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  1. Whenever you go to have Chinese roast, you will always hear chop chop [Chopping] in the background!! The chop chop noise is meat being chopped up on the chopping board so I guess this is why they called Chop Chop!! Chop chop also means hurry up or to be quick in English. The joint is located on the corner with two entrances and meats are displayed nicely at the counter. There is an English Menu which make it expat friendly. Chop Chop's signature dish is the Roast Pork Belly Rice where it first debuted in Stephen Chows God of cookery film aka Sorrowful Rice (#黯然銷魂飯). It comes with egg and soup as a set. The rice is a little different as they use premium rice which is harvested once a year at Wuchang city along with some wild rice. As for the eggs, these come from young hens which produce smaller but nutritious eggs. It was definitely a fulfilling meal as the meat was lightly charred on the edges but perfectly tender and moist. Also tried the Chop Chop Char Siew which was leaner compared to the belly. It really depends on which cut you like, for me I preferred the leaner cut as it was meatier and the charred edges were crispy with a slight stickiness. To go with drinks, the the Crispy pork belly was just the treat. The chef definitely had perfect chopping skills as you can see the pork is uniformly square with clean cuts and sharp 90 degree edges !!!!! The meat and fat was evenly defined so each piece was moreish with a nice crispy texture. The roast was so good that I got some takeaway. I like the way they use paper boxes like GoodBBQ as you won't get any CFC odour in the food. It is always good to see Chinese roast going to the next level by becoming modern and presentable. [Chop Chop 食神叉燒] Shop 3, G/F, 18 Wang On Road, North Point Near the Petrol Station Source
  2. I was attracted by the restaurant decor because it gave me the impression they were serving healthy dinners. The decor was relaxing and made you feel at home. There was a lot to offer on the menu and the prices were very friendly. What I appreciate is that they use locally farmed poultry, Black Iberian pigs to local organic vegetables. Each dish on the menu is inspired by Chinese phrases which portrays the way people communicate and behave in Hong Kong. Started with fresh juices that cost $18 per glass where no sweeteners are added. There was papaya pumpkin, Jackfruit, red dragon fruit and pumpkin, lemongrass and lime barley water and longan water. The combinations were good and healthy. For mains, the star of the show are the noodles which come in a rich chicken broth infused with Chinese ham or Miso broth made with Iberican Pig Bones. Both broths were strong and MSG free. The set which a drink and dish only costs $68. As well as noodles, there is healthy mixed grain rice to choose and here is the meat free option with mushrooms as a main dish. The pork and ginger was cooked in ginger juice so it had that appetizing ginger fieriness. Last but not least was the spare ribs which are set alight in front of you. It was sweet and sticky like perfectly roast charsiu. Definitely coming back for more noodles because I like broths. Next time I will try the mushroom noodles. [Little Farmer 小農夫拉麵食屋] G/F, Moon Lok Dai Ha, 169 Sha Tsui Road, Tsuen Wan Source
  3. Kee Wah Bakery is a chain of bakery stores in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the United States, founded in Hong Kong in 1938 by Wong Yip Wing (1911–1999), they are well known in Hong Kong and overseas Chinese communities for their traditional Chinese pastries and delicacies. It is also famous in the UK because stores in Chinatown would import some and people from HK would send them over. However, in the recent years people have been getting fed up with traditional mooncakes due to health reasons and family sizes are as not big as before. The traditional sized mooncakes would last you for days because they are quite sickly and during the mooncake season, there are so much mooncakes about that when you share it with people, the chances are that they have already had some. Before the festival, many bakeries are already selling mooncakes which attracts people to buy new and specials flavours for themselves, then nearer the festival, people will start buying mooncakes for others. Anyway, there are so many