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  1. What's on For New Years Eve

    Locals normally celebrate & countdown new year eve at Lan Kwai Fong in Central and along harbour front in Tsim Sha Tsui during fireworks.
  2. Breaking 1000HKD Notes into Smaller HKD Notes

    You have a lot 1000 notes? I think can try to buy things at more established shop to change it into smaller notes... example G2000, or department stores...etc. The first 1000 notes can break when you buy Octopus Cards at MTR! Then the rest can use when adding value for Octopus card, or buying things at chained stores/malls.
  3. Advice 6D5N Hong Kong Trip

    Good egg tart ar.... Kam Wah is good but not near your hotel... Actually there are a lot of cha chan teng around your hotel, maybe you can choose one with more people inside? Sometimes normal bakery shop egg tart also nice, and not expensive too. You know, Tai Cheong was famous but now it is not so good but expensive!
  4. Advice 6D5N Hong Kong Trip

    There is a HK sim card for tourist, called Discover Hong Kong sim card. Price hk$88/5 day pass, hk$118/8 day pass. You can buy it from the 7-11 store at arrival hall in terminal 1. Details: https://www.hkcsl.com/en/Discover-HK-Tourist-Prepaid-SIM/ What is a tungtungmeal? You can also eat Ho Hung Kee right after arrive HK airport. It has a new shop there in arrival hall now. Otherwise, the Ho Hung Kee in Causeway move into Hysan Place 12/F, it no longer in Sharp Street East... Arena of stars = Avenue of Stars in Tsim Sha Tsui?? It is closed now, for renovation 3 year. But you can still walk along the harbour. Last day breakfast in Honolulu in Wan Chai seems very far away? You stay in Kowloon area? Actually not very special to have breakfast there... expensive... Many local cha chan teng also have hk style breakfast and more cheaper.
  5. Words Meaning

    It matters for 我 to put in front or back. Like English if it's put in front it's more on "active" form, and when put at back it's more passive. But also need to see what you are expressing, therefore, hard to tell when it should put front or back...
  6. Words Meaning

    Usually is 唔值得你哋關心我. But seldom say this sentence... seems you don't worth to be pity?? may be just say "唔駛關心,我OK喎" is better?
  7. Words Meaning

    Ummmmm.. Still no idea of jat ji or yai yi in Cantonese means slippery... We use to say "sin" to mean slippery floor. HK ppl seldom use 愛 to mean 要, it look like ppl in se Asia use to say like this more than HK ppl.
  8. Words Meaning

    執笠 means closed down, not other meaning. Business close down can be not bankrupt. Don't know what is jai ji.. It sound like mandarin but not Cantonese?
  9. Moving Suggestions

    My foreign colleauge used Columbia Removal when he moved house inside HK, he said quite good.
  10. Famous roast goose, suckling pig, and Peking duck

    Roast goose: Yue Kee Roast Goose 裕記燒鵝 http://www.yuekee.com.hk/en/(only at Sham Tseng, quite far) Sham Tseng Chan Kee Roast Goose 深井陳記燒鵝 (have branch in Mongkok) Yung Kee Restaurant 鏞記 http://www.yungkee.com.hk(Central) Peking duck: Spring Deer 鹿鳴春 (Tsim Sha Tsui) Tai Fung Lau 泰豊樓 (Tsim Sha Tsui) Empire City Roast Goose 大都烤鴨 http://www.superstargroup.com.hk/dc_d.php?id=5(Tsim Sha Tsui) Suckling pig: Xin Dau Ji 新斗記 http://www.xindauji.com(several branch) Red Seasons 季季紅 http://redseasons.com.hk(several branch)
  11. 2nd trip to Hong Kong

    Will you stay until 25/5? There is Bun Festival in Cheung Chau on that day! It is a very big event, many people will go there to see parade and the bun tower climbing competition too. You can take ferry to Cheung Chau from Central Ferry Pier in Central, go nearest via the bridge from if mall. Cheung Chau Ferry has fast and slow ferry, operate alternatively, about 30mins frequency. There are a lot of seafood restaurants along the sea mainly on the left hand side after you arrive Cheung Chau ferry pier. Walk along and choose one with more people. Dim sum better eat in the city, more choice.
  12. need your comment on my first 6D5N HK itinerary

    Many macau hotels provide free shuttle to ferry terminal, see where you go from. But on San Ma Lo near Senado square seems like no hotels around, the nearest is Sofitel Ponte 16, seems they also have shuttle bus but don't know need to be hotel guest or not. Actually, take bus also very cheap, a few dollars only, in case you cannot find any hotel free shuttle, take bus will be better, no need walk around to find hotel shuttle and waste time. ladies street, sneaker street are in mongkok, so you can visit them on day 1 too. And can find more places to visit on day 5, eg. stanley, or causeway bay shopping....etc. What kind of place do you like? shopping? sightseeing?
  13. Words Meaning

    香港人唔會講"好多"for "felt better", 我哋通常講"好返啲啦"or "好啲啦" for felt better, "好好多啦" for felt more better. 如果你就咁講好多,人哋會以為你想講 "a lot of something".. haha... XD "啲"即係少少的意思
  14. Words Meaning

    你啲問題咁複雜,都係等專家答... 我淨係識答二五仔。我哋通常會叫叛逆者,或出賣別人的人為二五仔。例如一班同學合作想作弄某一老師,而嗰班想整蠱人嘅同學之中有一人話咗俾個老師聽,令整蠱老師計劃失敗,咁呢個通風報訊嘅同學就係二五仔嘞。 二五仔另一意思係好似你咁講,係社團入面嘅臥底。因為佢嘅行為都係一種出賣,所以一般都係叫二五仔。
  15. Words Meaning