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  1. Master So is very famous and appears regularly in TV series although I don't think he's that accurate. Anyway, his charges will be expensive and difficult to walk-in. What is the name of the fortune teller in Public Square street ?
  2. I don't have time to read through all your blog. Just give me any popular Dim Sum restaurant that is cheap and within walking distance to MTR.
  3. Are there any famous fortune teller such as palmist, bone reading (摸骨), psychic who can predict accurately in Hong Kong ? Please recommend.
  4. Which restaurant has the cheapest and tastiest dimsum in Hong Kong ?
  5. What is the most convenient way (except for taxi) from Chek lap kok international airport to shenzhen luo hu district ? How much is the ticket ? Can we use HK dollars in shenzhen without exchanging in money changer ?