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  1. HK & Macau 7D6N Trip

    You arriving so early at wee hours on day 1? By the way, Victoria Peak and Madame Tussauds only takes not more than half a day. So if you arrive so early morning on day 1, you need to plan more. Perhaps some shopping/ walk around at Central / Causeway Bay. In Mongkok, you can go Hollywood Plaza/ Argyle Centre for cheap shopping. Also alot of shops around in Mongkok and not forgetting the snacks shop where you get those skews.. yums!
  2. 5D4N in HK only.

  3. 5D4N in HK only.

    Hello! I'm not a HK resident but a Malaysian that have been to HK 3x. So I would just pump in something that we have been through during our stay in HK and hope it may helps you decide/ plan better. I'm using "We" representing my husband and I. Thanks for the prompt reply. So u think taking the bus is better than taking the airport express followed by MTR? Definitely! You have to pull your luggage to interchange MTR line (and squeeze with people) if you take Airport Express Line! We have been taking the bus A21 downtown from HKIA. It's so convenient and cheaper compare to Airport Express. It's a one-time charge once you're up the bus from HKIA to city. Just use your Octopus Card! So you just need to find out from the Information/ Service Counter at HKIA so the staff can advice you which bus stop to get down to head to your hotel easily. What things should I get at the airport? Disney, Oceanpark, Peak combo tickets, Tourist Sim Card for the phone? I can't remember if the counter sell all kinds of entrance tickets... just pay attention when you have taken back your luggage, gone through custom checkpoint and entered a walkway towards arrival meet & greet hall, there is a counter just before you walk out to the hall that sell tickets. You can check with staff there. For SIM card, it's not necessary to buy at there since you can buy from every 7-11 stores. We have not buy any tickets at the airport to avoid disappointments at those places. So far, our tickets for these places, we just do a queue up. Sometimes the Q may look long, but it's amazingly handled quickly by the HK staffs. But still, it's up to you What about the so-called Octopus card? Buy it at the MTR customer service counter at arrival meet & greet hall. They have counters at both hall A & hall B, and the counter is in round shape, very easy to recognise. Just buy the regular one is OK, HKD150 with HKD50 refundable deposit + HKD100 value inside. Refund it at the same counter before you depart, it only costs HKD9 handling fee for returning it within 3months of issuance. Top up value in any convenient stores like 7-11 or Circle K. Yes, we bought this card at the airport customer service counter. Convenient to use anywhere in HK; esp 7-11, and for train trips.. So far, I've allocated about HK$500 per day for meals per person. So I think should be not too bad. That's quite an amount for a day meal. But also depends where you eat. Having more amount allocated for food is definitely better. Other than the first day, what about my plans for the remaining 4 days? OK? As I've commented in my last reply. If not OK I've already pointed out so don't worry. Is Hong Kong safe to walk around with my camera around my neck? I wonder should I bring my dslr or just my compact cameras. I favour the compacts more because their much lighter and doesn't attract too much attention. Hong Kong is a very very safe city and it is what I always do, hanging my DSLR around neck and go here and there, and I also always walk alone even after midnight (p.s. I'm a female). Just be aware of pickpockets in crowded places like Mongkok, so you should have your mobile & wallet kept safe in the bag instead of back pockets of your pants. Carrying on your neck is OK i suppose because no issue for us. We carry our compact one btw.. but after some time your neck may feel tired too. So we use our smartphone mostly because it comes handy. Camera we keep in our backpack. Oh yeah, I'm staying at the small budget hotel called Casa Hotel near Yau Ma Tei station. That's pretty nice hotel indeed! I heard very positive feedback from one of our facebook fans, so enjoy your stay~ YMT - we only stayed at Bridal Tea House before.
  4. Mocha + eggs Ben + Lolita bow = weekend #brunch #sereniandshentel #igkl #foodporn #coffee… http://t.co/tsn8oTwyQR

  5. Back to HK again =) *Cheung Chau/Lamma Island* this time

    hello there. I just want to share with you my accommodation experience in HK. 3 times I have been to HK, i have stayed Bridal Tea House twice but only in different location (Tai Kok Tsui and Yau Ma Tei) and another time was at Oi Suen guesthouse (Sincere House building, Mongkok). If you want backpacker style you can try guesthouse at Sincere Building (which I suppose is more safe compare to Chung King mansion. The mansion somehow gives me creeps even w/o the recent case). Otherwise, I personally like BTH hotels (although the size is not as big but at least it's decent looking room) if you have a bit more budget to spend on accommodation.
  6. 4D3N Trip to Hong Kong & Macau

