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  1. Strokes is the latest mini golf x restaurant and bar concept that opens in Causeway Bay Fashion Walk. Covering a large square feet, it features two 9-hole mini golf course with bright neon outlines as well as an event space that caters food and drinks. Strokes Strokes Hong Kong My Man There are cocktails, craft beers, fresh fruit juices and teapigs’ teas on the drink menu. The grapefruit juice is super fresh and tangy; whereas the popcorn tea tastes like Japanese genmaicha. teapigs teapigs Cup Popcorn Tea Grapefruit Juice The food menu includes many health options offering protein bowls, low carb and high fibre cauliflower pizzas and burgers; while we opt for a comparatively indulging roasted pork knuckle which is juicy, meaty, served with smoky barbecue sauce and roasted potato wedges. American Pork Knuckle With Smoked BBQ Sauce, Potato Wedges & Mixed Greens Before golf, we finish off with a FITYO low calories and high protein frozen yogurt which carries only 150 calories and 15g of protein per 100g. There are original vanilla flavor, chocolate flavor and Summer Berry is always my top choice among all!!! FITYO Protein Frozen Yogurt Summer Berry Frozen Yogurt Mini Golf Strokes Hong Kong Check out my Instagram for a super impressive play at the golf course Strokes Hong Kong Address: G2-3, 1/F, Fashion Walk, 9 Kingston St, Causeway Bay Telephone: 2877 1800 Opening Hours: Mon-Thur 11:30-01:00 ; Fri-Sat 11:30-03:00 ; Sun 11:30-23:00 Website: https://strokeshk.com / https://www.facebook.com/StrokesHK Source
  2. 30 週年誌慶 @ 皇家太平洋酒店

    上星期有幸參與《皇家太平洋酒店30週年誌慶》晚會, 期間有得任食 30 款酒店餐廳特別推出嘅菜式。首先有 30 磅生日大蛋糕,新年「風生水起」巨型撈起,以三十款新鮮食材配搭而成。當中包括有鮑魚絲,三文魚,吞拿魚,帶子,北寄貝,油甘魚,蛋絲,三文魚籽,蘿蔔絲,甘柚,薄脆,花生碎,梅子醬等等。 30th Anniversary 30 週年 30 Pound Birthday Cake 30磅生日大蛋糕 Lo Hei 風生水起 With 30 Kinds of Ingredients 三十款新鮮食材配搭而成 然後有「錦繡沙律」同「三十功名之中式燉湯」,兩種都配上 30 種配料,而中式燉湯竟然有桃膠添喔! Signature Salad 錦繡沙律 Signature Double Boiled Chinese Soup 三十功名之中式燉湯 西班牙海鮮燉飯用上 30 款海鮮,肉類同蔬菜製成;仲有 30 oz 巨型珍寶牛肉漢堡包,最忍唔到口係即炸「黃金炸魚皮」呀!甜品方面亦多不勝數,有「椰子芝士蛋糕」,「竹炭白巧克力卷」同「焙茶布甸」等等。 Spanish Seafood Paella 西班牙海鮮飯 30oz Jumbo Beef Burger 30oz珍寶牛肉漢堡飽 Stuffed Prawn’s Tail with Taro Mashed 荔茸鳳尾蝦 Devil Skins 黃金魚皮 Boston Lobster Medallion & Sweet Corn Salsa Cocktail 龍蝦咯嗲及玉米莎莎 Deep-fried Soft Shell Crab Roll 天婦羅軟殻蟹卷 Cream Cheese Coconut Cake 脆皮椰子芝士蛋糕 Bamboo White Chocolate Roll 竹炭白巧克力卷 Hojicha Green Tea Pudding 焙茶布甸 Sea Salt Chocolate Tart 特濃海鹽朱古力撻 The Royal Pacific Hotel 皇家太平洋酒店 Website: https://www.sino-hotels.com/hk/royal-pacific / https://www.facebook.com/RoyalPacificHotel Source
  3. Set at the popular 8 Lyndhurst Terrace, there is a brand new Japanese grill concept restaurant introduced by the ZS Hospitality Group called Yakimon. While it has an incredibly cool and cozy environment inspired by the Yakitori culture in ancient Japan, the restaurant serves a vast majority of skewers and grills that are delivered with a little Western elements featuring the innovative cooking skills. Yakimon 燒乜 Yakimon 燒乜 Our starter, technically say the amuse bouche, is a chef-special lobster bisque with a creamy and rich flavor. Followed by a new style caprese in a glassware, it is made with a combination of beautiful elements including yuzu jelly, mini yogurt balls and deliciously sweet Japanese tomatoes. Lobster Bisque, Crisp 龍蝦湯, 薄脆 Lobster Bisque, Crisp 龍蝦湯, 薄脆 Japanese Tomato, Yogurt, New Caprese-style 日本番茄漬, 乳酪, 黑醋啫喱 Japanese Tomato, Yogurt, New Caprese-style 日本番茄漬, 乳酪, 黑醋啫喱 On the menu, there are several vegetarian options and we tried a deep-fried tofu pocket stuffed with cheese and another deep-fried tofu in logs flavored with a much stronger garlic paste. Deep-fried Tofu, Spring Onion Miso, Cheese Stuffed 薄揚福袋燒, 香蔥味噌, 釀芝士 Stuffed Cheese 釀芝士 Deep-fried Tofu, Garlic Miso Butter 厚揚豆腐燒, 蒜香牛油味噌 Coming to the signature items, the chicken leg is super juicy and tender whereas the chicken breast is flavored with spicy pepper, plum with shiso and wasabi respectively. My personal favourite is no doubt the batter-fried chicken breast; not only is it super crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside, the tartare sauce accompanies amazingly too! Chicken Leg 日本雞腿肉 Chicken Breast, 3 Flavors 雞胸肉, 三種風味 Chicken Breast, 3 Flavors 雞胸肉, 三種風味 Fried Chicken Breast, Tartar Sauce 火炙南蠻雞, 他他醬 Fried Chicken Breast, Tartar Sauce 火炙南蠻雞, 他他醬 If you like sukiyaki, you will enjoy the minced chicken stick served aside a raw egg yolk with sukiyaki sauce. But I would recommend the A5 wagyu beef skewers with wasabi foam, which melts wonderfully in my mouth; and the other sharing dish made with thin-sliced wagyu beef that is also well-served with an egg foam. Minced Chicken Stick, Sukiyaki-Style 手作免治雞肉串 Minced Chicken Stick, Sukiyaki-Style 手作免治雞肉串 Squid, Kyushu Sweet Soy Sauce 九州甜醬油燒魷魚 Wagyu A5 Beef, Wasabi Soy Bubbles A5和牛, 山葵醬油泡沫 A5 Wagyu Beef, Sukiyaki Sauce, Egg Bubbles A5和牛, 壽喜燒風味醬汁, 雞蛋泡沫 Last but not least, the king crab legs are grilled to perfection and serve with light and foamy lemon soya sauce. The chicken onigiri is definitely a must-have. Mixed in the piping hot stone-pot with a rich concentrated chicken soup, so hearty so good! King Crab Leg, Lemon Soya Sauce 鱈場蟹腳, 檸檬醬油 Yaki Chicken Onigiri, Stone Pot, Rich Chicken Soup 燒飯團茶漬飯, 香蔥味噌白雞湯 Yaki Chicken Onigiri, Stone Pot, Rich Chicken Soup 燒飯團茶漬飯, 香蔥味噌白雞湯 For desserts, I absolutely adore the black sesame panna cotta. It has the perfect creaminess served with a lightly sweetened matcha syrup. The matcha creme brulee is also made very delicate with crushed matcha cookies and a crunchy brulee surface; the Hokkaido milk roll is light and fluffy as well. Black Sesame Panna Cotta, Matcha Syrup 黑芝麻奶凍, 抹茶糖漿 Black Sesame Panna Cotta, Matcha Syrup 黑芝麻奶凍, 抹茶糖漿 Matcha Creme Brulee 抹茶焦糖燉蛋 Hokkaido Milk Roll, Red Bean Cream 北海道牛奶紅豆瑞士卷 Fresh Seasonal Fruit Sabayon Gratin 焗香桃白酒沙芭翁 Yakimon 燒乜 Make sure to also ask for the daily seasonal fruit which is served and made into a sabayon dessert!!! Yakimon 燒乜 Address: 3/F, 8 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central Telephone: 2896 1838 Opening Hours: Sun-Thur 12:00-15:00, 18:00-23:00 ; Fri-Sat 12:00-15:0018:00-00:00 Website: http://yakimon.hk / https://www.facebook.com/YakimonbyZS Source
  4. Black Sesame Panna Cotta with Matcha… https://t.co/Cn4HXAYHSC

