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  1. Nice place for friends gathering

    This is my first time to go to D2 Place and my friend suggests me to try this Japanese restaurant because the decoration is quite special. Sushi Geikan really impress me because of the decoration! It uses lots of paper artworks to decorate and it became a ‘feature wall’. It must be a ‘check point’ for this restaurant ; P We have chosen to sit ‘Tatami’ this time, such a new experience for me as Hong Kong seldom have these type of restaurant which provide tatami to customers. We have ordered a sashimi platter, there will be total 7 types of sashimi, and all of them are fresh!! One of the sashimi (I forgot its name) looks like a flower, beautiful! We also ordered two Running Noodles as well because we have never tried that before. After ‘running’ and mixing with the noodle sauce, fantastic! The noodles was so fresh!! Probably will go next time with my family J
  2. 5D4N in HK

    Hey Thao. This plan is quite good. There are many special walls that were painted in Soho district in Central. It is good to take photos there. Will you plan to go to the bar for drinks on Day 4 at night? I suggest a Bar call "Bar pacific". The price of food and drink is relatively reasonable in HK. And there provide darts. The atmosphere was so good there. It has many branches in HK like in Shatin, TaiPo, Hung Hom, etc. I suggest you can go to Hung Hom Bar Pacific that night cause it is near to Tsim Sha Tsui. Lastly, i would recommend you to eat "DimSum" which is a traditional food in Hong Kong. And you can find a lot of DimSum restaurants in Tsim Sha Tsui too. One of restaurant I would recommend is called "Social Place". I hope you enjoy your trip to Hong Kong.
  3. Best dim sum restaurant ever

    Just discovered Open Rice has nominated Social Place for Best Restaurant award 2017 right before the deadline and casted my vote! Even though it’s over, and I can’t tell my friends to vote for them now, I still have to tell everyone about their amazing food. First off, I have to recommend their FANCY dim sum! The cute truffle mushroom bun that looks just like real mushrooms with truffle and mushroom filling, tasted awesome. The turnip cake was crisp outside, soft inside. The creative rose bun, which was shaped like a rose actually has rose fragrance! The tofu with egg just melted in my mouth, and the “fun pei” is a must try. Mmmm~ Other dishes that you cannot miss are: the black vinegar chicken, the roasted baby pigeon and the drunken chicken. They also have happy hour serving beer and wine at half priced which is a huge plus. I am definitely gonna be a regular. Highly support this awesome restaurant
  4. Best casual bar in Hong Kong

    Bar Pacific is definitely worth trying out .Very relaxing atmosphere for chilling, chatting, and having a few drinks and appetizer foods. There is a variety of wine, cocktails, and beer to choose from. We had a bottle of white wine for drink, and for the appetizers, those were definitely not bad at all and tasted great.
  5. I went to central to have lunch with my friends. I had dinner with my family at here few months ago- the restaurant of Social Place. Reli love truffle mushroom bun becoz it's so cute. I recommend you to gather with your friends at here to try the chic mushroom bun.
  6. Great place for drinks after rugby 7

    As you know that rugby 7 is going to hold this fri, and I m recently searching for places to hang out aftawards. HK stadium is a bit remote, so the nearest place to chill is causeway bay. The sky bar in lee theatre is near and the environment is nice. You can also order an oyster set and share!
  7. First time bride

    Yeah! As first time bride appear in my family, congrats to my sis~ we went to the wedding expo after the long weekday. We visited the Nice Things to try the new taste of wine, which is tomato wine. Yes~ this is my first time to try this type of wine. I tasted it is like as dry sherry and tbn it taste like kinda Chinese wine style, but I like it. And the finishing is quite long~ cool~
  8. second time in Sun Palace

