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  1. Words Meaning

    haha, Im writing a song, so cant use cantonese words but trying to phrase it to match cantonese style.我 does it matter in front or last ?
  2. Words Meaning

    不值得你地担心我 定係 我不值得你地担心 in cantonese ?
  3. Words Meaning

    i had a wonderful catch up with hk frens last week. Love this place. The mountains. They were saying 爱 been used in their place. I guess, its been mixed after Asia influence.
  4. Words Meaning

    Some people use this in replacement of 我要 in speech and writing。 我唔moi (I don't want) or 我爱oi (I want) is that correct?
  5. Words Meaning

    Written in cantonese pin yin as jat ji, but pronounce as "yai yi"something like you just mop the floor, so we reply 地下 yai yi, similiar to yai yai as 顽皮音法。
  6. Words Meaning

    執笠 = 1) closed down for business and bankruptcy or 2) purely closed down for business? 線上睇到有個辯論題。 一邊嘅人話淨係倒闭,另一班人話係倒闭同破产一齊。 Which meaning is correct? Floor is slippery or smooth to step on, i heard it is called "jai ji". What the chinese character for this ?
  7. Tseung Kwan O Chinese Permanent Cemetery guide

    Haha, Thanks, I found it from a fan and we are meeting up too. Really hope to catch up w u Haha, Thanks, I found it from a fan and we are meeting up too. Really hope to catch up w u
  8. Hi experts, by Mtr faster ? How to get there after that? How to get to Section 15 ? Is 台/Level/No means Row number ? cos I notice another grave state as section 15/ row 6/ No. 25.Am I missing out the grave details ? what i have is Section 15, Level 26 only. Tseung Kwan O Chinese Permanent Cemetery
  9. 2D/3D laser engraving in HK

    Thanks All, I found it !
  10. 2D/3D laser engraving in HK

    Anyone know any online shop in HK has engraving photo with wording on either star or piano glass/acrylic shape material ? If only have walk in shop, i need it done up by one day. As I am travelling to HK for 4 days only.
  11. food allowed to bring back Hong Kong

    Thanks Michael !
  12. Words Meaning

    兩位,8月1到4日應該會從深圳過嚟香港度,希望搵你哋嘅機會。 travel dates 肯定後,再話你哋知。點連絡?forum冇電郵。
  13. Words Meaning

    Opps.. Sorry ! my in law loves it most when I tell her I am blessed to have her. So I tot its individual feeling, did not know its culture differences too. Apology. Gd to learn more culture differences in future. Our SG cantonese is mixed up, that why what I learned from u, they nvr heard of. becos im used to talking to my hk frens, i tends to pick up like them, n i think the way hk spk is better than SG. But too bad, I can only communicate in written form with them as all of us are at work. My in law is China version mode ! n my hubby 50% cos he used the other local dialect more n lost touch in pure canto. I ever heard abt a hk person who don't like people to mix english with cantonese. That person says it make that language bad to do that and it angers him
  14. Words Meaning

    so 啲 as 個D嘢 (那个东四 or 那个小东西) 幸福 because it did not happen by chance and very blessed to be able to have strangers extending their hands, not to mention u help me every day, looked thru every word to correct my mistakes and not asking for anything and school fees. TQ, just waiting for the day I can go over ! is there a 秘笈 sold in HK that I can buy to find answers to ? forward email - same as mandarin ? centralised customsed generic email - same as mandarin? I used 得 as "得can 用use" in english version. Haha, sorry wrong again 可以不可以 = 得唔得?
  15. Words Meaning

    噉樣講,係唔係乜嘢有"少少"意思,都得用? 唔係嘅話,請問該點用? 小心啲? I heard people said 個D嘢, the "D" in chinese is ? 唔該嗮! 得識你哋好幸福☆☆☆XD