    Hello fatin, I'm not local from HK, but I can share what I know with you while waiting for more info from Northasian and Shirousa. 1. From Macau, which terminal should i take to go to the mid-level esculator? If you disembark at Sheung Wan terminal (turbojet*), you need to travel to Central to go to mid-level escalator. 2. Where is H&M biggest store in HK? or maybe the most easiest for me to go from my hostel. I think H&M is equally big in HK. There's one in Langham mall and one situated at heart of Central - since you will be visiting both area. 3. If i'm at Central, where is the best place to watch the Symphony of Lights? must go to Avenue of Stars is it? Because i thought maybe after I watch the show, I want to to Times Square. If you watch from Avenue of Star (TST) you will be able to view the lights scenery at HK island. However, I dont think you have time to shop at Times Square (Causeway Bay). You can consider to shop around TST malls instead. I used to watch from Avenue of Stars, but not yet to watch from HK Culture Centre (situated at Wan Chai) which you will view the lights scenery of Kowloon. The local experts can add on to answer your questions...
  7. 4D 3N - HK in June for the 3rd time :)

    Hello Northasian & Shirousa, I'm back from HK last WED night and had a good time there, except the weather is comparable with what we have in KL! Truly summer for HK-ers! hehe... Anyway, I just wanted to share our trip brief itinerary here for a 4D 3N. We mostly did we what planned except for stops for food's location. Day1: Arrived HK close to 1130am. Took double deck bus to Mongkok (save half the cost compare to airport express). By time we arrived hotel is almost close to 1pm (BTH at Yau Ma Tei). Lucky for us, the room was ready by then and we managed to freshen up a bit. Headed to Australian Dairy Co for lunch, it was indeed quick lunch as we did it in 20mins (in and out cos the waiters there 'forced' us to). I had bad experience dining here, hence i didnt get the chance to try out their steam milk pudding. - For this instance, I prefer Kam Wah so much. After, we head to Wan Chai to check out the area and the old historical buildings. I think we spent about an hour there. For tea break, we pit at Honolulu Coffee Cake Shop and we were again lucky to spot it the same street row we were at. Evening time, we headed to Causeway Bay - Hysan Place, Times Square, walk along the street shops there.. Initially, wanted to have birthday treat for him at Cafe Habitu at Hysan, but i guess Mister was still too full from noon's meal. So we skipped. We had late dinner about 8ish at Hing Kee (we visited last trip). Had a short walk around temple street stalls until we decided to go back hotel early to rest for the day. Day2: Arrived Cheung Chau island around 1015am for half a day visit. Lunch at Hing Lok (as recommended by you) at 12pm. We had a 4 meals selection, huge appetite there! And so, it turns up the seafood lunch was his birthday treat on an island. Depart Cheung Chau about 245pm. Headed to Repulse Bay and Stanley after. We left for Central about 6ish. Quick shop around Central before dinner. Dinner at Shing Kee (as recommended) at Central. It was good! Night still early after, we went to Mongkok. Day3: More like a free and easy day for day3 and day4. Breakfast at Mido Cafe, before spend half morning at Mongkok to shop. After late lunch in Mongkok, we brought our shoppings back to hotel before head to TST. TST > Harbour City to visit Rubber Duck! Snap snap snap! 1881 Heritage for pictures Dynasty Tang for a small dinner and desserts as we weren't hungry, just tired. Started to rain heavily after. We headed back to Yau Ma Tei. Can't resist the craving of 'Che Zai Min', so we had this bowl at the Fai Kee infront of BTH, Yau Ma Tei. Day4: Check out hotel and leave luggage with recep until we ready to leave for HKIA at 6pm. Shopping again in Mongkok. As we were afraid there may not be sufficient time at Citygate, so we passed. Head to HKIA in airport express. Checked-in, and head for dinner at the food court + souvenirs at Kee Wah. Depart HK at 9pm. Lastly, I thank you two for sharing the trip tips again. Till we 'meet' again..
  8. At M-store: now, how do you like that custom Blair of mine? New addition to my #sereniandshentelhttp://t.co/gyqXiN9fb0

  9. Hi Northasian, is this one located at Jordan or TST? I don't see the add for Jordan though.. Thanks..
  10. Tso Choi Koon 粗菜館, Jordan

    The dishes looks good, but pricey..