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  1. Free or paid Cantonese opera performances?

    Thank you!!
  2. Free or paid Cantonese opera performances?

    Bummer, thanks for that...trying to figure out another way to get them! Might end up going to a paid Cantonese opera performance. Do you know when The Sunbeam Theatre usually updates their programme? They are only showing July and August. I imagine September programme would be available early August? I have tried contacting them with no luck. Thanks!
  3. Free or paid Cantonese opera performances?

    Thanks for that. If I read correctly, an admission slip is required for the Cantonese opera performances/excerpts at Heritage museum. Because we won't be in the area until the afternoon the excerpt is due to be, I wonder if there is any other way we could request for them to hold two tickets for us? Can this be done through the hotel? Thank you!
  4. Hi, we will be visiting Hong Kong for the first time in September. We would like to see a Cantonese opera performance. We were thinking of seeing a free Cantonese opera excerpt at the Heritage museum or something similar. Or is it best seeing a paid Cantonese opera performance? There are a couple performances now available for reservation, at Tai Po civic theatre and Ko Shan. Just not sure if we should go ahead with making reservations, or wait until The Sunbeam Theatre releases their September programme and see what Cantonese opera performances they have on offer. Any advice or feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!!