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  1. to add, any local brands of clothing i must keep an eye??? everytime i travel i would love to buy those local brands to bring back home.
  2. oh ic...do u have any idea where cn i find nice boots other than Maud Frizon as recommended by Northasian. im thinking whether i should pack a long my thick jacket this time. d weather seems fluctuating .
  3. pls advise where can i find reliable seller for jade? those selling at market are fake?
  4. wh which outlet is more convenient for me? i have shortlisted 3 outles. man yee central,WTC causeway bay,miramar centre.TST
  5. can i asked whether i can buy nice boots? price range? i prefer those non heels type..more comfy to walk
  6. how do i ride the tram? there s tram stand ?? i can use octopus card to pay rite?
  7. can i know which bus to take from tung chung to airport? what about our lugggges? where can we put them since we need to check out from hotel. i think my flight is 4 or 5 pm. also, if i plan to take the tram for fun where do u suggest i should take? somewhere around central to times square( causeway bay)?
  8. hi Northasian, i have changed my plan Day 1 : Reach HK around 7 plus. Check in at Panorama Hotel Dinner at Chee Kee near Haiphong Road. Please refer my food blog for review & address : http://forum.allabou...-tsim-sha-tsui/ Day 2 ( 18th Feb ) -Saturday Mongkok area - Fa yuen street Exit E2 - Langham place - argyle Centre Exit E2 - Sai Yeung Choi Street South Exit D3 -Trendy Zone Exit E2 Can you advice the place to go in order? will it be more convienient to go to trendy zone 1st then langham place? Food Porridge and Kam Wah - Prince Edward station * 47 bute street Day 3 ( 19th Feb ) -Sunday Taking Star Ferry to cross to Central Central H&M dine at Yung Kee or Tsui Wah restaurant ifc mall, The Landmark and some branded shops along Queen’s Road in Central. There are some small shops of variety stuff along the small street uphill, you can explore them if you’ve time, streets like Hollywood Road, Lyndhurst street, Gage Street, Gough Street…etc. ( still havent decide on this) Causeway Bay, Times Square Up to The Peak, musuem Lan Kwai Fong, mid level escalator. Day 4 (20th Feb ) -Monday this is to avoid the crowds over the weekend tung chung citygate morning to 2pm disneyland 230 onwards Fireworks at 9pm Day 5 TST area Granville Road, Cameron Road, Nathan Road Harbour city Symphony of Light. Avenue of stars ... how do i go from the symphony of light area? i missed this place the last time i visit. Is sky 100 worth to visit? any entrance fee? Day 6 : leaving hk in the afternoon - 4pm last min shopping around TST area. and i missed out Lung Shing Dispensary at Granville Road. heard its worth to visit?
  9. oh thanks... calling to local number mobile number is almost the same for all networks? btw, as stated at disneyland website, the fireworks starts 9pm? i thought winter it shud be earlier?
  10. sorry i meant to say i can use whatsapp
  11. Hi i checked through the telecomunication links which u provided. i dont know which lines work best for me. basically i need a line which allows me to have 3G network so i cant use whatsapp and also to call back home. do you have any advice.
  12. hi, sorry for my late reply. actually its my sisters' first visit to hk so ill be goin to most of the tourist spots again. we are staying at Panorama hotel. do u have any idea how shud we get to hotel from airport?
  13. hi, this is my 2nd visit to HK. This time im goin with my sisters. Roughly plan out the trip. pls comment Day 1 : Reach HK around 7 plus. Check in at Panorama Hotel Pls suggest what can we do around this time at TST. Dinner? Day 2 Taking Star Ferry to cross to Central Central . ( Any place or mall must visit at Central ?Shopping or tourist place? dining?) the last time i was there just walked around, visit H&M and dine at Yung Kee and local restaurant. Causeway Bay ,Times Square Up to The Peak ,musuem Lan Kwai Fong, mid level escalator. Any places for dinner? Day 3 Disneyland and tung chung citygate thinking whether should go to Ngong ping? Day 4 Mongkok area - Fa yuen street - Langham place, - argyle Centre. * must visit the porridge shop .i dont remember the name. mongkok area. pls suggest what can i do at nite? is repulse bay and stanley must visit? can slot in Day 4? Day 5 TST area Granville Road, Cameron Road,Nathan Road Harbour city Symphony of Light. Day 6 : leaving hk in the afternoon as you can see there are lots of shopping bcz we love to shop. pls let me know if you have better suggestions on where to shop and must see places. no food is added here . i havent reli plan on that maybe u can suggest where to have lunch/dinner in between. im open to suggestions. Will the weather still be cold since its end of winter?