以量 @ Kian Kok Middle School 亚庇建国中学 https://t.co/DUGhn73IYC

  5. First try in video editing. Hahahahahaha @ Taman Tun Fuad, Bukit Padang https://t.co/L4eT5MBBfI

  6. If you’re happy and you know it take a Loop~ @ Loop House - City Mall https://t.co/397PzseLQQ

  7. Paper crane chopstick stand~ https://t.co/HqofDLhMng

  8. 또... @ The Bab's Korean Bbq Likas https://t.co/xPylusdGhz

  9. When you are working hard on your long-procrastinated project and SESB decided to crack a joke on you. The best thi… https://t.co/6R3IKX2f2t

  10. Finally a complete round of playing with… https://t.co/o7mCheen03

  11. From the day you were born into this world, you… https://t.co/PoqDmRCn80

  12. Being brother and sister means being there for… https://t.co/YewpzsHF96

  13. 林家的太陽花😂 https://t.co/uXTD2VHGI4

  14. My cute niece Gabriella. #babygirl https://t.co/TdAwR4Aa6C

  15. 我有可愛到嗎?😂 https://t.co/rRmYrD3UhR