varieties at Kee Wah, ranging from traditional to modern ones that there is a mooncake for everyone. Thank you Kee Wah Bakery for all these mooncakes. This year was sweet and refreshing with the new Lemon and Honey with Pine Nuts Egg Custard Mooncake. Lemon Custard is now my favourite!! Personally the Lemon was addictive because it was moreish and there was a Western element to it. [Only available at the Wanchai flagship store]. The 80th Anniversary gift box had my favourite Red Bean paste pastry with 15-year old Mandarin peel, Chinese Ham mooncakes with assorted nuts and the traditional White lotus seed paste mooncake with yolk. Chinese Ham mooncakes with assorted nuts: In collaboration with Eu Yan Sang, there is Red Bean paste pastry with Mandarin peel from Eu Yan Sang!! Red Bean paste pastry with Mandarin peel from Eu Yan Sang: The Assorted custard mooncakes includes the delicious new Honey with Pine Nuts Egg Custard Mooncake. In the Assorted Mini Panda Mooncake Gift Box you get mini white lotus with yolk, mini egg custard and mini red bean paste with yolk. Source
  4. Fell in love with Tristar when they first opened in CWB so I decided to try this one instead of the new branch at Wanchai because the menu offers more here!! Since I travelled all the way to Shatin, I decided to try the Taiwanese steamed buns and Shaved ice as well as the noodles! On the menu, they offer you a choice of three different noodles including thick and thin because some people can be quite particular about them. Just like the celebrity kiki noodles, they have thin and thick. For noodles, ordered two alcoholic ones: hua diao wine and the Kavalan Single Malt Noodles. The Kavalan Single Malt Noodles were a shock as I didn't realize there would be flames!! First they torch the beef slices so that they are cooked then they add some malt and flambee the noodles. Compared to the standard beef noodles, the whisky gives it a sophisticated aroma and malty taste to the broth and the malt that they sprinkle on top enhances the taste even more. As for the [hua diao wine beef noodles], the broth was on the sweet side and I chose the thin noodles so that it would absorb the broth. For snacks, had the Taiwanese steamed buns which was filled with soft gelatinous beef and preserved vegetables. The buns were soft and pillowy with satisfying beef in the middle drizzled with sweet gravy. For dessert, finished with the shaved ice. I didn't realize it would be that big and you also get extra condensed milk and brown sugar syrup on the side which I didn't use as it was sweet enough. There are eight toppings to choose from but this was confusing as not all are shown at the counter and the menu doesn't clearly specify which 8 to choose from. The shaved ice was surprisingly good because the brown sugar syrup that was already on there tasted nice and when it got slushier, the taste was refreshing. I appreciate the quality brown sugar syrup they used as it wasn't cloyingly sweet and addictive. Overall, it was worth my time checking it out. Improvements: English descriptions would be helpful on the Menu! DISCLAIMER: I haven't been to Taiwan before so I am only commenting on the taste. [Tristar Kitchen 三星台菜食堂] Shop 128, 1/F, New Town Plaza, 18 Sha Tin Centre Street, Sha Tin Source
  5. Madame Ching is a modern Chinese restaurant and roast house on Star Street. Their Head Chef Son has done a good job in bringing diners a new way of enjoying Chinese cuisine. He crosses culture and culinary lines which really works. For drinks, began with the [Drink affogato] and [Iced Lychee and red date tea]. Drink affogato: [Cream gelato, homemade raspberry sauce, balsamic vinegar and soda water] Iced Lychee and red date tea: Here were the dishes that we had: ++++ General Son Chicken: This was chunks and big chunks of pure chicken meat in delicious crispy coating smothered in sweet and sticky syrup complemented by the fiery Sichuan peppercorns and chili. I loved it as it was all lean white meat without any bones or fat. ++++ Brussels Sprout Uni: To be honest, I haven't had any uni dishes as good as this! I liked the way the uni was laid on the brussels sprout leaves which had a lovely colour contrast as well as taste. Beneath the leaves there were some cream and some soy sauce dots which you eat together for a wonderful taste infusion of sweet creamy uni flavoured by the soy sauce. All that is then contrasted by the dill and crisp raw brussels sprout leaves that wake you up from the creaminess. ++++ Hamachi Crudo: This was simply delicious slices of hamachi drenched in thick moreish sweet and savoury sauce complimented by the chives and red shiso leaves. ++++ Roast Duck: The roast duck was really comforting and how it should be. It tasted exactly like the ones in UK and you can visibly see it had been uniformly roasted by the colour and the smoothness of the skin.. I appreciate the way the thigh bone has been removed except the drumstick bone so you still have an intact quarter duck there. The plate was clean and oil free which was really appealing before you even ate it. It definitely sends me memories of eating in China Towns so I was really happy. The pickles were good too, chunky with a nice crunch and pickled taste. I know locals don't appreciate this but I am sick and tired of brittle bones in every bite and being served just skin, fat and bones. ++++ Brussels Sprouts roasted Jus: Vegetables are a must and I loved the fact brussels sprouts were on the menu. On top they were garnished with crispy shallots!! Nice bite size vegetables that you can pop in your mouth. ++++ For carbs, there was fried rice or the dan dan noodles. Had the [Burnt ends Egg Fried Rice] which was soft and fluffy. There was something different about the grains of rice, they tasted like Basmati rice/long grain rice although I am not sure.++++ For dessert, finished with the [Ma Lai Go with Ovaltine Custard]: In contrast to the local sponge cake, this one was much better as it was firmer and more cakey. As I am English, I crave for cakes all the time and the thick ovaltine custard had a strong malty taste which was insanely delicious with a sweet touch that cured my dessert craving. ++++ To summarize, I was totally impressed with everything and this is how Chinese food should be. FRESH, PRESENTABLE and DELICIOUS With the contemporary twists to the dishes, Manuel and the team have successfully made me like some Chinese dishes that I would not normally eat in Hong Kong but definitely would eat here! Hong Kong is so lucky to have the Pirata Group. [Madame Ching] 5 Star Street, Wanchai http://www.madameching.hk/ Source
  6. As well as Wanchai, you can now dine at the Ocean Terminal for Ichigen Ramen. The new ramen bar is much more spacious and at the far end you have beautiful views of the harbour. Ichigen specializes in a strong sweet shrimp broth which is prepared daily by boiling incredible amounts of sweet shrimp heads to create the signature Ebisoba. The Ebi Mazesoba is exclusive at this branch and not even available in Japan! It is noodles topped with diced BBQ pork, hot spring egg, sweet shrimp flavoured tempura bits, green onions and seaweed . When you eat it, everything is tossed together so that each strand is covered in aromatic shrimp sauce. The flavours are much intense as the sauce is stronger than the broth. On the menu, the also have the regular ramen with 3 types of seasoning, miso, salt and soy sauce. Had the basic noodles which come with a slice of roast pork, half an egg sprinkled with pretty pink crispies made of flour mixed with red ginger and prawn broth. The broth was rich with unami as expected with a slight bitterness which hung to the noodles well. As I have previously tried the rice ball, I had the gyozas. Strangely, they tasted really good with the ramen white pepper on the table. [一幻拉麵 Ebisoba Ichigen]: Shop OT G59, G/F, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City, 3-27 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui Source
  7. There are not many Lebanese restaurants around in Hong Kong. Mama Malouf serves Middle Eastern food with playful modern twists. After seeing pictures on social media, I knew the food was going to be good because it was similar to the Leb food in London and they also do hummus bowls while the pickles looked promising. Started with the Mezze which are a must +++++ MAMAS MEZZE - HUMUS, BABA, TARAMASALATA, PICKLES - 138 All my favourite dips with hot and soft flatbread. The pickles were really refreshing and strong with a good salty and sour kick. +++++ CHICKEN LIVERS WITH FETA MAYO & PICKLED CHILI - 78 This was chunky liver pieces on creamy feta mayo. +++++ SMASHED EGGPLANT WITH LEBANESE SALSA & ZATAR MANOUSH - 98 I love anything with Zatar, the more the better and the flatbread was coated with a delicious layer that was aromatic. The smashed eggplant accompanied it nicely. +++++ SHISH TAWOUK WITH PEPPERS AND ONION, ALMOND RICE & TOUM - 178 This is another must order as the pieces of chicken were chunky and tender on a bed of fluffy rice. Adding the dip to the rice and chicken makes it taste even better. +++++ BAKED CARROTS WITH FETA MAYO & POMEGRANATE - 58 The carrots were too pretty to eat, almost as if they were freshly plucked from the soil. Each one was roasted perfectly with a soft centre topped with delicious creamy mayo and ruby pomegranate jewels. +++++ Finished with the COFFEE & CARDAMOM ICE CREAM SANDWICH - 68. Although it was coffee, It reminded me of Indian masala chai. The icecream and filo pasty tasted really good together and the delicate filo layers hung the ice cream nicely. +++++ For drinks, had the harissa which tasted like bloody mary. For improvements, it would be good if you could choose the level of spiciness. +++++ Overall, I loved everything so I will gladly come back if I am in the area. [Mama Malouf] 93 Catchick StreetKennedy Town www.mamamalouf.hk Source
  8. I am not Athletic but was drawn to Athletic Juice & Espresso Bar because of the avolatte. Avolatte was first served in Melbourne which caused a stir worldwide. Athletic Juice & Espresso Bar located on Star Street is one of the first places in Hong Kong to serve it. As well as Avolatte they have healthy juices and smoothies fit for any sporty or athletic person. On the sweet side, I had the hot chocolate and S7 Marathon Booster. The hot chocolate was smooth with a strong cocoa taste that was not too sweet. The Marathon Booster had all my favourites with Agave, Almond Milk, Avocado, Banana and Coconut Water blended with ice. All of the ingredients were in harmony and I loved the fact it was non dairy and vegan friendly whilst great on a hot day. The avolatte was the star of the show, I loved the savoury aftertaste in the latte and then you get to eat the rest of the avocado when you are finished. There are so many choices for juice and smoothies that I will have to come back again. [Athletic Juice & Espresso Bar] https://www.facebook.com/athleticjuicenespressobar Source
  9. Causeway Bay is a boring place if you don't like shopping. I always find myself retreating to the library to get away from the crowd because there are not many quiet cafes about. Discovered this place because Sosoku recommended it. I was greeted by this modern style cocktail bar. At Appendix Coffee & Bar they serve coffee during the day and at night it turns into a bar. In the daytime you will see coffee and related items on the shelves, at night the smart sliding shelves will slide over and reveal alcoholic bottles and glasses. How lucky was I to get there in the late afternoon so I could order coffee and then watch the cafe change into a bar. The latte and mocha were to my liking. While I was having coffee, I was impressed by the peace and quiet as most coffee machinery are noisy. At Appendix, they use this nice and quiet gadget for disposing coffee pucks!! The cafe area had good privacy which makes you stay longer, hence I stayed for drinks. The signature cocktail selection had a great twist as each one has an occupation name eg Big 4's Auditor, The Beautician, Doctor Mo etc. Each cocktail has been crafted in taste and to visually reflect what each occupation is like. I settled for Big 4's Auditor and the 2G Rich Kid. Big 4's Auditor: [Atom Espresso, Licor 43, Marsala, Mascarpone with half and half] The sweet bitterness of the drink reflects their hard life whilst earning lots of money! 2G Rich Kid: [Bacardi Ocho, Falernum, Pineapple Shrub, Hone, lime, egg white and Witiber] I loved the golden pineapple chalice! Who doesn't want to be rich which is reflected by the sour tones of enviousness! They also had Nitrobrew cocktails from the tap which are smooth and creamy just like beer with a lovely layer of foam cap on top. Pinchos: To complement my cocktails, I had some pinchos, each one was different and delicious. My favourite was the vinegared anchovy. Tiramisu: Finished with the tiramisu which had a popping surprise being topped with popping candy! I shall be coming here more often when I am unfortunately in CWB! [Appendix Coffee & Bar] Shop 301, 3/F, Tower 535, 535 Jaffe Road, Causeway Bay Source
