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  1. 7days hk& macau

    hi, thanks so much for the help. if i need anymore help will look for u again! thanks again!
  2. 7days hk& macau

    for macau, those places that im going is it too pack? or just nice for a day trip? as im still getting some goodies back, what are the famous goodies that i should get back? for tai-o, decided to take bus 11 back to tung chung mtr in case not enough time for us to walk as i have few places to go at big buddha that area. will bus 11 be a long journey back to tung chung mtr? how long does it take from tai po to yuen long? not getting the wife cake at there as i notice tsim sha tsui have 1outlet, but still going yuen long for dinner (Ho To Tai Noodle Shop to buy egg Noodles, Tai Tung Wife Biscuit Shop, 新記煲仔雞粥, Kei Kee Dessert 佳記甜品) are those places near each other? before going causeway bay im going to wan chai, so i guess i have to take mtr from Admiralty to wan chai then to causeway? so most of the xmas deco i can see it at tsim sha tsui east mtr that area? is there a doraemon theme cafe at harbour city? 1st day decided to go Australian Dairy Company and then mongkok and yau ma tei area to get some toy figuring and on the way go to Mido Café have lunch. are there any other places other than 80m bus model shop that i can get tram model?
  3. 7days hk& macau

    the 1st time i went hk i only went disneyland and ocean world. below is my new itinerary 1day - macau (大三巴牌坊 ,ah-ma temple, macau tower, Macao Giant Panda Pavilion taipa house museum, lord stew eggtart(main shop), 大利来记(凼仔总店) 1day - lantau (Po Lin Monastery, vegetrian lunch, Big Buddha, Wisdom Path) will there still be time for me to walk around at tai-o or should i go by way cable car and get back to tung chung by bus so i have more time to walk at tai-o as i know cable car service open till 6pm only. 1day - New territories (點點心點心專門店(沙田店), Ten Thousands Buddhas Monastery, Snoopy World at New Town Plaza, Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree and Tin Hau Temple., Tai Po Market Complex (is there any old walled village/old mansion that is along the way that i can visit and easy to reach? where else should i go as im not going on weekend.) 1day - wong tai sin temple, kowloon wall city park, kowloon food district. (what else should i add in for the day?) 1day - Hong Kong Industrial Centre 香港工業中心 for shopping, (is there any other places i can get cheaper rate clothing?), temple street for claypot rice( what are the famous shop?) 1day - Chau Kee Dian Xin, lian xiang lou, Middle Level Escalator, vintage look starbucks at Duddell Street, causeway bay ( how do i connect the places by tram? ) as im going on 1st week of dec, im sure the xmas lighting are out, which mall should i go for xmas lighting? 1st day(sun) i will reach my hotel at around 7+am, which of the above trip will you recommend me to go? for the last day(sat) of my trip as my flight is at night, i will only be leaving at about 3-4pm, where should i go?
  4. 7days hk& macau

    hi shirousa, its ok to merge,as they are the same thing. Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery is there any bus for me to go there or it must be a walk ? i cant find Kam Tin MTR station, are you referring to kam shueng road MTR Station? what is the timing for kam tin weekend market and what it sell? what is kam tin country park about? yes, i am going to snoopy world at new town plaza, is it near to the mtr station? are there any food that you can introduce to me at new territories? it will be best if its along the way that you suggested me to follow. kowloon walled city park, are there any more historic things for me to see? huang tai xian temple. is there anywhere else nearby for me to walk around? are there any more places that you will suggest me to go? as i still have about 4days haven decide where to visit and eat.
  5. 7days hk& macau

    hi all.. need some help on where to go~~ 2nd time to hk 1day- macau 1day- lantau island 1day- new territories ( Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery, Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree & Tin Hau Temple, yuen long wife biscuits) how do i get around all this places? and what other places can i go?) below are some places i want to go : stanley market( what can i do there and how i go?) temple street kowloon inner city where else can i visit?
  6. 7days hk& macau

    hi all, need some help on going to macau.. do anyone of you know can i go macau straight from hk airport? if yes, how? places i wanted to go ah ma cultural village(is the temple inside too?), tai pa village (what can i do at there? as i see from some blogs they say its a nice place to walk) macau giant panda pavilion, Ruins of St Paul, Macau Fisherman’s Wharf. (what can i do at there?) how do i link up all this places together? is there anymore nice place i should not miss out? what goodies is famous at there to bring back and what are the nice food i shouldn't miss out when im at there. if possible pls provide me the link/ address and how do i go there. thanks!
  7. Famous roast goose, suckling pig, and Peking duck

    may i know is the roast goose that can be airpack and take up to plane still available? if yes, where is it located at?
  8. Inn Hotel at Mongkok

    hi. does anyone heard of inn hotel located at mongkok before? i not sure about the address as it was introduced by a travel agency. thanks!
  9. wife biscuits (Laopobing)

    Hang hueng outlet at mongkok is close.
  10. Tid bits in Hong Kong

    does any one know where what is the opening time for 陳意齋 Chan Yee Jai ?? is the outlet at 旺角太子道西157號地下3號舖 still around??
  11. Dim Sum restaurant

    Between dim dim sum and 莲香楼 which hv a shorter que?
  12. Egg tarts

    Where is tai cheong located at? is there any nice egg tart near TST or prince edward MTR? as i want to take back hometown.
  13. wife biscuits (Laopobing)

    Is hang Heung outlet at mongkok still around? Where is kee wah located at?
  14. Ocean Park

    does all 629 now go to ocean park from tin hua MTR station? does admiralty MTR station still have the bus service?
  15. hk tram

    I will be staying at TST, which will be the nearest ding ding I can take and go down at where?