    I know you guys may think I'm such a boring person as here is my second time to visit the Sun Palace. No doubt, it is a really nice restaurant for me to come with my friends again. And I ordered 3 dishes in total in this time, which are Sun Palace Cognac Lobster Bisque, Garden Salad and Alaska King Crap Leg Spaghetti for share. For the soup, it is the signature dish in the Sun Palace, hence, it definitely have a high quality. . The soup, the lobster and tomato are actually separated when the waiter bring them out. It taste really good and also really warm. I can say that It is the most delicious Cognac Lobster Bisque that I ever tried in the past few month. The Garden Salad is really plentiful ! and the Alaska King Crap Leg Spaghetti is really cheesy. But tbh I like the soup the most in this time~Bravo~
  9. First Try Yakitori in Hong Kong

    Today is my first time trying Yakitori in Hong Kong. Before I have only tried Yakitori in Japan only. I went to Aburi in Wan Chai for friend’s gathering. It is easy to recognize Aburi as there is a wonderful front door decoration. It is a wave-shaped wooden wall with the lighting at night. Awesome interior design!!! Not only the decoration, but the food there is also marvelous, especially the yakitori, which is Aburi’s masterpiece. Let me show you all my favourites. Soft-boiled quail eggs I don’t even try quail eggs skewer before!! It is really fresh for me! But the most amazing point is all the quail eggs are runny yolk. Therefore, be careful when having it!! Mince chicken stick with perilla The next one is chicken stick. It is a common dish in Japanese Yakitiori but the chicken stick in Aburi is outstanding. The source of the chicken stick is definitely delicious. And it is much tastier with the yolk. Chicken wings I love eating chicken wings but sometimes, chicken wings made from other yakitori are a bit salty and oily. However, the chicken wings in Aburi are surprise me a lot as the chicken wings are not oily but juicy. Also, they use Takesumi bamboo salt instead of simply salt we use. The Takesumi bamboo salt is less saline taste, but it has the taste a bit like mineral. **Checking point: The chicken wings would be easily boning-out by twisting the bones. It is really interesting!! Must try it!! Beef sirloin Beef sirloin skewered is also with Takesumi bamboo salt. The ingredients Aburi used are all fresh, including the beef sirloin. Therefore, it is full of beef flavor and it is not tenacious. Really good!! Aburi’s yakitori is really tasty!! And I’ve decided the try all of dishes in Aburi next time~~
  10. I just found a great place for watching football and drinks!!! Its called The Sky Bar in the Lee Theatre. It seems to be a new one, which is kind of a restaurant in the day time and a bar at night. Here comes Premier League again at 9pm on 27 April!! Liverpool VS Chelsea!! We cant miss it out, right? Last time I just enjoyed different types of drinks such as draught beer, house wine, cocktail and mocktail, and also some snacks like chicken wings and fries. Its just so perfect for watching game. What surprised me is that their 120 inches HDMI screen, which make you feel like you are watching real live!! Lets check it out together!!
  11. Let's enjoy a grand dining

    Hey! Its my first post here and i will definitely suggest some good restaurants to you guys. So my friend just took me to a restaurant which is so great in their design, decorations, and of course, their dishes. Its Sun Palace in causeway bay, just a few steps near time square. omg! The chandelier right in the centre is so eye-catching. We sat next to window that we can enjoy the nice view in causeway bay. There are set dinners with appetizer, soup, main, dessert and drinks. Thats so enough for me. Surprisingly, the sets are not that expensive, which around $400 to $500 depends on your main. So i got my steamed seabass served with squid and lemon sauce, and my friend chose the grilled US organic primer rib eye served with truffle mashed potato. We add extra $58 to change the soup into Lobster bisque and seafood bouilabaisse. The bouilabaisse is so cute that its served with another pot. Both soup are nice, especially the bouilabaisse as there are so many seafood in it such as mussel, prawn and clam. A moment later there were our mains. My fish is totally excellent. It is so smooth and soft, and the fresh lemon sauce is quite a perfect match to the dish. I didnt try my friends' rib eye but it looks nice too, which grilled just right and with soft texture. Luckily i didnt order that because steak is just to heavy for me. Dessert and drinks appeared in the last, which are my favourite - opera cake and mocha. Both are with delicate decorations and absolutely delicious. I like the cake serving with a lovely marcaron. The set dinner is quite nice in total including their dishes and services. Highly recommend you guys to try!