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  1. oh dear god please ship my purchases already so that I can stop shopping 💸

  2. close to 30 and still get asked for ID to buy myself sommadat wine ?


  4. dahlah the bubbletea super diluted and x 3.3 of myr. fml nevahagain. time to detox and hide from my fat friends

  5. 3am brainfart. now i'm left with 5 hours of sleep to catch that 8.47am bus.

  6. @yeelynnisme this is just an excuse, woman ???

  7. "you look taller sitting down". not sure how to respond to this.

  8. i need to stop being so surprised. that, and check if they're wearing a wedding band.

  9. thank you, the genius behind online shopping + shipping. so useful for people without a car hurhur

  10. I honestly think that it's an obligation to give dumb replies to dumb questions ?

  11. Homg taobao accessoriesssss ! ?

  12. too many cute pomes and shibas in one day ?

  13. Adding this into my compliments bank since this came from a lawyer bahahah

  14. aint got no time for losers