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  1. My 5D4N trip. Can help me check?

    But why no one seems to ask me to take airport express? My main purpose is to ferry 7 adult and 1 baby to airport when I am going back. Most of the forum said take bus A21 or E21 or even hire cab but not this MTR airport express. Mean this line is inconvenient in taking? If it is convenient, I am sure many would have suggest me to take MTR rather than bus or cab.
  2. My 5D4N trip. Can help me check?

    Can anyone enlighten me on Airport Express Card? It seems that is for tourist only. This card can use like optupus? Also there is MTR to airport?
  3. Price for baby item in HK

    Quite expensive also.. I guess I am gonna bring my own diapers. Lol. For fresh milk also not cheap. Here in Malaysia can get about HKD12 for a local brand.. For HKD20 we can get imported Farmhouse brand or Emmi
  4. My 5D4N trip. Can help me check?

    Is there any dresscode when visiting Madame Tussuard? I am wearing shorts pant. Is it ok? I dun plan to bring jeans over there
  5. Price for baby item in HK

    Anyone can roughly let me know how much diapers cost in HK? Say Huggies, Mamy Poko etc. Quantity and price. I am thinking if it's about more and less the same in Msia, I would buy it in HK. How bout Fresh Milk price in HK? Do they have fresh milk selling in 7/11? What is the common brand in HK and price for a liter?
  6. My 5D4N trip. Can help me check?

    Thanks a lot hongkongyan!
  7. My 5D4N trip. Can help me check?

    1. What is the best affordable lunch I can get at The Peak? I heard Mak's Noddles is there and taste good right? 2. If I eat One Dim Sum at night say 7pm, will it be less crowded? Cause dim sum is spose to eat in the morning. haha 3. I heard there is no baby chair provided in most of the cha chan teng right? 4. After visiting The Peak, is the best way to take Star Ferry is take bus 15C and stop at last station which is St John Building and walk to Central Star Ferry? Will take to TST and take MRT back to Prince Edward 5. Any recommendation food in Ocean Park? 6. I had bought Crystal ticket for Ngong Ping. I am sure my parent are not able to climb all those stairs. Beside that, what can be done there if they doesn't want to climb stairs? Also any recommendation food there? 7. Temple streets looks quite far from Prince Edward. I think my parent cant walk that far hence we will only be going to Ladies Street. Any recommendation dinner there? Thanks and thanks
  8. Big transport? AIrport transfer

    I think u r correct. I will either take 2 taxis or A21. But still unsure if it is too troublesome to bring baby up the bus with so many luggage and stroller. Cant imagine taking a bus..haha
  9. My 5D4N trip. Can help me check?

    I think I get what u mean.. Ok let me rearrange thing to see if I am able to meet the time correctly. Thanks
  10. Big transport? AIrport transfer

    Thanks a lot. Will certainly call up this company.. According to Sang Kee, we cant take 8 seater cause luggage too much. About 7 luggages. Hence need 24 seater which is too big and costly.
  11. Big transport? AIrport transfer

    Illegal? Ohh.. I didn't know bout it.. It seems that the website name hongkong cabs so I assume it is normal cab and not those illegal one. If take bus such as A21, I am not sure if this will be ok cause we have senior parents, kids and baby. With quite a lot of luggage and stroller, do u think it is ok for that? Also I am talking about picking up from Hotel to HKIA when going back. From HKIA to my hotel, I am taking bus A21.
  12. My 5D4N trip. Can help me check?

    Hi... thanks for the suggestion. Day 1 - I thought the Star Ferry could be taken in place of MTR. For example going back from Avenue of Star back to Prince Edward. Like a transportation or something. Anyway, I would change it to other day and preferable at night ride as I can see Symphony of Lights. Thanks Day 2 - Yeah, I think I will go more to lady street, temple street more.. Thanks for highlighting yah.. Day 4 - Alight at Tun Shung MRT right?
  13. Big transport? AIrport transfer

    What is the best way to travel from Prince Edward to HK Airport with 4 adults, 2 kids and 1 baby? Buses like A21 and E21 ok boh? With so 5-6 big luggage as well as baby stroller etc. Or is it possible to call up mini van service. I heard cost about USD40 for a Hiace Van DO u think it is ok to book on this website? They seems to have minivan http://hongkongcabs.com/rates.html It cost about USD40 for trip from Kowloon to airport (I am staying in Prince Edward)
  14. My 5D4N trip. Can help me check?

    Accommodation: 3 BDR APT@ Prince Edward MTR Prince Edward Road West, Prince Edward, Hong Kong At the HK airport Buy (1) Discover HK Tourist SIM Card (5-days pass for HK$69 – 1.5GB of mobile data usage) (2) Octopus card (Upfront HKD$810) (3) CTS- Attractions tickets Day 1@10 Jun (Tues) Lunch @ HK T2- 千味 (one level down) HKD$40-80/pax range Take A21 Bus/Mtr to Prince Edward MTR, meet Bonnie- check in (around 4pm) & Relax Take MTR to Tsim Sha Tsui Station – Visit Avenue of star, Symphony of Lights (8pm show), Star Ferry cruise (HKD$2.5A, HKD$1.5) Dinner Day 2@11 Jun (Wed) Wake up & ready by 7.30am. Breakfast- Nearby eatery Need to reach the Peak before 9.20am (Take Peak tram, if too crowded, to take Bus No 15) Peak Tram + Sky Terrace, Madame Tussaud- Before 11am Lunch - Tsui Wah Restaurant (abt HK50-100/pax range) Shop 1A, G/F, The Peak Galleria (eg; fish balls noodle soup, tomato pork chop rice plate) Back Apartment @4pm to rest Night – Dinner, walk Apliu street, Ladies street, Temple street etc Day 3@12 Jun (Thu) Wake up & ready by 8am. Breakfast- Nearby eatery 10 mins by MTR, Admiralty Station Exit B, take bus no 629- abt 30 min Ocean Park-full day (Need to plan –show timing etc) The last bus back from Ocean Park to Admiralty is at 9pm. Day 4@13Jun (Fri) Wake up & ready by 8am. Breakfast- Nearby eatery To Check how to go there Ngongping- Cable car crystal+std