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  1. HK & Macau Trip 9D8N

    \hi,on 19 Dec we will reach HKIA around 1.30pm by the time we get to hotel and freshen it will be evening time. I guess we could not get to go place that are far from our hotel. We stay at Jordan. I would like to ask any attraction over there ? so we can walk around there and more convenient for us.
  2. HK & Macau Trip 9D8N

    how much HKD should i prepare for 9Days 8Nights trip ?? im dilemma
  3. HK & Macau Trip 9D8N

    Hi, in Macau beside visit Ruins of St.Paul's and casino any other attraction that we should visit ? any food we should try at Macau ?
  4. HK & Macau Trip 9D8N

    oohh..thanks for the info ...so i have to go disneyland, ocean park and macau before the school holiday started. If Public Holiday what kind of shop will be close ??
  5. HK & Macau Trip 9D8N

    When should i go for Disneyland, Ocean Park and Macau? is it go on weekdays is better ?
  6. HK & Macau Trip 9D8N

    oh reli...good to hear that ...this year which place do have christmas decoration ? and normally where did hk people countdown ??
  7. HK & Macau Trip 9D8N

    thanks nettie for the info. i heard that during christmas period the price for the food in hk will be double up, is it right ?
  8. HK & Macau Trip 9D8N

    can i know what is the bus number to Jordon ? Besides that any promotion is going on or to get cheaper price for any entrance ticket ??
  9. HK & Macau Trip 9D8N

    Thanks bbgirl..appreciate your reply .. May i know which transportation is better to reach hotel from airport ? by bus or taxi ?
  10. HK & Macau Trip 9D8N

    Thanks hongkong yan for the recommendation. besides that any shopping mall that selling clothes / shirt on cheaper price like Argyle centre ?? During that period how is the weather ?
  11. HK & Macau Trip 9D8N

    Hi, Thanks for the reply .. 19/12/2014 - Friday 1.30pm : reach HKIA (we will get our octopus card , simcard and will visit tourism info counter as well to get more information) 2.30pm : take bus to hotel ( Golden Wave Hotel at Jordon ) 3.30pm : check in hotel and freshen up 4.30pm : out from hotel to search for food ( lunch+dinner = any recommendation ?) 5.30pm : maybe will choose one of the famous street to look around. (temple street maybe) here are only some of our itinerary ...we are still planning. i will list down some of the places that we wish to go hope it could help you to give us some suggestion. Places to go Avenue stars Argyle centre Wongkok "San Zhi Seng" Langham Place ( heard that the Christmas decoration over there is nice) Disneyland Ocean Park Macau ( one day trip) Lamma Island Madamme Tussads , Peak tram , Sky terrace Tai Yu San, Ngong ping cable car Food 瑞記咖啡 Sun Kee Cart Noodles (新記車仔麵) Kam Wah Cafe (金華冰廳) Honolulu Coffee Shop (檀島咖啡餅店) Wonton Noodle Shop (759 雲吞麵) Nam Loong Café 南龍冰室 祥香園茶餐廳 Lan Fong Yuen (蘭芳園) australian dairy company any street food that you will recommend us ? Thank you.
  12. HK & Macau Trip 9D8N

    Hi Admin, I will going to Hong kong with my boyfriend on 19/12/2014 to 27/12/2014. This is my first time to visit HK. I have no idea for my itinerary yet. I would appreciate if you could plan / suggest some of the attraction place and and good food during my trip to Hong Kong and Macau. We will go Macau for a day trip only. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.