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  1. Thanks bbgirl. I tried the one in Sau Kei Wan and it's not too bad, though I don't very much prefer the herbal taste, haha! Will try the bean soup next time!
  2. CNY activities

    Thank you shirousa. When can I visit the flower market? What are sold in the market? Only flowers? Yes, I am looking forward to the fireworks display! Please advise where is the best viewing spot for it. Now I know there are lots of restaurant or food brands selling all those cakes, which one do you think is the best? Thanks again!
  3. Where to shop for Chinese or Hong Kong tidbits

    Hi christymason, I'll be spending my first ever CNY in HK too and I'm so excited and looking forward to it! I'm thinking of getting some CNY "cakes", do you know where is the best place to buy?
  4. Hi bbgirl, thanks for the suggestion. Any special or signature desserts to recommend at Yuen Kee? My friend told me to try a Chinese herbal tea called somthing like mistletoe tea that is good for health. Anywhere I can have this tea? Thanks a lot.
  5. CNY activities

    Dear all, will be spending my first ever Chinese new year in HK, anything that I should look forward to or must do? As far as I know married couples should give red pockets to the young ones and there are many different "cakes" to eat. Any festive activities that are not gonna be missed? Thanks
  6. Where to have the best local sweet soup/dessert in town? I'd like to try the classic ones but not those fancy fusion dessert. Cheers.