  10. I was meeting friends at The Cobo House which is right next door. Since I was early, I went inside [The Artisan Room] to have a look. It was a chic and modern place for drinks and cakes. The cakes in display cabinet were so pretty. On the side they have high quality teas which you can smell. You can also buy the Designtific Scientific Coffee kit which has ground coffee in vials, drip-bags, and sugar in micro tubes. Ground coffee is sealed in each injection bottle for freshness and each bottle contains just the right amount for a cup of coffee. It was hot so I had the Longan Sparkling drink from the Hello Summer Series. The Longan Sparkling drink was so good as it wasn't too sweet and not everyday do you come across sparkling drinks that are longan based. Definitely coming back for cakes and tea. [The Artisan Room] https://www.instagram.com/artisanroomhk/ https://www.artisanroomhk.com Address: G/F, 8-12 South Lane, Shek Tong Tsui, Western District Tel: 26563198 Source
  11. Shek Tong Tsui is now a hip place with the MTR and Instagram Pier nearby. I was here again to visit COCO House which is located right outside B2 exit. COBO means Community of Bohemians. At COBO HOUSE, they strive to let people experience the world with Bohemian style of living. The restaurant is designed by Mr Adrian Cheng, Founder of K11 Art Foundation, and every object inside COBO HOUSE is collected and sourced by him from around the world. They are now serving the Summer Truffle Set Menu which is in collaboration with the famous Italian truffle brand BOSCOVIVO. (Available from now to 26 August.) During the Summer Truffle Promotion period, BOSCOVIVO truffle products can also be purchased at COBO HOUSE. Here are the dishes that I had in the Truffle set menu: Hokkaido Scallops with Rainbow Tomato Salad and Summer Truffles [Rainbow Tomato salad, beets, mango, green plum vinaigrette, summer truffle] It was impressive how they presented this dish from the placement of the cherry tomatoes to the layering especially the way they managed to put different colours on each tomato stack. The pan-roasted Hokkaido scallops are sashimi-grade hence the silky texture and it was refreshingly complimented by the black vinegar. Truffle Scrambled Eggs with Wild Mushrooms and Parma Ham: [Wild mushroom, baby spinach, crispy parma ham, truffle toast, summer truffle] The second starter was a bit more filling as it was scrambled egg, there was a good layering which can be seen on the side of the glass. At the bottom was fried wild mushrooms and black truffles, in the middle is Italian baby spinach, at the top is truffle scrambled eggs surrounded with Italian Parma ham crisps. It was all in harmony as scrambled eggs, truffle and crispy parma ham can never go wrong. For the mains, there is a choice of Cod or Beef. Cod Fish with Braised Fennel [Braised fennel, asparagus truffle pasta, lobster emulsion, summer truffle] This was a lighter main compared to the beef but I loved the paring of fennel and the fish. Lobster Emulsion and Black Truffle and Beef Fillet: [carrot puree, beer onion, finger potato, truffle jus, summer truffle] The beef Fillet was just how I liked it, perfectly pink and juicy in the middle complimented with my favourite root vegetables and mash. Truffle Marsala Tiramisu dessert: Jasmine rice sorbet, chocolate wind, summer truffle As well as a good beginning, the end was good especially the Jasmine rice sorbet which had a fragrant strong taste of rice contrasted by the bitterness of the coffee bubble. +++++ COBO HOUSE Address: G/F & 1/F, 8-12 South Lane Sai Wan, Hong Kong (HKU MTR Station Exit B2) Business Hours: Lunch 12pm – 3 pm; Dinner 6pm – 11pm (Weekdays) 12pm – 11pm (Weekends) Telephone: (852) 2656 3088 Email: info@cobohouse.com Website: www.cobohouse.com FB: @COBOHOUSEHK (COBO HOUSE HONG KONG) IG: @cobohousehk @ac_kaf #cobohousehk Source
