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  1. Recommended hotels/hostels by facebook fans

    How much is the rate?
  2. 3 Days in HK

    Hi everyone! I'll be travelling to HK in March, just for 3 days. It's my first time to go there and we will be staying in Kowloon. Please indulge some of my questions. 1. How's the weather in March? Should I need a thick jacket? 2. Where are the bargain shops for affordable but good quality souvenirs? 3. Where can I get a good view of the city? The Peak or ICC? or anywhere else? 4. Any best kept tourist spot? 5. Food/local cuisine worth trying? Thanks.
  3. View from the top

    Thanks for the advice!
  4. View from the top

    Hi all, View from The Peak and view from the Sky100 ICC, which one better? Thank you.
  5. Octopus Card

    Hi all, Will be visiting HK in March and plan to get an Octopus Card to travel around. I will buy it at airport but just like to know where to check remaining value and top up for the Octopus Card? Thank you.