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  1. 5D4N in HK, how should I plan my trip?

    Well, toddlers don't have the patience to queue. I'm still considering whether to go or not. I remember the ticket prices being way cheaper when I last visited about 7-8 yrs ago... Now the price is just slightly cheaper than Disneyland. I have an elderly with me, not worth for elderly since they can't take much rides and similar for toddlers also. So, going to Citygate shopping might be a better choice but I have another family with me so depends on majority decision. It's up to you if you want to spend full day if you don't have elderly or very young kids and are willing to wait. But if you spend full day and also Disneyland 1 whole day too, then you might not have time for other attractions. Maybe visiting 1 of the attractions is enough? Just personal opinion..
  2. Riot in HK??

    Heard there was riot in HK: http://news.asiaone.com/news/asia/hk-activists-say-beijing-brutally-strangled-democracy-vow-action HK still safe I suppose...?
  3. 5D4N in HK, how should I plan my trip?

    Hey, I'm visting HK around the same time period as you! But I have a small kid 3 yrs old and 1 eldery (>60yrs), so I have to plan more relaxed schedule. My estimated plan as follows: 6/9 Sat: 4-5pm Reach hotel, have dinner then visit Ladies Market and back to hotel. 7/9 Sun: Flower market, Goldfish market, Yum cha, Mongkok shopping 8/9 Mon Ocean park half day or Citygate Outlet shopping half day, shopping@TST then Symphony of Lights 9/9 Tue Victoria Peak, Causeway bay/Central/Hongkong Island shopping, Temple street 10/9 Wed Some light shopping around Kowloon station area Not going Disneyland HK, as had bad experience years ago... too small and many mainlanders cutting queues...
  4. Fa Yuen Street?

    What does Fa Yuen street sell generally? And what's the best time to visit?
  5. Michelin Guide 2011

    Oic.. is it easily crowded there? I may try but without reservation
  6. Useful Cantonese Words in Hong Kong

    I heard there are 2 different thank yous, so when to use "Ng Goi" or "Duo jie"?
  7. Price for baby item in HK

    Malaysia is definitely cheaper than HK and not only just for baby stuff... HK pricing is almost same as Singapore I think, and Malaysia already cheaper than Singapore so....
  8. Michelin Guide 2011

    Saw on another website: http://www.soshiok.com/content/michelin-meals-hk-under-50 Anyone tried these restaurants? Are they as good as reported?
  9. Food Cost Planning

    Heard price of food has gone up... i.e. a plate of curry fried rice is about HKD 60...?
  10. Egg tarts

    Yea, part of HK's culture to share table with people to make sure no space is wasted! Already knew about this during last trip to HK. I saw a long queue in some of the pictures and on google maps too, I just hope the queue moves very fast.. I've got an impatient toddler with me
  11. Egg tarts

    Oh thanks for the recommendation! HKD 6 is ok I guess. I saw some reviews on Kam Wah, seems like it's always crowded?
  12. Egg tarts

    Where to find nice, affordable egg tarts?
  13. The Peak and Madame Tussauds

    There are long queues for the Peak tickets? Was planning to buy them there... If online buy, do the tickets have designated dates that you MUST go on that date? Or are the dates flexible?
  14. Ocean Park

    Haven't been to Ocean Park for almost 10 years, not sure what it's like there now. Are there long queues to be expected for the rides? The last time I went, I remember the queues being reasonable, not sure if they are snaky long like in Disneyland now? And, are there signboards that display waiting time for the rides? Like in Disneyland or Universal Studios?
  15. Hong Kong restaurants

    For Yung Kee, I was advised to make reservation especially for the roast goose. Their website provided an email for reservation and a phone number. It said to use phone call for reservation of more than 6 people but I don't know cantonese (and long distance calls not cheap). So I used the email for reservation instead. Anyone tried using their email for reservation and got a confirmation?