  5. All Day Breakfast @ WAALAH! Cafe

    Coming back to WAALAH! Cafe in Causeway Bay, it is an early mid-morning to enjoy their all-day breakfast, serve until 5PM. The breakfast, or you may call the brunch menu, includes all my favourite dishes as well as waffle, plus hot drinks and coffee. All Day Breakfast 全日早餐 All Day Breakfast with Hot Chocolate 全日早餐配熱朱古力 We ordered a cup of sweet hearty hot chocolate with frothy foam top. Hot Chocolate 熱朱古力 It comes together with our salmon egg benedict with sauteed baby spinach, perfectly poached runny egg, creamy flavorful hollandaise and super buttery toasted English muffins. The plate also comes with roasted tomato and salad green on the side. LAH! Eggs Benedict Smoked salmon, baby spinach, poached eggs, creamy hollandaise, on English muffins 煙燻三文魚, 嫩菠菜, 水煮蛋, 荷蘭醬, 英式鬆餅 LAH! Eggs Benedict Smoked salmon, baby spinach, poached eggs, creamy hollandaise, on English muffins 煙燻三文魚, 嫩菠菜, 水煮蛋, 荷蘭醬, 英式鬆餅 Another bigger option would be a simple yet elegant breakfast plate that comes with thick toast with a slab of butter, baked beans, crispy bacons and grilled sausages, in addition to our choice of two sunny side up eggs. B.E.S.T. LAH! Bacon, 2 eggs, sausage, thick toast, baked beans 大食 LAH! 煙肉, 雙蛋, 肉腸, 厚多士, 焗茄汁豆 WAALAH! is all good for breakfast, happy hour and dinner!!! WaaLah! Cafe Address: 12 Pak Sha Road, Causeway Bay Telephone: 2529 3138 Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 08:00-23:00 Website: http://waalah.hk / https://www.facebook.com/waalah.hk Source
  6. 非常滿足既蟹宴 @ 蟹慶

    最近銅鑼灣進駐一間坊間少有以蟹為主題既餐廳,位於澳門逸園中心地庫。走落一條長樓梯,黎到見一大蟹缸,有松葉蟹、毛蟹同鱈場蟹,而餐廳地方就唔算大。 晚餐主打一系列套餐,大部分都係以蟹入饌既料理,包括前菜三點,鉢碟小料理,刺身,極上海鮮,釜飯同甜品。 蟹慶 蟹慶 前菜先來一口表面焦燒既水牛芝士蕃茄同濃濃既黑魚子蟹膏豆腐。同上有汁煮東風螺,清新既白飯魚凍配三文魚籽同蟹形的青瓜仔配蟹膏。 前菜三點 水牛芝士蕃茄, 黑魚子蟹膏豆腐 汁煮東風螺 白飯魚啫喱, 蟹膏青瓜 鉢碟小料理就係冬瓜煮,上面鋪上黑松露同巴馬火腿,非常咸香美味。 巴馬火腿冬瓜煮 來到刺身五點盛,擺盤賣相精緻,松葉蟹腳非常鮮甜,赤牡丹蝦更加係入口肥美;而我個人最欣賞係金明鯛伴奇異果,呢種食法真係少食。 蟹及精選五點刺身 松葉蟹腳 赤牡丹蝦 金明鯛伴奇異果 三文魚 油甘魚 蟹肉蒸蛋看似簡單但好滑溜,表面既蟹肉碎,三文魚籽同高湯汁令味道更加提升了。至於是日「極上海鮮」- 雜菌芝士煮帶子,醬汁比較重口味,但帆立貝煮得好嫩口彈牙的。 蟹肉蒸蛋 蟹肉蒸蛋 雜菌芝士煮帶子 「原隻蒸毛蟹」,腳同蓋既部分已經細心拆好,肉質好鮮甜,蟹膏 creamy 又非常之多,我最鍾意係隨上既海帶醋,好好味喔! 蒸蟹 蒸蟹膏 海帶醋 至於燒鱈場蟹腳,味道亦份外鮮甜,厚實;蟹甲羅都係人手即燒,陪上每人一件暖暖脆身既多士。 鱈場蟹腳 燒鱈場蟹腳 蟹甲羅味噌燒 蟹甲羅味噌燒 最後有「松葉蟹蟹釜飯」,先加入蔥碎,芝麻同黑松露醬,釜飯入面有大量松葉蟹肉絲,日本小蘑菇同蠶豆,香氣十足,味道唔係十分濃但就好香。 松葉蟹釜飯 松葉蟹釜飯 毛豆, 雜菌, 蟹肉, 黑松露 當晚甜品係水信玄餅,配黃豆粉,黑糖漿;係簡單既結尾。 水信玄餅 單據 蟹慶 Kani Kei Address: B/F, Macau Yat Yuen Centre, 525 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay Telephone: 2602 1600 Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12:00- 15:00, 18:00-23:00 Website: https://www.facebook.com/KaniKeiHK Source
  7. Bird’s Nest Afternoon Tea @ Prompt