  12. [Starbucks] have launched a series of Purple treats to Colour your day!! In this series, there are: Ube Pudding, Lavender Chiffon Cake, Purple Potato Tart, Blueberry Croissant and Lemon Lavender Scone. I only tried the Ube Pudding and the Purple Potato Tart because I am not a fan of Lavender. ++++++++++ Purple Potato Tart: The purple potato tart tasted better than the ube pudding. Strangely, it had more taro taste in the custard than purple potato. The only thing I didn't like was the hard tart base as it was too thick and you can see that the thickness was as thick as the filling. The tart base was also too buttery in taste. ++++++++++ Ube Pudding: Starbucks Puddings have been successful and now they have the new ube flavour. In the past, they had caramel, Sakura, Green Tea, Chocolate and other flavours in Japan. They didn't have the sleeve label so I wasn't able to see what ingredients were inside. (Later found out from Starbucks website) The ube pudding was smooth and not too sweet but the ube flavour was not that strong Similar to the Purple Potato Tart, there were purple potato cubes in it. Overall, it was quite a nice silky pudding contrasted by the cubes of purple potato. http://www.starbucks.com.hk/ http://www.starbucks.com.hk/color-your-day-the-purple-way Source
  13. As well as beef burgers, some places put effort into other burgers like fish, chicken or Vegetarian burgers. At Burger Bar, I was truly impressed with the fish burger. It was a whole fish!! The coating was nice as it was crispy bread crumb so it was light and crunchy while the sauce was different and fantastic. It was basil sauce which was very tasty with a hint of cumin. The other beef burger was good too but the fish just stole the show. There are gloves on the table which made it mess free and since there are gloves, I truly didn't mind eating with my hands. Also had the prawns which were a bit over done. There are gloves on the table which made it mess free and since there are gloves, I truly didn't mind eating with my hands. Also had the prawns which were a bit over done. [Burger Bar] 7 Lan Kwai Fong, Central https://www.instagram.com/burgerbarhk/ Source
  14. As well as the tea set I was captivated by the Decoupage workshop taught by Gillian H!!! For the tea set, there are a choice of drinks. $298 includes two drinks or you can upgrade to other fancy teas below: +$40 cold brew oolong tea with Osmanthus ice ball or rose ice ball tea with oolong +$30 a pot of ginseng oolong or lychee red tea for two. The tea set is served in a beautiful wooden box which has decoupage on it by Gillian H. Items in the Tea Set: Savoury items: Tofu in Honey Osmanthus sauce, Chilled Prune noodles in Rose buckwheat sauce, Mini floral rolls and crab mentaiko Sweet items: Lychee and Rose mousse cake, Rose Cupcakes, Rose Palmiers, Dried flower Butter cookies, Lavender oolong icecream, Jasmine and Rose icecream. It was a nice way to appreciate floral ingredients in different forms like cake, cookies and icecream. My favourites was the mini floral rolls crammed with lots of dried flowers while the tofu was enhanced by the honey osmanthus sauce. To finish off, the tea was good especially the one with the ice balls as they were pretty and floral flavours come out when it melts. The decoupage workshop was fun and once you have learnt the technique, you can apply it to other stuff. It felt like paper mache but using decoupage to blend in the fabric to look like it was painted. [嚐品慕茶 Spoon & Bowl] M/F, Prosperity Industrial Building, 89 Wai Yip Street, Kowloon Bay Source
  15. I am so glad I stumbled across this gelato shop on the way to dinner. The gelato wasn't really labelled so I had to ask but they were really nice and gave out samples. There was a good variety of flavours like black sesame, white sesame and mango which locals can relate too. For me, I fell in love with the caramel because it was sweet with a strong caramel as well as vanilla taste. You could visually see vanilla seeds in it. The texture was smooth and elastic which was impressive but not as elastic as Turkish icecream. There was a unique cheese and tomato gelato which was quite nice because it was topped with tomato jam and there was a great savoury twist to it. Also tried earl grey and chocolate which are non dairy sorbets and not gelato. Strangely I found the earl grey sweeter than the caramel as it was syrupy. As well as 3 Italiani doing chocolate sorbets, you can also get it here. There used to be another Italian gelato parlour in Sai Kung called Bibini but the owner decided to run a pizza restaurant instead. Will definitely return if they launch any more exciting flavours. [Dood Bottega Gelateria] Shop G13, G/F, Emperor Group Centre, 288 Henessy Road, Wan Chai Source