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  1. Happy Lunar New Year all! Wondering where can I find Dai Pai Dong or Hawker stalls in Hong Kong? Better with very classic old style as well as good food, so I can snap them at the same time enjoy their food. Thanks a heap
  2. Six days HK trip

    LOL They can even speak Vietnamese?! I think it's pretty much like those street market sellers in Bangkok, they can speak almost all major languages to sell their things!! OK that means if the price cut I request is not too ridiculous the chances of being scolded isn't that much, isn't it? It seems temple street and ladies street are quite the similar, shall I visit both or I can skip either one if I can't fit both in my travel plan? Have you been to Stanley? Just found out there is a market there selling HK souvenirs too, perhaps will pay a visit there as some posts here suggested visiting Stanley with Repulse Bay together.
  3. Six days HK trip

    Thanks for your shopping tips phuong_nguyen172! Just afraid being scolded when bargaining, as I heard some negative comments on the owners rude attitude in street markets. Have you encountered one? Is street market the best place to shop for souvenirs? Sorry for too many questions
  4. Six days HK trip

    Hi phuong_nguyen172, Thanks very much for your reply, it's very helpful. May you share which hotel you stayed in Mongkok? How much was the room rate? Tung Chung citygate outlet seems a great place to shop, but a bit far from the city. Perhaps I'll plan it on my last day before flying back home. Any shopping spots in city to recommend? Thanks again
  5. Six days HK trip

    Hi, I will be visiting Hong Kong for the first time, for 6 days in April. I would like to know what's the best area to stay? I'm not sure if beaches for relaxing and tanning are an option at this time?? I would also like to do some shopping,try good restaurants, and experience the nightlife. I'm an amateur photographer,so any suggestions for good shooting locations would be helpful. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks