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  1. FOR SALE Minox 35GT Mint Condition

    FOR SALE Minox 35GT Mint Condition Source
  2. FOR SALE: Mamiya 645

    FOR SALE: Mamiya 645 Source
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  6. Where to buy film in Hong Kong

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  19. There are a lot of great street photography shots on David Davidoffs flickr stream, but I especially like his photos of rural parts of Hong Kong like Lei Yue Mun. Check out his flickr stream here. When and why did you start taking analogue photos? Oh, let me think about it...it should be about few years ago(about 6-7 years)...I always like analogue stuff(e.g. Vacuum Tubes, LPs...), it seems nearly close to life and humanity. Originally, I know nothing about photography. Firstly, I start to collecting vintage cameras, I am so curious what image will be come out if taken by these vintage cameras...then, I start to tacking my first roll...second, third...till now. I observed that life gone too soon, something disappears and missing soon...I just want to record them and freeze the moments of life... How many cameras do you have and which one is your favorite? Ummm, I haven't count it clearly, but I guess it's about 200-300 or more...and which one is my favorite?? hahaha...which I held it on my hand...even if, I always bring my Leica M3 in my bag, this is a sharp weapon of street photography. Read more ยป Source
  20. Developing Film in Hong Kong

    Here is a little list of photo labs in Hong Kong. Feel free to add your opinion and suggestions HONG KONG ISLAND Miramar Photo Supplies 18 Stanley Street 1/F Central, Hong KongThis is where I go to. They usually take a day and charge 20HKD for developing color film and another 20 for scanning. Photo Scientific Ground Floor, 6 Stanley St Central, Hong Kong +852 2525 0550 http://www.photoscientific.com East Asia Professional G/F, 29 Swatow St., Wanchai, Hong Kong Tel : +852 25751745 http://www.eastasiapro.com/ They take a little longer but they are very thorough. Slightly more expensive, too. ColorSix 1/F, 51 Wellington Street,CentralHong KongTel : 2526 0123 Many people recommend them. I find them really overpriced and rude. KOWLOON Dotwell Photo 44 Carnarvon Road, Tsim Sha Tsui,Kowloon, Hong Kong Phone: +852 23683826 http://www.dotwellphoto.com Sunrise Professional Photofinishing 333/B2 Lai Chi Kwok Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong Tel: +852 23862048 http://www.sunrisephotohk.com Outputprolab 1/F, 612 Reclamation Street, Mongkok, Kowloon Hong Kong Tel: +852 23804077 http://www.outputprolab.com/ Color in August Shop C G/F No. 322, Shanghai Street, Yaumatei, Kowloon, Hong Kong Phone: +852 27811802 http://www.cia8.com Source
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