    This month, Le Meridien Cyberport has launched their first ever afternoon tea set at the buffet restaurant – Prompt. It features bird’s nest from savouries to sweets, presented in a very elegant three-tiers setting. Alongside the spectacular garden view, it has been a wonderful afternoon. Bird’s Nest Afternoon Tea 燕窩下午茶 Yuzu Green Tea 柚子綠茶 Starting from savouries, we have smoked salmon vol-au-vent, a small hollow case of puff pastry filled with smoked salmon mousse, caper, bird’s nest and a piece of cheese tortilla chip. There’s a goat cheese tart but my favourite is surely the egg mayo salad open sandwich with a sweet fluffy bun. Smoked Salmon Vol-au-vent 煙三文魚酥盒 Goat Cheese Tart 羊奶芝士撻 Egg Salad Open Face Sandwiches 碎蛋開邊三文治 For sweets, some favourites are the coconut mousse cake, lemon and pistachio macarons with a little crunchy on the edge, and a green-apple-shaped cheesecake made with creamy mascarpone filling and tangy sugar glaze. Coconut Mousse Cake 椰子慕絲撻 Creme Brulee Tart 焦糖燉蛋撻 Mixed Berries Filo Pastry Tart 雜莓酥紙撻 Green Apple Mascarpone Cheese Cake 青蘋果芝士慕絲餅 Lemon Curd Macaron & Pistachio Macaron 檸檬馬卡龍, 開心果馬卡龍 Green Tea Red Bean Roll 綠茶紅豆卷 Orange Cheese Cake 香橙芝士餅 Their signature eclairs are also not-to-be-missed, one filled with vanilla custard and another with caramel; whilst the aloe vera jelly is especially light and refreshing which makes a perfect ending. Signature Eclair 閃電泡芙 Rugiada Rice Panna Cotta, Aloe Vera Jelly 米漿奶凍, 蘆薈啫喱 Rugiada Rice Panna Cotta, Aloe Vera Jelly 米漿奶凍, 蘆薈啫喱 Prompt @ Le Meridien Cyberport Address: 4/F, Le Meridien Cyberport, 100 Cyberport Road, Pok Fu Lam Telephone: 2980 7417 Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 06:30-22:30 ; Afternoon Tea 15:00-17:00 Website: http://www.lemeridiencyberport.com/Prompt / https://www.facebook.com/LeMeridienCyberport Source
  8. 3rd Space is a pancake cafe that has recently reopened at Upper Station Street. Moving from Po Hing Fong in Sheung Wan to here, it is still a really intimate space with a very laid back and chic vibe plus a little outdoor area with blue walls mini tables. 3rd Space 3rd Space Coming over for a quick Sunday brunch, we order a popular dish – the Earl Grey Pancake. It has a super rich chocolate ganache filling, topped with creamy Hokkaido milk ice cream, fresh fruits, whipped cream, perfectly fluffy. Earl Grey Chocolate Ganache Pancake with Hokkaido Milk Ice Cream & Fresh Fruits 朱古力軟心佰爵茶班戟配北海道牛奶雪糕 My favourite is the secret blueberry jam pancake which is basically plain fluffy pancake made with their homemade blueberry jam, topped with ice cream, fresh fruits including sliced strawberries, grapes and blueberries, granola and a drizzle of caramel sauce. Secret Blueberry Jam Pancake 藍莓醬班戟配焦糖醬, 雪糕, 忌廉, 鮮果 1 Layer of Secret Pancake using House Blueberry Jam served with Caramel Syrup 藍莓醬班戟配焦糖醬, 雪糕, 忌廉, 鮮果 All Come with Ice Cream & Fresh Fruits 雪糕, 忌廉, 鮮果 Last but not least, we have a savoury pancake that has been stuffed with double cheese, topped with a runny sunny side up egg, serve aside mixed greens, roasted vine tomatoes, pork sausages and avocado. All Day Cheese Pancake Brunch 雙重芝士班戟, 牛油果, 豬肉腸, 太陽蛋, 烤蕃茄 Double-cheese Homemade Pancake, Avocado, Pork Bratwurst (premium sausage), Sunny-side-up & Grilled Tomatoes 雙重芝士班戟, 牛油果, 豬肉腸, 太陽蛋, 烤蕃茄 Maple Syrup 楓糖漿 Aside from souffle pancake, sometimes we just want a stack of simple but fluffy American pancakes 3rd Space Address: G/F, 16 Upper Station Street, Sheung Wan Telephone: 5791 7536 Opening Hours: Sun-Mon 10:00-18:00 Website: http://www.3rdspace.hk / https://www.facebook.com/3rdspacehk Source
  9. 上星期初黎到熟悉既九龍城,搵位泊車既時候經過一間梳乎厘班戟店。Layer’s Cafe & Pancakes,原來係剛剛於一月初開幕既。店舖裝修以 baby blue 顏色為主,簡約設計,有個開放式廚房,見到店員即做日式班戟同整暖飲。 Layer’s Cafe & Pancakes Layer’s Cafe & Pancakes Layer’s Cafe & Pancakes 餐牌選擇唔多,而且有點似銅鑼灣另一間班戟店,但價錢就更實惠。包括原味,焦糖香蕉,士多啤梨雜莓同抹茶紅豆。 Souffle Pancake Menu 梳乎厘班戟餐牌 「焦糖香蕉班戟」,配上朱古力忌廉,蜜糖核桃同朱古力醬。雖然梳乎厘味道有蛋香,但外貌欠佳,不看得鬆軟,不夠厚度,反而香蕉既焦糖面非常脆口。 PANCAKES with Chocolate, Caramel Banana, Walnut 朱古力焦糖香蕉核桃班戟 Caramelized Banana, Sweet Cream, Walnuts, Chocolate Sauce, Souffle Pancake 焦糖香蕉, 忌廉, 核桃, 朱古力醬, 梳乎厘班戟 Maple Syrup 楓糖漿 「士多啤梨藍莓香蕉班戟」,聽名已經講晒。採用日本士多啤梨,好香甜,配香蕉片,藍莓,同忌廉。另上一樽仔班戟糖漿;可惜班戟黎到都係唔夠鬆軟同厚度。比較令人失望。 PANCAKES with Strawberry, Blueberry, Banana 士多啤梨藍莓香蕉班戟 Mixed Berries, Banana, Sweet Cream, Souffle Pancake 雜莓, 香蕉, 忌廉, 梳乎厘班戟 Layer’s Cafe & Pancakes Address: 19 Fuk Lo Tsun Road, Kowloon City Telephone: 2791 0633 Website: https://www.facebook.com/LayersPancakes Source
  10. Cookies n’ Milk 🍪🥛 • 踏入年頭,天氣開始凍啦❄️ 食塊曲奇配熱牛奶先~🥛🐄 P.S. 我唔係幫維記賣廣告呀🙅🏻‍♀️ @ Hong Kong https://t.co/TNvog0XXAh

  11. 聖誕前夕… 收到一份 Boscovivo 嘅 「Truffle & Truffle」意大利松露醬禮盒。入面有松露欖油、松露蜜糖、松露醬!於是我就決定整返個食譜: Ingredients: 4 frozen mantou 4 eggs 4 pieces BBQ pork Spring onion, chopped 4 teaspoons BOSCOVIVO Black Truffle paste Directions: Steam mantou over hot water for 5-8 minutes. Keep warm. In a large bowl, whisk together four eggs and chopped spring onion. Stir and scramble the egg over medium low heat. Set aside. To assemble, make a split top on each mantou. Distribute scrambled egg equally on mantous, place each with BBQ pork and black truffle paste. 材料: 4 份急凍饅頭 4 隻蛋 20蚊 蜜汁叉燒 蔥花 4 茶匙 BOSCOVIVO 黑松露醬 做法: 急凍饅頭蒸 5-8 分鐘,保暖。 打發 4 隻蛋,加入切好的蔥粒,起油鍋用小火慢炒。 最後夾係鏝頭中間,放上一片蜜汁叉燒,黑松露醬。 完成! BOSCOVIVO Black Truffle Website: https://www.facebook.com/Boscovivo-Hong-Kong-1627851634185851/ Source
  12. 長洲的一陣文青氣氛 @ Valor 啡寮

