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  1. 4D3N Hk + Macau

    I think you should visit more places on day 1. What time will you arrive in HK? After wandering in citygate outlet, if it's not too late, you will be able to visit Giant Buddha. I still remember the bus to Giant Buddha is number 23. You can keep your luggage at locker service on B2 in citygate with 20$HK per hour.
  2. Testimonial from members/fans

    I wish I had found this site earlier for my previous HK trip. This website is so useful and the fanpage on facebook as well. People here are really friendly, especially admin. Thank you so much! I am going to plan another HK trip some day. I definitely support this site!!!
  3. What to do in 7 days in HONG KONG

    I think you should go to the citygate outlet in Tung Chung on the first day cause it is on the way from the airport. You can take the bus S1 or taxi to Tung Chung and use the locker service to keep your luggage and enjoy there. It saves much more time for you.