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  1. Places for wedding shoot

    Sorry for the real late reply! Yes, I would like to take pic with horses! Any idea?
  2. Places for wedding shoot

    Just to check if I am able to take pics at the Jockey club?
  3. Places for wedding shoot

    Hongkong Yan, Do you think Shek O is nicer or repulse bay?
  4. Places for wedding shoot

    Thanks Hongkong Yan! I am renting van to travel around hong kong for photoshoot. As I have gowns, shoes and equipment from photographer, I would prefer prefer a van or 7 seaters. Hope you could let me know the market rate? Cuz I just checked with one and it is very pricy at 1500 HKD including driver. Thanks very much!
  5. Places for wedding shoot

    Thanks very much hongkong yan!! I like hollywood street! Is it at Central area? Right now I am looking at renting a van with driver for 2days.
  6. Places for wedding shoot

    Thanks very much for the great idea nettie!! Really appreciate it! Can you guys suggest if Shek O is better or repulse bay? Is there any contact like driver to go around hkg for a few days??
  7. Places for wedding shoot

    Thanks for the suggestion. I wanted a few themes in mind: 1) Lifestyle - perhaps to be taken in some streets? (any old streets to recommend?) 2) beach shot - any beach to recommend? 3) fairy tale - thot Disneyland would be good 4) is there any colonial building in hong kong? 5) wanted some vegas feel, so wanted to go Macau as well. Please suggest some nice places if you have some in mind. Really appreciate it alot.
  8. Places for wedding shoot

    Hello, I would like to have my wedding shoot taken in Hong Kong. However, besides those tourist attraction such as the peak, symphony of lights, avenue of stars, tram etc., is there any nice places for photo taking where tourist wouldn't know? Thanks in advance.