    由街邊做到入鋪,「啡寮」終於為長洲增添一陣文青氣氛。店內有少量座位,簡約現代裝修,非常適合打卡喔! Valor 啡寮 Valor 啡寮 Coffee Menu 咖啡餐牌 Ice Dripped Coffee 冰滴咖啡 餐牌選擇不多,只有冰滴同手沖咖啡、海鹽朱古力,熱茶等等,同 signature 既「椰皇冰滴咖啡」。 Coconut Juice 椰子水 Honey Drizzle 蜜糖 黎到當然試下「長洲冰滴咖啡」。「白」,即加入牛奶,令咖啡更為容易入口。 Signature Ice Dripped Coffee (White) 長洲冰滴咖啡 (白) Signature Ice Dripped Coffee 長洲冰滴咖啡 由細到大見證住長洲由一個平凡嘅島, 變成有好多新派嘅街頭小食、餐廳小店、咖啡室… 到今日,我終於品嚐到第一啖「長洲冰滴咖啡」。 Signature Ice Dripped Coffee 長洲冰滴咖啡 Valor 啡寮 Address: G/F, 4 Sun Hing Street, Cheung Chau Telephone: 6699 5892 Opening Hours: Mon-Thur 09:00-20:00 ; Fri-Sun 09:00-23:00 Website: https://www.facebook.com/valorcheungchau Source
  13. 最近長洲開咗一間新嘅冰室,係真係食「冰」嘅甜品屋。 星期六中午黎到人流唔算 full house。餐牌選擇都非常多,有刨冰,奶凍,芋圓,仙草凍,日式蕨餅,仲有中式糖水等等,全部都係自家製。 Cheung Chau Bing Sutt 長州冰室 Cheung Chau Bing Sutt 長州冰室 甜品餐牌 Dessert Menu 試咗個人氣嘅「泰式奶茶三式圓剉冰 」,有三種顏色口味嘅芋圓、大量紅豆蓉、一球雲尼拿雪糕,同奶茶糖醬。 雖然冰磨得唔算細滑,但三色圓分別都味道突出,奶茶醬亦不失奶茶香。 Thai Tea Shaved Ice 泰式奶茶三式圓剉冰 Taro Ball, Sweet Potato Ball, Purple Sweet Potato Ball, Red Bean, Thai Tea 芋圓, 地瓜圓, 紫薯圓, 蜜紅豆, 泰式奶茶 Vanilla Ice Cream 雲呢拿雪糕 同上有一球雲呢拿雪糕,令外表更 Instagrammable。仲送埋一杯茶暖番個胃添! Hot Tea 熱茶 我最回味係「黑糖奶凍」! 第一啖好似食緊日本個隻焦糖布丁咁, 超級 creamy 超級滑, 而且奶味完全唔係出面街平時個種奶”蘇”味~自家製嘅黑糖醬亦甜度適中, 真係一百分!差啲想離開長洲之前外賣多個返香港,所以我一定會再黎架! Black Sugar Milk Pudding 黑糖奶凍 Cheung Chau Bing Sutt 長州冰室 Cheung Chau Bing Sutt 長州冰室 Address: G/F, 19C Pak She Praya Road, Cheung Chau Telephone: 2346 9831 Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 13:00-23:00 Website: https://www.facebook.com/cheungchaubingsutt Source
  14. On Pound Lane in Sheung Wan, Urban Coffee Roaster has recently set up a six-month pop-up at C-Dou, an arts and culture rental space. While they already have two branches in Kowloon side, this is the first and temporary location in Hong Kong Island. The space is very cosy and I absolutely adore the front window seating. Urban Coffee Roaster Urban Coffee Roaster at C-Dou Menu The menu mainly covers some brunch options along with salads, pastas and two signature desserts. First comes an egg dish which consists of a soft poached egg and hollandaise sauce that has a creamy buttery flavor; slow-cooked salmon and charcoal bun. Slow-cooked Salmon Eggs Benny 慢煮三文魚賓尼迪, 竹炭包 Slow-cooked Salmon Eggs Benny 慢煮三文魚賓尼迪, 竹炭包 Despite one of the poached eggs is slightly overdone, I still enjoy the sweet and fluffy charcoal bun so much. Poached Egg, Hollandaise Sauce, Slow-cooked Salmon, Charcoal Bun 水波蛋, 荷蘭醬, 慢煮三文魚, 竹炭包 As mentioned, the banana toast with caramelised banana is a signature here. It is basically toasting a piece of simple banana bread, served with crunchy sugared and halved banana slices, with a dollop of sour cream and a sprinkle of chopped pistachio. Banana Toast with Caramelized Banana, Sour Cream 香蕉蛋糕配焦糖香蕉 Banana Toast with Caramelized Banana, Sour Cream 香蕉蛋糕配焦糖香蕉 The banana bread has a strong cinnamon flavor, but lacking the moist and dense qualities I prefer. The sour cream also provides a pretty nice tartness while the pistachio nuts also give a nice crunchy touch. Caramelized Banana, Banana Bread, Sour Cream, Crushed Pistachio Nuts 焦糖香蕉, 香蕉蛋糕, 酸忌廉, 開心果碎 Last but not least, their coffee menu features over a dozen coffee beans and they serve hand-pour coffee in house. I am offered to try one of their recommendation which is made through a natural process, with a floral, tropical fruits and winey flavor. Hand Pour Coffee 手沖咖啡 Hand Pour Coffee 手沖咖啡 The glasses in two sizes give us different experiences: the larger one makes a great aroma, whereas the small one gives a much concentrated flavor. Ethiopia Guji Kercha Michicha G1 手沖咖啡 After all, my favourite is surely their hearty sweet potato latte, tastes very natural and I have asked for soya milk base Sweet Potato Latte 紫薯拿鐵 Sweet Potato Latte 紫薯拿鐵 Urban Coffee Roaster Address: G/F, 4 Pound Lane, Sheung Wan Telephone: 9085 6548 Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 08:00-17:00 ; Sat-Sun 09:00-18:00 Website: http://ucr.hk / https://www.facebook.com/Urbancoffeeroaster Source
  15. Pier 7 Brunch with a View @ Watermark

    It was a Sunday afternoon. We came to Watermark for their weekend brunch to celebrate my sister’s birthday. Located at Central’s Star Ferry Pier 7, it’s marked by the stunning view of the Victoria Harbour, where we also experience a little shaking whenever the ferry docks! Haha… Watermark Watermark Seafood Bar & Grill The weekend brunch features an array of buffet items that begins with cold seafood such as crab legs, fresh oysters, prawns and mussels. There are also a few sushi and sashimi; a salad bar following with an antipasti bar that serve thinly sliced deli meats and a cheese board. Cold Crab Legs, Fresh Oysters Mussels Sushi Selection Salad Bar Antipasti Bar Salmon Sashimi, Fresh Oyster, Mixed Greens Beetroot Salad, Cauliflower & Scallop Salad The US roasted rib eye is definitely full of flavor, tender and juicy. While they serve made-to-order items such as fresh mussel cooked in white wine sauce and egg benedict with bacon and Hollandaise sauce at their egg station. US Rib Eye Mussels in White Wine Sauce Bacon Egg Benedict The dessert corner doesn’t have much to choose from, but a highlight would be my most loved tiramisu with a creamy mascarpone custard and a strong coffee flavor. The freshly made crepe is also impressive that is delicately thin, and of course perfect with drizzles of chocolate sauce and a scoop of ice cream. Macarons Mango Creme Brûlée Tiramisu Green Tea Yogurt Mousse Cake Sweet Pepper Mousse Cake Made-To-Order Crepe Macadamia Ice Cream, Chocolate Sauce, Crepe Macarons, Green Tea Yogurt Mousse Cake, Chocolate Truffle Cake, Sweet Pepper Mousse Cake Afterall, I am impressed with the spectacular view and vibe of the restaurant. Watermark Address: Shop L, Central Pier 7, Top Level, Star Ferry, Central Telephone: 2167 7251 Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 12:00-14:30, 18:00-22:00 ; Sun11:30-15:00, 18:00-22:00 Website: http://www.cafedecogroup.com / https://www.facebook.com/watermarkatpier7 Source
  16. 重遊將軍澳 PopWalk @ Waalah

    重遊將軍澳 PopWalk,今次去咗 WaaLAH! 既另一間分店,食超抵既「買一送一 主菜」。呢度非常 family-friendly,除咗 serve 比較大份容易分享既 menu, 又有個 kid’s corner 俾小朋友盡情係黑板上畫畫。 WaaLAH! Waalah! Cafe 先來一碟被誤以為洋蔥圈的魷魚圈。外皮炸得香脆,魷魚亦好嫩滑;沙爹雞串配既沙爹醬味道調得好香濃,加入香料同花生醬,花生粒增加口感。 Fried Calamari Shallow crisp fried with seasoning & batter, lime aioli 脆卜卜炸魷魚 炸魷魚, 香料, 青檸蛋黃醬 Chicken Satay BBQ with lemongrass, spices, peanut sauce 沙爹雞串 烤雞肉, 香茅, 香料, 花生醬汁 相比起銅鑼灣分店,呢度多好多薄餅同意粉款式。其中最特別既有「北京烤鴨」薄餅,用上煙鴨胸肉, 海鮮醬, 青瓜同脆脆,模仿片皮鴨既食法;另外既煙三文魚配水瓜柳比薩都用上傳統番茄醬同水牛芝士做出拉絲效果。 Peking Duck Smoked duck breast, sesame hoisin, leeks shiitake, fresh cucumber 北京烤鴨 煙鴨胸, 海鮮醬, 大蒜, 香菇, 青瓜 Peking Duck Smoked duck breast, sesame hoisin, leeks shiitake, fresh cucumber 北京烤鴨 煙鴨胸, 海鮮醬, 大蒜, 香菇, 青瓜 Buy One Get One Free Pizza 買一送一薄餅 Smoked Salmon Pizza Smoked salmon, onion, capers, tomato sauce, mozzarella 煙燻三文魚薄餅 煙燻三文魚, 洋蔥, 水瓜柳, 番茄醬, 水牛芝士 Chicken Pesto Penne Grilled chicken breast, peppers, baby spinach, fresh mushroom, pesto sauce 雞肉香草長通粉 烤雞胸, 甜椒, 菠菜, 鮮菇, 香草醬 Italian Seafood Risotto Fresh seafood, rich tomato sauce 海鮮意大利飯 新鮮海鮮, 香濃番茄汁 最後,甜品有焦糖布丁同店內推介既「鐵板蘋果香餅」。香餅非常鬆軟,厚實,質地似港式馬來糕;加入肉桂粉,蘋果片,合桃碎,伴一球雲呢拿雪糕同楓糖漿。 Apple “Pan” Cake Cinnamon apples, raisins, walnuts, iron skillet baked, vanilla ice cream 鐵板蘋果香餅 肉桂焗蘋果, 葡萄乾, 合桃, 雲呢拿雪糕 Vanilla Ice Cream 雲呢拿雪糕 Maple Syrup 楓糖漿 順帶一提,WaaLAH! 既下午茶時段會提供「鐵板蘋果香餅加卡布奇諾」套餐,都好抵食喔! Apple “Pan” Cake, Cappuccino 鐵板蘋果香餅, 卡布奇諾 Apple “Pan” Cake, Cappuccino 鐵板蘋果香餅, 卡布奇諾 Waalah Address: Shop G03, G/F, PopWalk,12 Tong Chun Street, Tseung Kwan O Telephone: 2529 6993 Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11:00-22:30 ; Sat-Sun 09:00-22:30 Website: http://waalah.hk / https://www.facebook.com/waalah.hk Source
  17. 沙田凱悅聖誕餐 @ 咖啡廳

    終於有機會黎到沙田凱悦酒店啦!當日一放工,就拜託男朋友飛車載我入去,為嘅就係同好友一齊試今年全新嘅聖誕自助餐。放工時間交通比較繁忙,所以遲到了。幸好酒店設有一個好大既停車場,唔洗晒時間搵停車位。 Cafe 咖啡廳 Seafood Station 海鮮區 Cheese Platter 芝士 Sushi Corner 壽司廚房 Green Tea Soba 抹茶冷麵 「咖啡廳」位於酒店 Lobby,樓底非常高,環境俾人一個好空曠,舒服既感覺。餐廳間隔主要係四個開放式廚房,當中有壽司廚房,西式廚房,中式廚房,同甜品廚房。先來一個主打既「海膽三文魚籽刺身飯」,以切角三文魚、玉子、魷魚、三文魚籽等等同海膽而成,一人食兩碗好滿足喔!值得一提係原隻甜蝦,又大隻又鮮甜。 Uni Chirashi 海膽三文魚籽刺身飯 Sweet Shrimp, Sea Urchin 原隻甜蝦, 海膽 由於臨近聖誕節,西式廚房亦提供烤火雞,另外亦有烤肉腸,豬肋骨同必試既「芝士磨菇焗龍蝦配美國肉眼」!師傳以酒精點起火,頗有火候。 Roasted Whole Turkey 烤原隻火雞 US Ribeye 美國肉眼 Surf & Turf 芝士磨菇焗龍蝦配美國肉眼 US Ribeye 美國肉眼 而另一邊廂既中式廚房,就有我最期待既「蠔皇鮑魚扣花膠伴脆米」。花膠炆得好淋,鮑汁好濃好惹味,當中既脆米又吸收晒啲汁,係必食推介! Abalone & Fish Maw 蠔皇鮑魚扣花膠伴脆米 Abalone & Fish Maw 蠔皇鮑魚扣花膠伴脆米 Abalone & Fish Maw 鮑魚扣花膠 Abalone 鮑魚 Double Boiled Soup 老火湯 至於甜品廚房就佈滿聖誕裝飾同聖誕主題既甜品,例如薑餅,朱古力木頭蛋糕,德式聖誕蛋糕,即甜麵包;仲有沙田著名既蜂蜜芝士蛋糕。 Dessert Kitchen 甜品廚房 Gingerbread 薑餅 Christmas Custard Cake 聖誕吉士蛋糕 Stollen 德式聖誕蛋糕 Chocolate Yule Log 朱古力木頭蛋糕 Tiramisu 提拉米蘇 Lemon Meringue Tart 檸檬蛋白撻 Shatin Honey Cheesecake 沙田蜂蜜芝士蛋糕 Haagendaz Ice Cream 雪糕 Waffle 即製窩夫 最後,廚師示範「火焰雪山」表演,係蛋白霜上淋上冧酒同白蘭地,散發火焰之餘以散發酒香,中間係紅桑莓雪芭同雲呢拿雪糕,好好食呀! Baked Alaska 火焰雪山 Baked Alaska 火焰雪山 Baked Alaska 火焰雪山 Oreo Chocolate Parfait, Bread & Butter Pudding, Lemon Tart, Portuguese Egg Tart 奧利奧朱古力芭菲, 麵包布丁, 檸檬撻, 葡撻 Cafe @ Hyatt Regency Shatin Address: Lobby, Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, Sha Tin, 18 Chak Cheung Street, Sha Tin Telephone: 3723 7952 Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 06:30-23:00 Website: https://hongkongshatin.regency.hyatt.com / https://www.facebook.com/HyattShaTin Source
  18. 金猴子的美味喇沙 @ Golden Monkey

