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Found 1 result

  1. First Try Yakitori in Hong Kong

    Today is my first time trying Yakitori in Hong Kong. Before I have only tried Yakitori in Japan only. I went to Aburi in Wan Chai for friend’s gathering. It is easy to recognize Aburi as there is a wonderful front door decoration. It is a wave-shaped wooden wall with the lighting at night. Awesome interior design!!! Not only the decoration, but the food there is also marvelous, especially the yakitori, which is Aburi’s masterpiece. Let me show you all my favourites. Soft-boiled quail eggs I don’t even try quail eggs skewer before!! It is really fresh for me! But the most amazing point is all the quail eggs are runny yolk. Therefore, be careful when having it!! Mince chicken stick with perilla The next one is chicken stick. It is a common dish in Japanese Yakitiori but the chicken stick in Aburi is outstanding. The source of the chicken stick is definitely delicious. And it is much tastier with the yolk. Chicken wings I love eating chicken wings but sometimes, chicken wings made from other yakitori are a bit salty and oily. However, the chicken wings in Aburi are surprise me a lot as the chicken wings are not oily but juicy. Also, they use Takesumi bamboo salt instead of simply salt we use. The Takesumi bamboo salt is less saline taste, but it has the taste a bit like mineral. **Checking point: The chicken wings would be easily boning-out by twisting the bones. It is really interesting!! Must try it!! Beef sirloin Beef sirloin skewered is also with Takesumi bamboo salt. The ingredients Aburi used are all fresh, including the beef sirloin. Therefore, it is full of beef flavor and it is not tenacious. Really good!! Aburi’s yakitori is really tasty!! And I’ve decided the try all of dishes in Aburi next time~~