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  1. Interiors

    Don't know if this one is your style : https://www.facebook.com/AT.Creations.LimitedI personally quite like their design. Or you may try to look up some local interior design companies at here: http://www.modernhome.com.hk/catalog/designer.php(but this site is in Chinese only) Another local interior design magazine website: http://www.homejournal.hk(English available)
  2. packing tips

    You may need to wrap the items in bubble sheets, which can be found at large stationary shop like CN SQUARE in Yau Ma Tei (http://www.chungnamhk.iyp.hk/about_e.html) If items are not too big, e.g. tableware and vase, then just wrap them in few layers of newspaper and put inside a fully stuffed box will do. Hope this helps
  3. Interiors

    There are many interior design companies in Hong Kong and each has its own style. It would be better for you to pay a visit to Home Square in Shatin where interior design companies and furniture shops located. Or browse through an interior design magazine as there are many nice interior design companies listed and some with their jobs featured.
  4. Moving Suggestions

    Are you moving from overseas or within Hong Kong? If you're moving from outside Hong Kong, I heard of Crown and Santa Fe are professional in international relocation service.
  5. need your comment on my first 6D5N HK itinerary

    Can't remember the exact point of shuttle buses stop at City of Dream, but it should be easy to find by just referring to the signs. Read your revised plan, it looks fine but weather these days are either super hot & humid or rain quite heavily, suggest you to have a plan B (take public bus or even taxi) from Senado Square to The Venetian in case weather is not good for walk.
  6. Hostel/Guest house around Jordan/TST MRT

    May try Bridal Tea House, it's kinda budget lodging group so should be with better management compared with small individual guesthouse. For heater in bathroom, HK's winter isn't freezing cold like those European/N.American countries so it could be hard to find one with heater, even in bedroom. Actually if you choose those lodging with centralised air-con it wouldn't be a problem to bath even in winter. Hope it helps.
  7. need your comment on my first 6D5N HK itinerary

    I haven't heard of ticket for a shuttle bus ride from Grand Lisbon to Ferry Terminal but as far as I know, basically every hotel/casino has own shuttle buses transporting between ferry terminal and their places. Say for example, you may take free shuttle to The Venetian from ferry terminal. After finished The Venetian, cross the road to the City of Dreams and take their free shuttle to Macau Tower or Hotel Sintra in the city (see where their buses go: (https://www.cityofdreamsmacau.com/lucky-express) Some places you listed on your Macau plan are not reachable by hotel shuttle buses, so eventually you may need to take public buses to go. Take a look at the Macau official tourism website and you may get a clue on how to get to the places you plan to visit: http://www.macautourism.gov.moIt's really a very useful site for planning your Macau trip!
  8. You won't get lost as long as you can find any MTR entrance and pop in one of them, then you can surely find your way back to hotel! Unless you are going far to somewhere not accessible by MTR...
  9. It looks well planned. Do you join a tour or book a private tour for the trip? If so, I guess they would plan it nice for you, not to worry Only if there are more activities for your day one it would be a lot better.
  10. Inn Hotel at Mongkok

    Never heard of Inn Hotel, tried to look it up at Google but can't find any. Is it the correct hotel name? Just found some names like yesinn, justinn, hominid....etc.
  11. 5 Days @ Hong Kong 30/12 - 03/12

    Quite well planned indeed. Just a small note, it's flexible to add value to your Octopus card, you don't need to add too much in it initially. When it's at low value, pop in any convenience store like 7-11 or Circle K and the counter staff will help (minimum value to be added is HK$50).
  12. It's a fairly new hotel at very strategic location in Mongkok (close to Prince Edward side). Quite a nice choice indeed.
  13. 5 days in Hong Kong

    Why don't you check out those planned itineraries listed here, there are plenty of it.
  14. 4 days 3 nights HK + Macau

    It's better to buy tickets after you landed since you never know if your flight will be delay or not *touch wood* I guess ferry Macau > HK won't be full during day time 'coz ppl are going to Macau in day time and the other way round at night time. Wow you haven't had your accommodation booked yet? It's peak travel season and could be rather difficult to book a room with fair price! Mongkok, Jordan are nice locations with everywhere close to MTR station in walking distance. Line stopping at Austin station does not take you to most tourist spots directly so better avoid it. Have no idea of things/brands sold in Malaysia so cannot tell what are cheaper in HK, you gotta check them out yourselves when you're here. If you're going to Disneyland from the city then MTR should be the most convenient transportation. Superstar Restaurant in Harbour City serve nice dim sum and some tables with harbour view, it's near the China HK ferry terminal so you don't need to take any transportation after breakfast.
  15. HK trip next week ~ queries

    Airport Express offers free shuttle bus to some hotels and Metropark Hotel Kowloon is on the list too. Take the route K5 from Kowloon MTR station: http://www.mtr.com.hk/en/customer/services/complom_free_bus.html I would join the half day tour if I were you since it's included in the package, why not? Indeed you've paid for it when you bought the package, right? Disneyland station is not on the Airport Express line so in order to use up the remaining return ticket of AEL, it's better to do the in-town check in service no matter it's early on your departure day or else. But it seems to be better to do it later or you will be going back and forth. You need to be at the Kowloon station 90 minutes ahead of departure time for in-town check in service, so if your flight departs at 4pm, you gotta leave Disneyland with your baggage at around 1:30-1:45pm (around 30 minutes travelling time between Disneyland and Kowloon Station).