    上星期日同媽咪,男朋友去 One Island South 食飯,發現 Golden Monkey 同 Pho Bar crossover 嘅一間餐廳。 餐廳樓底好高,有梳化位、吧台、沙律吧同一個開放式廚房 – 即煮越南湯粉。 呢度係自己填點單紙既,餐牌上有泰式沙律、小食、碟頭飯;Pho Bar 既越南河粉、喇沙同幾種泰式飲品,例如泰式奶茶同珍多冰。 Golden Monkey Rice Dish & Pho Menu 碟頭飯, 越南湯粉 我叫咗一份「泰式海南雞飯」。同新加坡既唔同,唔係配黑醬油,而係雞飯醬。泰式雞飯配黄色同粒粒分明既有味雞油飯、炸蒜粒、芫荽;雞肉好嫩滑,分別係雞腿同雞胸部分。雞皮下既脂肪亦唔算多,值得一試。 Thai Style Hainan Chicken 泰式海南雞飯 Thai Style Hainan Chicken 泰式海南雞飯 Thai Style Hainan Chicken 泰式海南雞飯 另外,喇沙都超有水準,可選米粉或米線。湯底非常開胃,椰香味唔太重,辛辣度適中,淡淡蝦米香,質地濃稠。米線亦煮得剛剛好,配料有雞蛋,魚片,魷魚圈同大量豆卜,推介推介呀! Laksa Thick Rice Noodle 叻沙米線 最後有「日本鹽味薯條」。薯條炸得脆身,以紫菜粉調味,配有三款醬料,包括我最愛既明太子美乃滋醬!我男朋友密密咁食喎,哈哈! Kombu & Rokusuke Salt Fries 紫菜配日本鹽味薯條 Mentaiko Mayonnaise 明太子醬 Golden Monkey Address: Shop G08, G/F, One Island South, 2 Heung Yip Road, Wong Chuk Hang Telephone: 3100 0184 Opening Hours: Sun-Thur 11:30-21:00 ; Fri-Sat 11:30-21:30 Website: http://goldenmonkeyhk.business.site / https://www.facebook.com/goldenmonkey.hk Source
  19. Two of my favorite things come together🍧👦🏻 難得佢肯陪我食開心果刨冰,係開心嘅😚 @ SHARI SHARI Kakigori House 氷屋 https://t.co/3UnJ8nohSf

  20. 久違的午餐 @ sensory ZERO 感味宮匠

    「好耐無同你出街食嘢啦!」… 自從開始拍拖,出黎工作之後,我都好少係屋企食飯,或者同屋企人食飯。尤其是媽咪,以前每逢星期六,日,我都會同媽咪周圍搵野食,行街街。難得今日得閒,又係星期日,就同媽咪近近地渣車去黃竹坑食個午餐! Sensory Zero,一間我想黎好耐既 cafe。就係因為佢近,所以就遲遲都未去。係 One Island South 消費滿二百蚊可以免費泊車,又近地鐵站,其實都好方便。 sensory Zero 感味宮匠 呢度係自助形式既,自己去台前落單,付錢,然後等號碼去開放式廚房取餐。推介有我最愛既蛋治。唔係普通既炒蛋,係用咗日本雞蛋炒起既滑蛋。質感好 fluffy,半熟程度而且好滑,蛋香亦比一般既重;至於麵包係鬆厚既,塗上牛油係非常香。 Double Japanese-Egg Toast 雙份日本滑蛋多士 Double Japanese-Egg Toast 雙份日本滑蛋多士 另一份我十分推介既係「三層蒲燒鰻魚滑蛋飯」!雖然唔係好似日本個啲咁一層飯一層鰻魚,但真係有三條蒲燒鰻魚架!飯底係日本米,滑蛋份量就比較少,但都好滑;鰻魚肉厚身,燒汁落得剛剛好,配上紫菜碎同蔥粒,真係無得輸! Triple-Decker Kabayaki Eel Rice with Scrambled Egg 三層蒲燒鰻魚滑蛋飯 Triple-Decker Kabayaki Eel Rice with Scrambled Egg 三層蒲燒鰻魚滑蛋飯 為媽咪叫咗一份佢最愛既炸秋葵「粒」。炸得金黃香脆,無太多調味,就只係跟上沙律醬已經好足夠。 Vegetable Okra 香炸秋葵 Japanese Egg Sando, Fried Okra, Roasted Eel Rice 滑蛋多士, 炸秋葵, 鰻魚飯 最後,差啲唔記得自己有個 Kawa App 可以係度 order 咖啡,呢杯薑汁拿鐵有好 Instagrammable 既拉花,隨杯附上一匙蜜糖薑粒,媽咪好鍾意喔! Homemade Ginger Latte 自家製薑汁牛奶咖啡 sensory ZERO Address: Shop G01, One Island South, 2 Heung Yip Road, Aberdeen Telephone: 2511 6011 Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 08:00-20:00 Website: https://www.sensoryzero.com / https://www.facebook.com/sensoryzero Source
  21. 我的 23 歲生日 (海景軒)

    好多朋友都會好好奇,點解我生日會選擇食中菜?係呀,其實我好鍾意食中菜,特別係京滬菜。不過今年生日,我決定去「海景軒」,一間我等咗好耐都未試到既中菜廳。 海景軒位於尖沙咀海景嘉福酒店B2層,雖然已經唔再係米芝蓮一星餐廳,但依然非常受歡迎。餐廳以金色同酒紅色佈置為主,平日夜晚黎到出奇地熱鬧,都好滿座既。 Hoi King Heen 海景軒 Chili Paste, Soy Sauce 豆瓣醬, 辣椒豉油, 榨菜豆卜 餐台上除咗擺咗豆瓣醬同辣椒豉油,仲有好野味既榨菜豆卜。由於訂位既時候已經落好餐單,所以食物都好快咁上台。第一碟位上既係招牌菜「冬坡扣釀肉」。唔係東坡肉,係「冬」坡肉;顧名思義就係用冬瓜代替傳統肥豬肉,做成東坡肉既樣。雖然冬瓜係夏天既食物,但呢個冬瓜菜式真係不得不試喔! Braised Winter Melon Stuffed with Pork & Water Chestnuts 冬坡扣釀肉 Braised Winter Melon Stuffed with Pork & Water Chestnuts 冬坡扣釀肉 然後有off menu菜式「酥香蛋皇肉」,以肥豬肉卷包住鹹蛋黃再脆炸,非常腍滑;「萬壽果牛肋肉」亦非常出色,肉厚肥美,用汁拌飯真係一流,值得推介呀!另外係手工招牌菜有「欖菜玉珠」,清淡得黎又不乏味道。 Deep Fried Pork Roll with Salted Egg Yolk 酥香蛋皇肉 Braised Beef Brisket with Papaya 萬壽果牛肋肉 Braised Winter Melon Balls Stuffed with Black Olives Mustard 欖菜玉珠 Braised Seasonal Vegetable in Broth 上湯浸豆苗 「龍皇珊瑚煎米粉」,以蛋白,菜心頭,蕃茄粒,東星斑肉做成芡汁,淋上底部煎得香脆既米粉餅,非常好食。 Fried Vermicelli with Braised Seafood and Egg White 龍皇珊瑚煎米粉 Fried Vermicelli with Braised Seafood and Egg White 龍皇珊瑚煎米粉 當然唔少得最期待既甜品啦!黃金脆鮮奶、泮塘山楂卷、蛋白杏仁露,都是店方著名之作。黃金脆鮮奶食落似牛油多士包住煉奶;山楂卷酸酸的;蛋白杏仁露既蛋白亦打得平均;真係非常出色! Deep-fried Milk Rolls 黃金脆鮮奶 Chilled Hawthorn Rolls 泮塘山楂卷 Almond Cream with Egg White 蛋白杏仁露 最後送上一幅 Teresa Festival 蛋糕相,生日快樂 Teresa Festival Crunchy hazelnut layers cake Hoi King Heen 海景軒 Address: B2, InterContinental Grand Stanford Hong Kong, 70 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui Telephone: 2731 2883 Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 11:30-15:00, 18:30-23:00 ; Sun 10:30-15:00, 18:00-23:00 Website: http://www.hongkong.intercontinental.com / https://www.facebook.com/InterconGSHK Source
  22. Urban Picnic Brunch at FINDS #thisismyCYOS

    Debuted in The Luxe Manor Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui, FINDS excels one of the the first Hong Kong’s finest Nordic cuisine. With a laid-back chic and spacious dining area, the restaurant is set with wooden tables, bright colour chairs along with a picnic theme that introduces us to their latest urban picnic brunch menu. FINDS FINDS Hong Kong Picnic Theme Urban Picnic Brunch Menu The brunch begins with a daily detox water made with pear, strawberry and dill. It is amazingly refreshing and it is provided with honey in a jar for extra sweetness. Pear & Strawberry with Dill Detox water, honey syrup Kicked off with a “Create Your Own Sandwich” platter, CYOS in short, it is to DIY our own open sandwiches with plenty of fresh ingredients such as the signature beetroot cured salmon, Brie, avocado slices, also with cream cheese spread and honey mustard dressing. The sourdough toast is very crunchy and is served with two kinds of spread, one fresh butter and one blueberry jam. CYOS Create your own sandwich with our signature salmons, cheeses and variety of freshest produce Toasted Sourdough Butter, blueberry jam Next up is a Mix & Dip featuring smoked shrimps, and herring, as well as fingerling potatoes dressed with honey mustard; guacamole, sour cream and a sweet lovely mango salsa. Mix & Dip Mix it or dip it featuring smoked Artic shrimps & Baltic herring Cherry Tomato Cucumber & Feta Cheese Salad, Smoked Artic Shrimps, Fingerling Potato Salad Guacamole & Sour Cream, Mango Salsa, Baltic Herring I absolutely adore their signature beetroot cured salmon, which is delicate and fresh, goes beautifully with the creamy avocado on toast. Beetroot Cured Smoked Salmon, Avocado, Sourdough Toast For mains, each of them are 2-3 person serving, and first comes the roasted prime rib-eye. It is made excellently medium rare, perfectly pink and rich in flavor, along with a slab of melting butter and creamy buttery mashed potato on the side. Roasted Black Angus ‘Prime’ Rib-Eye Roasted Black Angus ‘Prime’ Rib-Eye Roasted Black Angus ‘Prime’ Rib-Eye House-smoked salmon fillet is a FINDS signature dish. It isn’t those that would melt in the mouth but the meat is surely flaky, along with the wild porcini mushroom cream on the side is simply luscious! House-Smoked Salmon Fillet House-Smoked Salmon Fillet The dessert selection isn’t disappointing at all. We have vanilla frosted donuts with sprinkles and peanut crunches respectively, banana mousse with shortbread crust and chocolate cookie crumbles with edible rice wafer paper butterfly; my favourite is the Greek yogurt mousse with lemon curd and granola. Dessert Selection Banana mousse with shortbread crust, Chocolate cookie crumbles Greek Yogurt with Lemon Curd & Granola Donut Selection Vanilla Frosted Donut with Sprinkles Book your table Chope HK now! And remember to use my promocode: ANDREXFINDS !!! FINDS Address: 1/F, The Luxe Manor, 39 Kimberly Road, Tsim Sha Tsui Telephone: 2522 9318 Opening Hours: Sun-Thu 06:30-00:00 ; Fri-Sat 06:30-01:00 Website: http://finds.com.hk / https://www.facebook.com/FINDShongkong Source
  23. The Joomak – A Soothing Winter K-Hotpot

    Last week, I visited The Joomak at Harbour City again to sample some of their new winter creations. Introduced with a series of warm Korean-style hotpot, there are two hotpot soup bases to choose including a Ginseng Chicken soup and a Vegan Prickly Pear Carbonara soup. Vegan Prickly Pear Carbonara Soup Base 素 仙人掌卡邦尼湯底 Vegan Prickly Pear Carbonara Soup Base 素 仙人掌卡邦尼湯底 The prickly pear carbonara soup base is basically soy milk colored with prickly pear, not only is it nutrition-packed, it is also made with vegan cheese that makes it perfect for vegetarian. The soup base is very creamy and hearty, not too heavy and of course, very rich in soybean flavor. Hanwoo Platter 1++ topgrade hanwoo (large) 韓牛拼盤 空運頂級1++韓牛 (大) Hanwoo Platter 1++ topgrade hanwoo (large) 韓牛拼盤 空運頂級1++韓牛 (大) The hotpot comes with Hanwoo beef platter and a vegetarian platter, including a big bundle of white fungus over the thinly sliced beef, kimchi cuttlefish and dace fish pastes; kale, pumpkin, purple potato and corn. My favourites are the crunchy crystalline iceplant as well as the soya knot that boils amazingly silky in the soup. Homemade Kimchi Cuttlefish Paste, Homemade Kimchi Dace Fish Paste, White Fungus, Ice Plant, Kale, Pumpkin, Purple Potato, Soya Knot, Corn, Mixed Vegetable Pork Sausages 自家製泡菜墨魚滑, 自家製泡菜鯪魚滑, 雪耳, 冰菜, 羽衣甘藍, 粟米件, 紫薯, 南瓜, 豆結, 五蔬豬肉腸 Homemade Kimchi Cuttlefish Paste 自家製泡菜墨魚滑 In addition, we opt for a vegan cheese seaweed rice, which you will add into the remaining soup base and cook until it turns risotto-like. Vegan Cheese Seaweed Rice 素芝士紫菜飯 Vegan Cheese Seaweed Rice 素芝士紫菜飯 I also loved the deep-fried Korean Ginseng with a hint of bitterness, whilst a soothing cup of turmeric latte is particularly remarkable, made with turmeric, cinnamon, ginger juice and almond milk. Deep-fried Korean Ginseng with Yuzu Honey 柚子蜜炸韓蔘 Energetic Green Kale, avocado, mango, banana 巔峰狀態 羽衣甘藍, 牛油果, 芒果, 香蕉 Turmeric Latte Ginger juice, turmeric powder, honey, plum powder, almond milk 薑黃拿鐵 薑汁, 黃薑粉, 蜂蜜, 梅粉, 杏仁奶 The Joomak Address: Shop 34, LCX, 3/F, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City, 3-27 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui Telephone: 2111 0851 Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12:00-22:30 Website: http://tjm.co.kr / https://www.facebook.com/thejoomakhk Source
  24. WAALAH! Literally, this is the name of an obscure cafe in Causeway Bay. With an open door setting and a spacious, euro street style environment, we come in last minute during the Happy Hour time, with a glass of white wine. Having said that, I actually ordered a lychee lemongrass refresher, which tastes amazing! WAALAH! Cafe Cafe Culture Remixed On the all day menu, there are starters and big dishes to share. We opt for a Lollipork, which is basically pork belly skewer, grilled perfectly juicy with a crunchy honey hoisin coating. Popcorn chicken is also very crunchy and batter fried that comes with a sweet chili sauce. Lollipork BBQ pork belly, honey hoisin sauce 棒棒豬腩肉 燒烤豬腩, 蜜製海鮮醬 Pop Corn Chicken Chicken bits, battered, sweet chili sauce 爆谷雞 雞件, 麵糊脆炸, 甜辣醬 Wicked Wings Mid-joint chicken wings, crisp-fried, tossed in spices 雞中翼, 輕味脆炸, 辣味香料 A signature would be WAA! Mixed Grill, which includes rib eye steak with herby butter on the side, Australian pork shoulder, chicken breast, grilled sausages and crispy bacon. My favourite is the steak fajita, served on a hot skillet with sweet pepper, onion paprika, that also comes with typical guacamole, tomato salsa, sour cream and warm flour tortilla. WAA! Mixed Grill Rib eye steak, pork shoulder, chicken breast, sausage, bacon WAA! 咩肉都有 肉眼扒, 豬肩, 雞胸, 香腸, 煙肉 Grilled Beef Rib Eye Fajitas Sweet peppers, onions, cumin, paprika on hot skillet, guacamole, salsa, sour cream 烤肉眼鐵板烤餅 甜椒, 洋蔥, 蒔蘿籽, 紅辣椒粉, 鱷梨醬, 莎莎醬, 酸忌廉 Beef Burger Prime beef, bacon, onion, mayoketchup, cheese, fat chips 牛牛漢堡 靚靚牛肉, 煙肉, 洋蔥, 茄汁蛋黃醬, 芝士, 肥仔薯條 The burger here looks great too with melted cheese! And truth to be told, this place is value for money. To note, happy hour is from every Monday to Sunday after 4pm. Wine By glass WAALAH! Cafe Address: G/F, 12 Pak Sha Road, Causeway Bay Telephone: 2529 3138 Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 08:00-23:30 ; Sat-Sun 09:00-00:00 Website: http://waalah.hk / https://www.facebook.com/waalah.hk Source
  25. Opened lately in Wan Chai QRE Plaza, Zither Garden is a Pekineses/Chinese restaurant specialises in making one of the most authentic roasted Peking ducks in town. It is set in a modern and chic environment, with marble walls and an open kitchen showcasing the roast oven and the making of Chinese pastries. Zither Garden 古琴雅苑 Zither Garden 古琴雅苑 Zither Garden 古琴雅苑 The list of drinks on the menu are plentiful. Such as chinese barley water, sweetcorn juices, homemade sour plum juices and many other fresh fruit juices and special Chinese brewed tea. Rose Lychee Tea 玫瑰堂煌 For our starters, we have Wuxi fried eel, pork trotters cured meat and drunken chicken. The fried eel is incredibly crunchy with a sweet and tangy sticky sauce, whilst the drunken chicken is very tender with a strong Huadiao wine flavor. Crispy Fried Eel 無錫脆鱔 Salted Cured Meat 揚州水晶肉 Drunken Chicken 花雕醉雞 Drunken Chicken 花雕醉雞 The signature roasted peking duck is exceptionally juicy and crispy, because it is first air-dried, frozen, and then undergoes a second air-dry process before being roasted in the oven. The Chef will carve around 10 pieces of duck skin, and the rest are around 108 pieces of duck meat with skin. Roasted Peking Duck 古琴酒糟烤北京填鴨 Roasted Peking Duck 古琴酒糟烤北京填鴨 Roasted Peking Duck Meat 烤北京填鴨 Roasted Peking Duck Skin 烤鴨皮 Served with cucumber, leeks, honeydew melon and ordinary sweet bean sauce; they also provide us with a homemade honey plum sauce and caster sugar. The duck skin is so delicious when dipped in caster sugar. Cucumber, Leek, Honeydew Melon, Honey Plum Sauce, Sweet Bean Sauce, Caster Sugar 青瓜, 京蔥, 哈蜜瓜, 蜂蜜黃梅醬, 甜麵醬, 砂糖 Roasted Duck Skin, Caster Sugar 烤鴨皮, 砂糖 Other mains such as a Shanghai soup with beancurd knots, salted ham and bamboo shoots; honey ham & lotus seed wrapped in fluffy lotus bun; also an Eight Treasure braised duck stuffed with sticky and absolutely flavorful glutinous rice. Shanghai Soup 砂窩醃篤鮮 Honey Ham & Lotus Seed with buns 蜜汁燒火方 Honey Ham, Lotus Seed, Steamed Bun 蜜汁火腿, 蓮子, 荷葉包 Eight Treasures Stuffed Duck 古琴紅燒八寶鴨 Eight Treasures Stuffed Duck 古琴紅燒八寶鴨 The tossed noodle is also fragrant but a bit too soft for my liking, while the steamed xiao long bao has a relatively thick wrapper. After all, the roasted Peking duck is very remarkable and worthy considering it is just $300HKD for five catty. Noodle with Scallion Oil & Dried Shrimps 開洋蔥油拌麵 Steamed Xiao Long Bao 小籠包 Zither Garden 古琴雅苑 Zither Garden 古琴雅苑 Address: 19/F, QRE Plaza, 202 Queens Road East, Wan Chai Telephone: 2351 0528 Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11:30-15:00, 17:30-23:00 Website: https://www.facebook.com/zithergarden Source